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Thread: Help to code new item

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    Help to code new item

    Hey, could anyone help me with another idea...

    UT had a mod where it was possible to change the music during game, is there a way to add this to deus ex also, but somehow incorporate it in a held item, or maybe a permanent 'key' item, like the key?


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    I can't find this mod... but since music changes in-game in DX, it must be possible. I could have a look if you found me the UT mod.

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    Hmm, well. I'd start by examining the UT trigger code for changing music, then seeing if you can modify it to work with deus ex. Once you've got a working music trigger, you can then paste it into a function that is called when you activate a custom object.

    My UScript experience is currently limited to messing about with cameras, so I may have over-simplified slighty.

    But you see where I'm coming from, hopefully.

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    Yeh kinda, the UT mod wasnt actually an ingame thing tho, or in a map for example. It wos under the main screen, probably in the 'mod' section, where u could select the different 'tracks' so i doubt it would use triggers for example.

    Even tho it wos in the menu it still wos possible that mid game <if u got bored of a track> u could just go into the submenu and select a different song and return to game!

    I wos just wondering <as deus ex has no 'uwindows' if it could be put in a deus ex window and perhaps in an item.. for realism - and coolness :P

    Yeh ill try and find it again and if i do ill try and paste it, or the link on here!
    Thnx for the help!

    OOoh here it is... i think...
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