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Thread: Importing stuff from SS2 to DX's UnrealEd

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    Importing stuff from SS2 to DX's UnrealEd

    From what I gathered of the tutorial, I should be able to do that alright, but just in case, has anyone had problems doing it?

    I'm thinking mostly textures but also a custom TriOp logon screen for the computers (I downloaded the scripts to do so) and maybe character's skins.

    Not asking how (yet?), just looking for info from people who tried it. My search either was too generic (50+ threads) or too specific (3 threads, none useful)

    Also, while it's far from being an issue as of now, what precautions (if any) should one take if this package was to be released, in terms of copyright and credits?

    Thanks =)

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    What are you trying to do exactly?

    If you're just importing ss2 textures into UnrealEd, it's really pretty simple... just import pcx's into a texture package.

    Or are you trying to do maps as well? Ages ago, Datoyminatah wrote a perl script that converted thief/ss2 maps into unrealed readable format. It's old, but there's a thread about it somewhere in the Thievery mapping forum.

    Re copyright, because of copyright fascism laws bought by large corporations and sustained by some peoples naive belief in bourgeois ideology, EA can ask you to remove any downloads you put up or else they can sue you. But they probably won't care as long as you're not doing anything commercial or explicitly anti-capitalist.

    Mind: those high res textures that people were doing for replacing existing ss2 textures might be a totally different matter.

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    I was thinking mostly about textures and maybe skins too. I have the script to modify the logon screen's icons on the computers, so I'm all set as far as that one's concerned (© excepted).

    more info: in fact I want to build those maps to have an environment I can refer to, for a fanfiction I'm writing. 2D plans are not satisfactory, I need the "real thing". The issue is, for what I have in mind, Deus Ex's engine is way better that ShockEd. =)

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    Well I had some trouble trying to make the texture *.utx files, so instead I added the script to load them with the *.u package and it worked really well

    Here's my custom logon screen (name hidden for "not yet" reasons ):

    [edit] I found this line in the ShockEd EULA:
    Any levels you create can only work with the full, legal version of System Shock 2.
    I think I'll only post screenshots until I know better...
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