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Thread: Trying my hand at Deus Ex

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    Trying my hand at Deus Ex

    So I have been on these boards since the end of last year and started here as a System Shock player. This weekend I was at my local mall and headed into the EB games. Shifting through all the new highfalutin games (ones my old computer can't really run anyway) I found a copy of Deus Ex GOY edition... Needless to say after my romp through System Shock 2 I just had to buy Deus Ex... I haven't finished training yet so I haven't even touched the surface let alone broken it... So..

    Am I in for quite the ride??

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    Well, its a fair bit different from shock, instead of worrying about whats going to try and munch you next, you are worrying about whether the bad guy can see you, if your in the most strategically advantagious position what weapons they're likely to have,
    Can you get them before anyone see you stuff like that.

    And it doesnt try to be so smart, with all the chemicals and research and stuff. it just is smart because of the story.

    It mite take a while to get engrossed but when that happens you wont be leaving your pc till its done.

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    Hopefully you are.

    Get ready for a big ride.

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    As a Taffer, Deus Ex'er, and fellow Shocker to another - kick off your shoes, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride that is Deus Ex. It's a good one!

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    Good work Agent Carini! Welcome to UNATCO and keep up a good service.

    We hope you won't end like Denton brothers...

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    Originally posted by GamesBeast666
    It mite take a while to get engrossed but when that happens you wont be leaving your pc till its done.
    Until it's done several times.

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    I always felt the first mission on Liberty island to be little tedious. It's still good for teaching the player basic tactics and stuff.

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    I had the same feeling last time I tried to play DX, so decided I wouldn't try that again. Turns out I lied, since not long ago I reached NSF HQ This time I'm playing "no hacking", with all the other conditions more relaxed than usual - which mostly means that even though I used the baton and (sometimes) tranq darts exclusively on Liberty Island to conserve ammo for everything else, I am much more liberal about killing enemies than the previous times (before I played one completely non-lethal way - well, almost, but it was by mistake; see the thread I posted about that game here - and in all the others I killed only when stunning would require too much hassle). In fact, sometimes I just make noise or trigger alarms on purpose and wait round a corner with the Assault Rifle
    All in all, this approach is wildly refreshing - especially the "no hacking" part, since it's made some things different already and, knowing what is to happen next, I expect it to matter even more further on into the game.

    PS. I started out with Low-tech Weapons at Advanced. Fun! Guess that's what made Liberty Island bearable again.

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    Having (almost) tired of shoot-it-if-it-moves games like Quake, I found DX refreshing 'cos it at least tries to encourage non-lethal - or, at least, minimum-slaughter - approaches. I think there's a lot more thinking involved in it too, maybe even more than the SS duet.]

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    Yea, Liberty Island wasn't so great, it was bad enough to get my brother to stop playing, but the mission after (Battery Park) was a tiny bit better, but things really kick off after the subway ride to Hell's Kitchen...

    Hope you guys don't consider those spoilers, it doesn't really say anything about the plot that your don't know at the biginning

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    one kickass game

    i love this kickass game on mp and sp it is so good

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