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Thread: Screenshots A Deadly Trail

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    Screenshots A Deadly Trail

    Here are some screenshots of my 2nd FM "A Deadly Trail".
    The shots are 1024x768....

    The bar
    corridor - 1024x768 - a corridor - this screenshot may look a bit detailless - I have'nt finished all details in this area yet.
    The cellar
    a corridor in the cellar
    a storeroom
    a old hammerite "office"

    Looking forward to your critism !
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    things i see

    bar: lacks detail, very large, try this idea, make some booths around the side that people would sit in, if you've planned max payne think about the bar in the hotel, if they are raised up a bit from the floor it would be neat, then you can put a spot above each table with the cool light beams pointing down.

    catacombs1: try a frame around that stained glass to separate it from the wall, looks very inserted that way.

    the rest are very nice, i like the blocks around the door frame in a corrider in the cellar.

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    Nice screenshots. I like some of your architecture. Especially your ceilings and beams. Are those custom torches by the way? Those are nice. I also checked out the screenshots to your other missions. Nice work. Keep it up!

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    Looking good, I like them. That hammer looks familiar

    A suggestion, if you don't mind: I think the bar's ceiling could use a couple of wooden beams and perhaps a few support pillars. At the moment it looks as if the ceiling might soon collapse under its own weight.

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    you're right - that stained glass hammer is from ominous bequest. I wanted to ask you before posting the screenshots, but forgot it I have had some trouble with my webspace...

    I'll change the bar a're right - a few pillars would be nice.

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    Good stuff milord.
    Keep it up.
    Maketh yee a grand fan missions.
    Nice work on the light beams. Light beams will be everywhere in fms these days!

    -Saintly Architect Alexius
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexius
    Nice work on the light beams. Light beams will be everywhere in fms these days!
    I blame Dario!

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    Indeed, Dario is to blame.

    I love the tattered banners! Wonderful work.

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    Ohhhhh, a Hammerite mission
    And a good-looking one to boot.
    Looks like we're in for a treat

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