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Thread: I die when I make a game. (ut)

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    I die when I make a game. (ut)

    I'm makeing a level and unrealed2.0 for unrealtournament. I have around 4 start points and i test the level on 0-2 bots. I always get telefragged when I start. I can't move anywere it jsut keeps on killing me. Plz help me!

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    Oh my god!
    Do you really?!

    Wait... how do you know that?

    (heh heh...)

    *runs back to the Thief forums*

    (ok, i probably have no idea what you're talking about, but have you set up the starting points correctly? maybe you should re-check some tutorial about it or something. and this is an advice from someone who has never even seen UnrealEd... )

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    If this is happening, you may need to hit escape to bring up the menu, and actually start a bot match with 0-2 bots on one of the game's standard maps. Then quit out of Unreal back to the editor. Then click the play-test button again.

    I was having issues sometimes where it would try to spawn about 8 bots in the level, and I would find myself having to do it this way.

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    It won't remember the setting if you change the number of bots when launching UT from the editor.

    Boot up UT as normal (i.e. not via the editor) then start a match with 0 bots. Now quit.

    Now load the editor, press play, and voilá, ZERO bots. ZERO Crates. No Big baddaaaa boom. Move forwards, bring up the console and type: addbots x where x is the number of bots you want to spawn.

    Also check that your playerstart actors are high enough off the ground, not too close together or encroaching on walls.

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    thx guys,its fixed now

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