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Thread: Wait a sec....

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    Wait a sec....

    I was browsing the forums for the Escape From Woomera mod, thinking about posting it up here (I remember that someone suggested a game where you try to escape from Tranquility, the "troubled youth camp"), when who should I see as a user name but always black!

    In a related note, their forums are crap, as it's filled with people arguing both sides at the lowest level.

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    AB gets around.

    Was chatting to the people behind the Escape from Woomera on the phone yesterday, oddly enough.


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    I'm like Uncle Travelling Matt.

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    I haven't had Half-Life installed on my machine in years (I recall it eventually getting some tech problems or something...I don't remember now) but that mod sounds cool enough that I'd install it to play it. And funded by the Australian government, too! Or is the funding from an independent group?

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