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Thread: Dromed FAQ

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    My problem is that I created a Poster Scroll entitled "warning.str". I typed it in notepad, and erased the .txt extention. I created a PS in DromEd, but all it says is that Thief couldn't locate the text. It's properties are: Art: Parch, Text: Warning.str, so I didn't fault there. I created a strings folder, turns out it had some OM stuff in it. I didn't move my .str, just kept it in Books. Now it sort of behaves right, absolutley no text this time, and when you clicked at the bottom right corner you get the page-flipping sound, but nothing happens. Help?

    BTW: I'm going out of town in about 10 minutes. Won't it be great to have a whole G729-Quesiton-Free week?

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    Odd error installing DromEd-- what am I doing wrong?

    moved this to a better place.
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    A great utility is Thorin's "Thief 2 Objects List", which lets you browse pictures of all the objects in the Physical category of the hierarchy. You can download it from his web site HERE.

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    new tutorial on improved particle effects for waterfalls on my site

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    Error Trapping (Newbie)

    Hiya Gang,
    a few questions for you all and forgive me if I've missed a thread that answers them all, I have looked.

    I'm working on my FM and have just about finished the architecture and texturing. I've now learned how to optimize and get the "Didn't grap coplanar case!" error several times.

    1) Is there an Error Trapping tutorial anywhere? I've searched the forum and a lot of the answers refer to stuff I don't understand, and need a search for that too.

    2) I've highlighted unsnapped brushes and snapped them all at grid size 12. I've run full snapping processing and got "no matching brushes". Does this mean my brushes are all nicely snapped? In which case why the coplanar problem.

    3) And while I'm at it I've filled in the surroundings with buildings from the object list but the player can walk right through them. Can I make them solid.

    4) And finally can someone do my mission for me. It's way too hard, I don't why I'm bothering

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    Godamnit! See how much of a newbie I am? I didn't even go to the main page to post! Sorry.

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    Im not sure by what you mean main page to post. But speaking of main pages, you didn't bother to actually look at page 1 of this thread did you?

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    At the suggestion of The Phantom I'm moving this list from his sticky to this one. I think they fit much better here, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.


    Komag's DVD: I don't think I saw it mentioned here, but it should be mentioned somewhere that Komag's DVD has a BUNCH of dromed tutorials and resources packed onto it (at least 200 separate tuts on tons of little questions that come up all the time), consolidating much of the stuff mentioned here into one place, and should be ordered if you don't mind the wait; it can be ordered from his site to come by mail.


    Sites on the Thief World (to help integrate your FM)

    There isn't always much effort to integrate FMs into the Thief Canon or world nowadays, but one reason may be that this information just isn't very accessible, so I'll put some sites with this kind of information here in case someone thinks it's a good idea to try to fit their FM into the Thief world.

    Keeper Library:
    (A compendium of Thief lore* -- history of the City, the Hammerites, etc...).

    * (I know there are a number of other sites like that have more Thief lore that could be put here. I'll try to add them later, but if anybody knows others, please let me know, so I can put them here.)

    The map-project (TTLG thread):
    (Lots of discussion, screenshots, and dedicated sites about the Thief world's geography in that thread, of the City and beoynd. If they've gone to all the trouble to make it, it'd be nice if builders started using it.)

    A webring for Thief fan sites:
    (There are a lot of them out there...)


    Non-english Sites

    Since TTLG is a pretty international place as it is, people may stumble onto it from any part of the world, I thought I might put some of the lesser known foreign sites here. Cool dromed stuff often pops up there that the TTLG crowd might miss. And I should say that, even if you don't know a lick of the language, it's incredible what you can find just poking around the links and using babelfish, so they're worth exploring even without learning the language. Also, many of these sites contain dromed tutorials in their respective languages ... Later I'll try to put a parenthetical note next to the ones that do to make the list even more helpful, and add more sites as I find them.

    Japanese sites:

    Keeper's House:
    Thief Japan:
    AJ's site:
    Satellite's site:
    Thieves' Confessional
    Hell's 3rd Avenue:
    Tattoku's Chamber:

    German sites:

    Thief the Last Glass (
    Dark Projekt 2 site:
    Thief Union:
    Shadow Alliance's Thief page:
    Master Builder:
    Garrett's Treff:

    French sites:

    Ladyjo's site:
    French dromed tutorials:
    French forum (particularly useful is the utilities page):

    Polish Thief forum's dromed forum:
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    Making custom textures work in Thief

    Importing your own textures into Thief and making them look good isn't rocket science, but there's a little more to it than simply saving them in a texture family folder. Here is a thread on what you must do and what you need to do it.

    Note that this thread does not cover the actual making of textures, just what it takes to make them "Thief-ready".

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    I have a slight problem importing the core textures into DromEd.

    I've had Thief II installed for ages now, updated to 1.18. I unzipped the included DromEd into the Thief II directory, and then replaced the .exe with the updated DromEd 1.18 .exe.

    It starts up just fine and it works. I've been using this tutorial: and it tells me to enter add_family core. I do so, and the bar on the bottom says it was successful. Then I pull up the texture palette and all I have is sky and Jorge.

    I've tried adding in family rescore as well, but nothing happens despite telling me otherwise. I figured this was a simple enough question, and I've looked through a couple of tutorials to see if they mentioned this pitfall. Alas, it hasn't worked.

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    You should use the forum search function. Search for add_family core

    What may not be in the search result is a T2 version of the Official Dromed Tutorial, which can be found here:

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    Thank you very much. One of the tutorials mentioned add_family core_1 instead of what I tried, and it worked!

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    The FAQ is now all in the first post. Yay.

    I also added two new entires at NV's request:

    35. Is there an ultimate collection of dromed and mission design tools I can download?
    You are in luck; such a collection does exist. Is it awesome(y/n)? hint-(y)! Read about it here:

    36. Wikis are the rage - where is the wiki dedicated to dromed and dark engine mission design?
    You are correct, wikis are indeed the rage; in fact a wiki should make this whole thread obsolete. The Dromesday Book can be found here:

    Answer: (y)

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    I think there should be something about how hyperthreading affects Dromed (i.e. just like it affects Thief) and that it can be fixed using the method that is almost linked to in the ThiefGen FAQ:

    By adding this to processor.bat:

    imagecfg -u dromed.exe
    imagecfg -a 0x1 dromed.exe

    Current link for hyperthreading issue:
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    Hello, I hope Dark Arrow reads this...... I noticed you have me listed under the tutorials section. The link to my tutorial is incorrect (that was an old link, doesnt exist now) - please see my tutorials section on my site; top of page, says "tutorials." I also have a new tutorial up about exploding barrels.
    My Thief FM Website
    "Those pies had enough grease to drop a Burrick!"

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    I'm surprised there isn't anything about v1.07 and v1.18 mismatches:

    The AI are fine in Dromed, so why won't they move at all in Thief 2?


    When I load an original mission in Dromed, why won't the AI move at all?

    Thief 2 and Dromed must both be patched to version 1.18. One of the things changed by the patch was the AI pathfinding. If either of them is still using v1.07, it will not recognise the pathfinding database of the mission.

    If it is Dromed which needs to be patched, afterwards you will need to Compute the Pathfinding Database again.

    All patches can be found here.

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    Why aren't the unstripped OMs not mentioned? And are the downloads still available from another URL or two?

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    I think this thread should be updated with links or information in the thread regarding things such as the fire arrow bug and whatnot. However, what would be even better is if a couple of us dromed guys get together and make a "patch" to fix these bugs in thief 2. I know distributing dark.gam is probably illegal (or is it?) so instead you could have a comprehensive guide (like a pdf with all of the fixes for the bugs.)

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    This needs the solution to the Linkid_relation(id) == vec.Relation() error

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    Hello, I'm trying to load an original mission with DromEd, but it crashes. The missions are that ones included in the zipped file with DromEd.

    I've setted it in the way that creates the monolog.txt file, and the error is the following:

    [resman.cpp@1368] Failed to load resource data nvflame1.tga
    Fatal exception occured; dumping crash info to log...


    DROMED caused a Breakpoint in module ntdll.dll at 001b:7c91120e.
    Exception handler called in _AppMain(): x:\prj\tech\libsrc\appcore\appcore.cpp.
    Error occurred at 6/28/2009 04:51:30.
    C:\Programmi\Thief2\DROMED.EXE, run by Massimiliano Goi.
    1 processor(s), type 586.
    1024 MBytes physical memory.
    What I have to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by massimilianogoi View Post
    Hello, I'm trying to load an original mission with DromEd, but it crashes. The missions are that ones included in the zipped file with DromEd.

    I've setted it in the way that creates the monolog.txt file, and the error is the following:

    What I have to do?
    I searched for "Failed to load resource data" and found for example this thread:

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    The links to Dromed Central and Thief Underground seems to be broken.

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    Dromed Central has been down ever since the new server change, I believe. If you use however, you can find Dromed central. And really, that site should be downloaded so you don't have to be on the internet to view it.

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    I've not played the Thief series in some time, so thought this question should go here. Does anyone have a list of all the item ID numbers that you use in DromEd? This would certainly help in adding things to an inventory.

    Thank you so much

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    You mean the numbers for objects in the object hierarcy? [Such as (-7623)]

    Good question. I don't know if anyone has a list, but you could just write them all down or put them into a document. (Actually that'd be pretty time consuming. You could take screenshots. Even that would take time though.)

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