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Thread: Wonderful reception

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    Wonderful reception

    how do i use the gifts in the fm
    i can pick them up and scroll through them but cant seem to do anything else while the zombie bang against the glass like mindless flies

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    You just have to pick them up in the right order...then when you scroll through you read the message. I believe that's all there is to do with the gifts.

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    I'm obviously missing something - I keep getting killed as soon as I've blown out the candles. Any help please?

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    run into the presents room (there's a switch right back it after you let out the zombies) and close the glass wall behind you

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    Many thanks - I hate them damn things but will perservere as its quite intriguing. After getting slaughtered once I looked for
    a switch before blowing out the candles
    I take it, it appears afterwards.

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    *bangs her head on the wall* I really like this FM, but I am having a hard time with

    trying to pick up the right objects. How do we know if we are picking them up in the right order before we finish?

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