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Thread: T2 FM: The Korrigans/The Goblins (Sep. 7, 2004)

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    Oh la la,

    Berenice's letter has me salivating!

    So, that goateed fop wants to match wits with The Master Thief again huh?

    well, like the cheerleaders say:
    Bring It On!!!


    elevator out of order, waiting for the kind attention of a qualified Dromed technician!!!
    hee hee, the ghost barrels are back!

    mask of Kho? hmm, looks a lot like the mask of Tancrede to me! hah!! lol

    HEH! Sniper #2 down! and helluva shot if i do say myself!
    at least 30 yards away, across the water, and at a height differential (i was lower so = harder).
    and with ONE ARROW! so sweet watching him drop!
    stupid fop that L'Arsene, if i don't kill him and he survives the Korrigans, hope he gets it this time:
    (you mess with Garrett, you mess with YOU!)

    I AM The Master Thief!
    I promptly stole DeLoret's goods right back out from under Berlioz's nose!
    (and his bodyguard too!)
    what the hell, the damn thing stayed highlighted for a few secs!
    of course I could'nt resell them back to him, guess he was outta money!
    s'ok, I will sell em again next town I go to!!!

    and those two thieves on the side of Berlioz's shop were they
    two more of L'Arsene's men?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amelico View Post

    i am writing from France. I don't think you can pronounce Gaetane like us.
    In fact you have to say : Ga-e-ta-ne

    Ga like GArage
    E like Enough
    Ta like TAn
    ne like NEver

    You should say "Gat'" -
    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos H View Post
    Yeahn, rather : garbage, AM I RITE ?

    erm. sorry.
    should'nt it be:

    GA as in GArrett?

    (oops. sorry bout the double here!)

    "Les Korrigans was difficult cause you couldn't kill the goblins"

    Well, Froggy, maybe you could'nt, but i killed all of them, some i ko-ed then dumped in the water or had a Korrigan snack a la flambe
    (read: fire), others i sniped and the few that did'nt go down from 1 to 3 arrows i coup de gras-ed with my sword, no problem, just gotta take the time!
    (flash mines and bombs work wonders too! let ya get in the all important first few whacks!)

    could'nt just leave town and let them have free reign ya know, after all, i left the town pretty defenseless!

    but, i HATED the ending!
    argh!!! all MY swag, that ##$%^&*^%$ L'Arsene!
    THIS time i need to cripple him THEN throw him in jail!
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    What is the sequel to this called ? At the end it says "To be continued..."

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    The next mission is called "The Den" in english or "L'Antre" in french.

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    German Translation Added

    Für die wenigen ver(w)irrten deutschsprachigen Spieler, die noch immer nicht den Weg nach gefunden haben:

    I've added a German translation and made an update on Mirrors welcome.

    Merci à Gaëtane !
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    Really don't like these little bastards...

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    Very good, Gaëtane!

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    Still hated those little bastards though......

    Also: Man! 1172 short of all the gold, and 4 secrets missed! Maybe I'll go back and play again, looking harder! It definitely has replay value!
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    What the heck! This was a good one , and I'm going to start over again already!
    This time I'm saving everything I can for those little S.O.B.'s at the end!

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    I'm glad you're having so much fun with it! I may have to find time to replay it sometime soon.

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    I tried playing it long ago, but a few initial frustrations with it send me back to the Dromeding I was occupied with at the time anyway. Right now I'm not Dromeding because my stupid *^#@-in' mission broke pathfinding again. Screw it I said, and started playing some missions again. This one frustrated me a bit again, but I played on through, and boy I'm glad I did!

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    Holly crap what a long and fun mission! 5 hours 33 minutes, picked all pockets, missed 1 secret and missed 140 in treasure. Freaking Korrigan sounds are so funny!

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    Yeah it's awesome eh? I'm just in the Korrigans area now in my second playthrough. Found all the secrets this time!

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    How can i get into Berlioz's house. there is a guard sitting by the entrance and is waiting for aletter or something else. but where can i get this letter?

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    Berlioz pass is on the assassin on the wooden platform attached to the pebble house, SE area.

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    you mean opposite of teh "room" with the Lever 2?

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    It's close by IIRC, took that info from my lootlist. In the SE area you go through an archway and the wooden platform is by that archway on the west side of the archway, easy to miss.

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    To get the "Berlioz pass", start near the place where Berlioz, the fence, is. It is marked with a big red "X" on one of the map pages. From there, go into the direction of the "Artists' pub" ("Künstlerkneipe" in German), also marked on the same map page. You will have to go through a passage with a roof above it. This passage begins to the east of a bridge. The passage goes east, then north, and then you will reach a T-shaped junction. Go east here, and walk close to the northern walls now. Not far from where you leave the roofed passage again, there are houses to the north, and a passage leading north. On the western rim of the passage, there is a wooden platform with a ladder attached to it. On this platform, an archer in black clothes waits for Garrett. The archer has a large scroll attached to his belt. That's the "Berlioz pass" you need. Deal with the archer any way you like, but get his scroll. Once you got it, you can go back to Berlioz' place and put your new pass onto a silver tablet somewhere near the entrance door on the west side of the house. The door should be opened, and you can have a nice chat with Berlioz inside.

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    Damn Gaëtane your FMs are awesome!! So far I loved all of them! The idea of another thief having a dispute with garrett really is refreshing and the design of the towns and mansions are so great.
    The den is next and then the black frog So cool, thank you for all these awesome FMs!

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    Your in for another treat Samantha as Gaetane's missions are some of my all time favorites as well. I guarantee Black Frog will shock you.

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    They are definitely among my favourites aswell just like Christine´s FMs. I hope you mean "shock you" as in "it´s so cool" and not as in "it´s so creepy", cause I reeeeeally dislike horror/zombie parts :P
    I just finished the Den, as expected it was awesome aswell, though I´m abit sad to see L´arsene being killed (didn´t kill him myself, I let the stone warriors do that
    And now onto the black frog

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    No horror just that you will like it and be surprised.

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    Awesome!! I didn´t expect anything else from a FM of Gaetane

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    I've played L'Arsene, Emilie Victor, and now The Korrigans or within the last week or two and wow, Gaetane is probably my new favorite mission author. 3/3 amazing ones so far, is everything that goes through her hands a work of thiefy art? Glad there are still more to play, looking forward to the rest of the series
    I know you made these missions quite a few years ago now, but the amount of heart that went into them is incredible; among the highest quality, most creative, best designs I've seen in FMs and each one is unique from the others. And good writing, thank god for good writing, one of the most important things that goes into making any top-notch FM

    This is the first one I managed to beat myself without actually looking at any walkthroughs, which felt good hooray; while there were 1 or 2 spots I got stuck on in both L'Arsene and Emilie Victor. Did take a while though 4h 41 min on expert, completed all optional objectives I started with as well as the dowry and the ruby. 6105 / 6550 and 6/9 secrets, not bad for a first walkthrough...and the KOs were in the 90s lol. I was doing ok and had only reloaded maybe 3 times or so before the Korrigans, then I completed failed to see the light switch in their ended up becoming a shitshow with me luring all the korrigans into the city streets and hoping the city guard would take care of them, lol, I was ok with going that route since I knew I was pretty much near the end...also I definitely knew there was going to be a trap as I jumped into the sewers
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