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Thread: I AM NOT A TERRORIST!!!...I am not. (help!)

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    I AM NOT A TERRORIST!!!...I am not. (help!)

    Read this dialogue from Hell's Kitchen. Mission is to pick up Paul and go to Hong Kong. Spend a futile hour of running around looking for alternate paths to continue, but...

    JC Denton: I'll check out the facility, but I can't promise I'll help the terrorists. Be ready to leave for Hong Kong when I get back.

    [JC went to the basement of the NFS compound and found the so-called 'evidence']

    JC Denton: I checked it out. Sorry, Paul. UNATCO isn't perfect, but I am not a terrorist.

    Paul Denton: Then I guess we go our separate ways. Too bad it had to be this way.

    JC Denton: Yeah. The offer still stands... If you want to go to Hong Kong.

    Paul Denton: No... No, I'll be fine on my own. JC, if you'd only open your eyes for one second... I wish I knew how to convince you.
    In my first game I "joined" NFS at the airfield, but in this my second game I am and have been siding with the UNATCO ALL the way. I am not a terrorist, but do I have any alternative than to join NFS?

    Can't kill Paul. Can't use subway. No chopper. No way out.


    1. Quit the Game, aim for the dust bin.
    2. ?

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    It's NSF.

    And you have to leave UNATCO.

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    you never join the NSF at that point, you simply leave Unatco.

    If you arent a terrorist then do it without killing any Unatco troops (with the eception of anna who won't let you go without a fight)

    Spend the time doing a freelance investigation into the terror group Mj12 who are abducting the citizens of Hells kitchen and experimenting on them.

    As for what I suspect you are really asking no you cant stay with Unatco, this isn't a choice you make but one that simons makes for you no matter what you do then (remeber he is looking for an excuse to fire you and would do so if you slipped up in any small way.).

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    Did you send the signal for him? I haven't had this diologue before, but try aligning the satellite dishes for him and sending the signal.

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    That was the biggest disappointment (probably the only real disappointment) in the game for me, and even then I can't really fault anyone for it.

    I wanted to play as Government Stooge the whole way, but I guess you simply can't advance the plot if you do that. Maybe there could have been a couple of alternative places to defy UNATCO, maybe that would have worked. But you can't really expect people to write and implement five or six variations on a plotline and still have everything coherent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJamieson
    (with the eception of anna who won't let you go without a fight)
    Somebody over at planetdeusex got past her by throwing a gas grenade from a specific point, before you alert her. She panics, and runs through the door, opening it.

    He got through the game without killing anyone. Pretty impressive, I say.

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    In my first run thru Deus Ex I was a happy n00b thinking Deus Ex was a world of opportunities...well, don't play it a second time is my only advice...I should have listened (to myself).

    I moved on anyway, but filled with the rage of not finding "The Promised Land" of that piece of dialogue, I sent the NFS distress signal and moved on to butcher everybody including the MiB that showed up to take me and Paul. And yes, reading the proof and not sending that NFS signal the first time you are in the NFS compound is the key to that dialogue. At least I got a few "Cameo" appearances of Paul later on, I didn't get in my first game, even though he just replaced the infolink transmissions from Savage instead in the bunker sectors. Besides Smuggler survived in the first, but not in the second. Not that it matters as I never got the chance to go back...

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