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Thread: 3d Max 6 - UT2K4 object creation

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    3d Max 6 - UT2K4 object creation

    i have a question about 3d max 6

    i want to make some objects for unreal tournoument, and i wanted to use 3d max for creating these objects

    - do i need some plugins: importers ore exporters?
    - and how can i put the files in the "right directory" so the unreal tournoument engine can read the "object that i created

    who knows a tutorial for ut2k4 so i can learn the basics


    bas millenaar

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    Have a look at this page. It says it's for 3DSMax5, but I'm sure they haven't changed the modelling interface drastically with version 6

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    step 1

    i want to start from the beginning so i dont make mistakes

    ok, i have 3d max 6 and i know the porgram verry well now, i learned al the tutorials
    if i want to create an object for UT, where must i start?

    step 1 - i start the programm 3d max
    - i simpley way create a sphere that i want to have in the game 3d max
    - i save my "sphere creation". And now, what must i do know, to inport the file to UT and in witch directory i must put the file?

    thanks for your help Ulukai

    greetings bas

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    The quick and dirty version is that you have to export the object from Max as an .ase file, save it anywhere you like, then use the File > Import dropdown in the UEd static mesh browser to bring the .ase into UEd.

    Exported objects must be a single (not compound) object, and texturing / UV Mapping is a different story altogether.

    But that's the basics of getting stuff from Max to UEd: Export as .ase, import via UEd's static mesh browser.

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    what do you need to export a 3d max file 6 to an playable ut "mod"


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    were can you download the files ( exporter and importer ) for UT

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    I'm really not that sure what you're asking exactly.

    What is it that you want to do? (other than make a mod for UT, because that's a HUGE question and simply can't be answered in a single reply -- or even a dozen replies)

    You shouldn't need any import / export plugins to get basic, static geometry from Max6 to UEd... You don't need them in Max5, and I can't imagine Discreet removed .ase export functionality from Max6.

    Fordy's static mesh tutorial pages (found here) are probably your best bet for starting out... They cover everything from setting up Max to Vertex Colours. Very comprehensive, quite well-written.

    For skeletal meshes and animated things, you WILL need the ActorX plugin. You can find that at UDN.

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    what must i do?

    -we want to create a game
    -we use the endine and editor from far cry

    - ok i'm goanna made the characters and new objects that i can put in the far cry editor
    and we can place the objects in our self made world (new objects)

    the first thing is, that i know how to make objects like barrels, i dont know yet how to make a character ( but i hope il find out soon)
    if i made an object and i save it, i save it as .MAX
    but the editor of far cry cant read .max
    i thought the file name must and like this .(far cry) < this is not the right one but it is a example

    must i download an exporter and importer to get what i want

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    Now you're talking about the CryEngine?

    That's pretty much not Unreal at all. But you will need the CryTek SDK to export models from Max into a format the CryEngine can deal with, iirc.

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    getting real close

    thx for the farcry exporter
    i put some files in the plugin directory from 3dmax6
    3d max hasn't given errors while starting up < this is good
    ok if i do this in 3d max to (open the cry exporter)
    utilities/more../crytek exporter2 > then you get on your right side, an toolbar about export "notes"
    (i'm not good in english "i'm dutch")

    - if i made an sphere as an test, and i want to save it as .cgf < this stand for geometric information

    could you explain me in a few steps what i must do
    example with the slasches>utilities/more../crytek exporter2/.../save

    i looked for tutorials but i couldn't find them

    your a GREAT person "the only one who is helping me"
    I thank you for that

    bas millenaar

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    special thanks

    in my post reply above
    my special thanks to
    Gingerbread Man

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    i have some quesions

    I apreciate the help that i get on this forum.
    but i stil need sopme plugins and have some questions
    i need (necasary) the importer from the game: farcry
    i need ( not necasary ) the importer and exporter from the game: unreal tournoument 2004, morrowind
    the questions are:
    i made an barrel with 3d max 6
    i have the exporter from the game fracry and i exported it as .cga / .cgf
    i want to know how i can let the editor read this file.

    i didnt gave the barrel a script ore something " i dont know how to do bytheway"
    is it so, if the editor can read the file "my barrel" and i import it to an existing world.
    that if you walk to the barrel , that you just go through it < its a bad sentis, sry for that.
    - also i gave the barrel a texture
    must i put the texture in a folder of farcry, so the engine can read it,

    Very sorry for my poor english

    thx all.

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