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Thread: To the Fan Community...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    look do yourself a favour and get of your high horses…
    look do yourself a favour and don't make assumptions you know nothing about...

    squeeze a line or two in about the brilliance of looking glass, ion storm and eidos, how the DOOM3 mod has been created in homage to the above, promise not to sell the editor/mod/adapted engine or any subsequently created missions packs, add that the mod has nothing to do with the above companies or anything really to do with doom 3 and you should be square go.
    First rule: Learn a little bit about the stuff you are posting
    Second rule: Don't assume you know about the stuff you don't know anything about.

    You might check the Saphire Scar site which was subsequently name System Shock Rebooted and which had a big sticker saying that they are doing this in hommage of a great game. Which helped them exactly - NOHTING! Because copyright law doesn't care about commercial or non-commercial usage or if you are a fan or not it simply cares about COPYRIGHT!

    It is hard enough playing fan missions with the same presence of mind as the original missions, but having glaring marketing ploys like that will be unbearable,
    That maybe for you the case. For me it's quite different because I play the game primary for the gameplay and not for a story. I also don't really care if there is a plot or not in an FM because it doesn't make the game more interesting for me or only for a minor part.

    and yourselves know that any 4th person FM creators will not think twice about using the already present thief universe norms.
    Well, that is their problem. If Eido cracks them down, we can't do more then warn them. We don't want to take the risks because we spend a lot of time and effort to make this come true, and I wouldn't risk this just on a stupid name.

    Having all the models called different things from the expected names will just be frustrating.
    If that means so much to you you can simply rename it. Nobody can tell you what to do in your own house.

    If eidos wanted to do you for IP theft they probably could easily build a case against yous all now anyway, changing the name of the groups is not going to protect you if they fix their legal eyes on you… which they won’t... unless you try to sell the product.
    I guess you must be truly a remarkably copyright lawyer. I would be glad if I had you in the court in such a case - for the other party.

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    so those guys had bigger balls than you?

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    whoops, double post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    so those guys had bigger balls than you?
    If your intention is to somehow ignite a flame fury, look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you're interested in joining the team and contributing knowledge in an area we may have missed during our research, please drop me a line at I'm all ears when it comes to "damn the man", "blaze of glory", "pronto tonto" approaches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparhawk
    There could still be an issue with mapsize, but this is not related to the engine it is related to sound propagation. Most games don't care as much for sound propagation as Thief games do, because for Thief the soundprop as an extremly important factor. And this could present a problem to mapsize, but we are working on it, and the final word has not been spoken. But whatever the outcome, this is not directly related to the D3 engine itself. And I'm pretty sure that other engines like HL2 might have a similar problem when they would be converted to Thief playstyle.
    Sound propagation hopefully will not limit map size, if I can help it. In very general terms, sound propagation systems use a simpler, abstract geometry based on the map geometry (as described in the TDP dev log ). As you make a map bigger, the sound prop. geometry grows as well.

    It's possible that there will be a tradeoff, in that we can make a big map, but it will have to have more "coarse" sound prop. geometry (ie, less spatial resolution for determining which rooms/which parts of rooms a sound occurs in/travels to).

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Horizon
    Drop me a line at We'll talk.
    The Honest Thief - FMs, screenshots, DromED, links

    Zaccheus' hospital blog

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    Well I dunno about the rest of youse, but if the Dark Mod ever sees the light of day, my mission is going to have Hammerites, Garrett, Pagans, the City, and everything. It wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't the same universe - I've said it a million times before - atmosphere is everything.

    Besides, by then, Eidos will be out of business and Thief will be long forgotten, unless they decide to resurrect it, in which case it'll probably be a Splinter Cell knockoff or World War II simulation.

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    a Splinter Cell knockoff World War II simulation.

    Sounds pretty cool actually.

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