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Thread: Taffer Art *Post thy works Here*

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    Nothing planned now, hopefuly I'll have time to do some Thief art

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    I painted Markham's Isle to celebrate the anniversary of Thief II.

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    Very nice!

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    Not mine, but I saw this on Reddit and it's awesome:

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    Happy birthday Thief 2 (warning: large gif 30MB)

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    Mechanical Eye

    I recently found a shop on Etsy called Rico Delux that sells glass art and I asked the artist if he would do a commission for me of Garrett's mechanical eye. There aren't too many shots In-Game of the mechanical eye, so I didn't have a lot of source material for them to work with, but Tim and Janie at Rico Delux were so much fun to work with. I think they did an amazing job!

    If any one is interested, they would probably be willing to make another for you too!

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