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Thread: Taffer Art *Post thy works Here*

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: Brisbane

    Taffer Art *Post thy works Here*

    Ah, yes. I'm a lurker, and I completely lack an opinion worth contributing to the community. But, as I've been reading through everyone elses postings I find myself wanting to add something - anything, in return for all the invaluable help, laughs and anecdotes over the months I've been here.

    So here goes, a modest collection of the Thief Fan Art I've done.

    My first piece. Done right after I finished Deadly Shadows, in the wake of that mighty cut scene.

    Myself as a taffer.

    Myself as a mad Hammerite this time, more along the lines of a FM I want to create, but never shall, for I have all the DromEd talent of a blind, dead burrick.

    Benny, drunk and being robbed (is there any other kind ?). My favourite fight in the background, Guard Vs Spiders. The Near Eternal Struggle.

    Aaand the mental image I got of King No One while playing The Cradle. Official DS artwork used as the background.

    Let loose thy sharp tongues, brethren .
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    Let me to be the first to congratulate you on providing us with some of the most distur....unique artwork we've seen in a while!

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: black people
    Those are pretty rad! Benny's going on my desktop. Thank god it wasn't all japped out like....

    chibi jesus.

    sweet mother of shit.
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    damn! These are awesome! You got a site on DeviantArt by any chance, Clockwork?

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    Those are pretty good... but what's up with Garrett flashin' his tummy? =P (Seriously though, i find it funny he has a pagan scepter, and is wearing a belt buckle with a Mechanist emblem =P)

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    King No One wins...

    The thing that bothers me with the rest is that there's so many strong and mixed colors the pictures just become chaotic.

    It's like someone making his first map for an FPS and using all different colors of light randomly.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: Brisbane
    I don't know why the tummy is flashed, it's not like I have a firm enough grasp on male torso anatomy to do anything special there... no, wait, it was the tattoos, I think. The little viney things. I think it was because of those. Believe me, I wish I hadn't done it now . Maybe it just kinda... got stuck there when he mantled something.

    I'm a sucker for bright, crappy colours .

    And yerp, Devart Here

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    Registered: May 2002
    very nice Clockwork Mifune

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: Sweden
    I completely love it! Most probably the best fan art I've ever come across. I like the small touches (like the Pagan wand / Mechanist belt, already mentioned), and your take on King No One is absolutely stunning. The characters you succeeded in capturing in the Benny picture is awesome. No doubt about it, that's Benny, alright!

    And hoo-damn... that mad Hammerite will have a special place in my heart forever.

    Excellent work!

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    Nice stuff there The Benny one made me laugh

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: The Nation's Bowels
    Awesome work, dude.

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Aahhaha! You all suck c...

    ...Wait, this is goOOod!

    Devart link not workin'!

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    Registered: Oct 2002
    Actually, I like the may flower!

    Nice work

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    I like the boldness and the colour, although the bishonen picture of Garrett was a little disturbing.

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    Registered: Mar 2003
    Location: Behind you, with the blackjack

    Cool art. I've seen it at DA.

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: The City
    Great artwork, thx alot.

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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Finland

    I just have to start playing Baldur's Gate 2 again with King No One as my char.

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    Registered: Oct 2001
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    Those pics are among the few that really recreate the spooky-woody-medieval-cartoon-addwhateveryouwant atmosphere of the game.

    I'm pleased.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: Canada
    Love your work as always!

    The first one is my fave!

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    Location: Angel Watch

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    Nice job... very vibrant and interesting.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: Brisbane
    And another Benny one, but without the contraints of logic.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: Canada
    I like this one too!

    Hehe...Bernard the Burrick!
    Mushroom candy!

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    I Cannot Read Instructions
    Registered: Aug 2004
    Location: Behind you
    That last one -- it's drawn well, but what is it supposed to be? Benny's drunken hallucinations after having a few too many of those glowing mushrooms?

    Shroom candy!

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