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Thread: Funny Thing, about a Thief Clock.

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    Funny Thing, about a Thief Clock.

    Did not know the Thief clock is a real clock! Never seen it outside Thief before. Weird.

    Was watching Prime's "LORE" Season 2 Ep 4 & the Haunted Clock episode caught my eye.
    Over 20 years & I had no idea that the clock in the game is based on a real one in the city of Prague from the 13th Century!
    I always thought TTLG made it up. I don't remember which FM or in the original game when it came to be, but I do
    remember the clock worked. As in moving gears & hands.
    The episode really made you rethink That clock though lol.

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    The Prague clock?

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    Oh wow I didnt know that either! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Here it is yet again

    Mission: The league of the grim thieves

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    The clock appears in the training room in OM Framed as well (with moving gears).

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    Quite a few Thief textures are based on real life architecture. It's one of the many reasons I love the game so much.

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    This is a cool find. Given that I have been to the Old Town Hall in Prague before, I must have seen it in real life without realizing it exists as a digital model in Thief.

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    @Acolyte6 Maybe you should post this on the thread 'Real life... association with Thief' (, it would be a great addition to it!

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