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Thread: What Subconscious Behavior Do You Start With On Missions?

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    What Subconscious Behavior Do You Start With On Missions?

    For me I always check for two things:
    If there's a blackjack (since being good, it's my main goto weapon).
    And **if** (Keyword seeing most fanmissions don't) there's a map so I can get a general idea of where I am.

    So what about you? What Subconscious Trait have you noticed that carries with you as you play Thief?

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    1. Check blackjack and compass. If I don't have blackjack then I usually check if it's available on lower difficulties.
    2. Cycle through weapons and items to check what I have. Even if there was a shop before mission, I just want to be sure.
    3. Check objectives again. I know I could read objectives before mission start, but this objectives are shorter, so it's easier to figure out where I need to go.
    4. Check the map for places where I need to go. Also it's a discovery if there is a map in this mission.

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    1. Check blackjack and equipment.
    2. Check the objectives.
    3. Quick save.

    I hardly ever check the map, only if I'm lost and need a clue on where I am.

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    I check to see what weapons are available, scroll through inventory and then check the objectives. I rarely remember to check for a map. That comes later when I'm starting to feel lost.

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    Always hit quicksave and then quickload first. Some of my FM dmls wouldn't work without this

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    Check weapons first.
    Look at map.

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    I don't care what the surface is, I know you don't have to squat, but I do it anyway. It might make my missions slower, but I have nothing to prove, and I enjoy them more at a slower pace. Garrett has never missed leg day.

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    blackjack and readables that trigger new objectives from start

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    I hit, 2, 8, F4, F5. If I get an affirmative on all four, I know I'm good to go. Then I cycle though the rest just to have a look-see but that stuff is usually unnecessary. Check any readables and the map next. QS and down to business.

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    I usually scroll through my items inventory and move around a bit to get oriented.

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