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Thread: Lady Lisa's Harbor T2 FM Dec. 6/04

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    Rothchild - welcome to the forums. There are more caves!

    Where the guards fight with the crayman you need to go through the hole in the north wall. In this set of caves you need to find 2 keys - then make your way to a gate with 3 locks. I'm afraid you are going to have to kill some spiders - use broadhead arrows.

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    I cannot download this new mission because TTLG download link doesn't work and for some reason I can't get it from Cheapmissions site (Timesout).

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    hehehe ......

    I just ended playing Mighty Joe Young ............ with some loss of one or two keys and some loot ...........just wanted to give it a new run .......... (and I will !!!) when I saw this FM on the TTLG site. Started to play it and .........WOW! ......this is another GREAT mission!


    I'll dig in again tomorrow!

    Gloria Creep
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    one of the better fan missions I've played. got me back off my two month run in with no thief. you really know how to add lots of atmosphere to a mission, and the complexity of the level... wow. gj.

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    After I switch on the harbor lights and cut over the generators as outlined, the second lighthouse objective never triggers.

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    Where are those caves, anyhow?

    I'm having a blast with this mission.
    I love this challenge but for some reason I'm not able to find acces to the caves So please, guide me.
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    Here is how to access the caves.

    The door to the caves is locked and is on the third floor of the green tower next to where you start. The drill is to get teh key which is in Lady Lisa's room in Lady Lisa's castle. Once you get the door open, follow your noze.

    Hope this helps.


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    Lady Lisa's Harbor is great fun!

    Thanks for a very decent mission! I loved skulking around on the rooftops and bopping guards. I played on expert mode and found the mission objectives interesting, achievable but not too simple. Reaaaallly expert thieves might find them too easy but I enjoyed this greatly because the frustration level was low. I particularly liked that
    by reading notes i could find out where secret switches and keys were located, and could then FIND them fairly easily.

    The AI interactions were great - the only thing I would suggest changing
    the guard that appears after you enter Lady Lisa's room. I found that annoying, after I had very carefully checked no one was about. The spiders jumping out of the casket in the caves, however, were VERY SURPRISING and a great additon.

    Being brutal about architecture, some of it was a very odd match of textures and room sizes (the hotel), but to counter that, your lighthouse is terrific - loved the way you worked with the lighting around the harbor. Hours and hours of work obviously went into this mission - thanks for providing a most enjoyable evening for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyG
    The AI interactions were great - the only thing I would suggest changing
    the guard that appears after you enter Lady Lisa's room. I found that annoying, after I had very carefully checked no one was about.
    That one was really surprising, but logical, too. 1st time round, i did suspect something
    from that unpickable locked door, even though I had hoped for a HUGE stack of loot.

    At least, I'm not the only one who found the cave system leading to the lighthouse slightly illogical. -> 95% of the mission are GREAT.

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    picture this

    Garret running full speed with a horde of spiders large and small chasing him!! He darts around a bend in the tunnel finds a dark corner and starts shooting. 50 broadheads later with two small spiders to go our intrepid hero exits the realitive safety of the dark corner and blackjacks the remaining spiders to death. Nice mission!

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    Awesome dude!!!

    This FM is a lesson in the lost skills of climbing and pulling yourself up to where you want to go. I haven't had to climb that much since The Lost City.

    Love never blows up and gets killed...

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    One of the best fan missions I have played. Great story line !!! Many thanx ........... The Geez

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    Finally got to play some Thief again (thank God) and played this one last night (wanted to get to this one before starting Mr Lambert- thanks Gaetane!!!).

    I have one question though- how do you turn on the harbor lights??? Everything else is done (except for turning on the Lighthouse lights, which I found out how to do on page two) and I'm back at the start. I can't get into a building by the dock...You swim through a tunnel from the water into the turbine room and it's right above that tunnel. I tried shooting arrows through the slots in the door outside, but that obviously didn't trigger the lever in there.

    I'm having a bit of trouble explaining the area I mean- forgive me for that. I just hope somebody knows what I'm talking about! It's a great mission, I had a lot of fun.

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    I didnt find ithe harbor lights til last and youre supposed to do that first

    but you know where you start and climb up to the little dockside?

    go on the walkway and go all the way left you can go, there's a ladder attached to the wall on the left side when you face the building.

    hope this helps

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    @ Pointerbee
    for the harbor lights...
    If i remember correctly, from your orignal starting point its almost above you. Go in the door right next to your starting point. Take the elevator to the third floor. Turn right, jump out the window to the ladder and climb up and the lever is there.
    Damn your eye

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    Thanks Brandi & DJ- I had a feeling it was near the start, but didn't have any idea where!

    Oh- and it's PONTerbee, not POINTerbee!
    Don't feel bad- Lots of folks have made that mistake. Most notably, Walter Koenig at the old Babylon 5 forum on AOL years ago.

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    doh! sorry bout that Ponterbee. Guess i just glanced at you nick without really reading it.
    How bout i just call you Mr./Mrs. Bee?
    Damn your eye

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    Finished! No hints, 2 1/2 hours, 12715 loot (enough to retire on ), 34 KOs, 19 Kills (no humans), taking only 2 damage (long drop off a roof).

    I really liked watching the
    spider vs. spider
    fight. My favorite part, though, was taking a swan dive off the top of the lighthouse, and then off the platform where
    the harbor light switch
    is located. WHEEEEEeeeeeeee...SPLASH!

    Time for sleep, early meeting tomorrow.
    "I prefer to work behind the scenes. The rewards are nearly as great, and the risks far less." -- Londo Mollari

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyoldman
    At least, I'm not the only one who found the cave system leading to the lighthouse slightly illogical.
    I've been in a lot of caves (I'm an ex spelunker), and I never saw one that was logical.

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    I absolutely loved this mission. The spiders scared the 'you know what' out of me, but with a little thought and looking at what you had provided I was able to kill them off without much damage. I seemed to be lumped in with everyone else when it came to the lighthouse......I had to peek at hints and then realized I should have looked the situation over more carfully. I ended up only 50 short on loot and that doesn't happen often. Thanks for a fantastic to go play it on hard.

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    Finished it last night. Lots of great vertical action in this one. I'm always impressed by the very very few FMs that manage to take advantage of all three dimensions (most FMs are so depressingly flat). Having tried my hand, for fun, at building something in Dromed with some interesting vertical, playable architecture I realize how difficult this can be (the long lines of sight, the poly counts, the HORROR).

    I also like contrasts in a mission. This one had the small city and then the interesting, contrasting cave architecture. Really gave it some spice, like I was playing two smaller FMs.

    This was great mission. Thank you so much.

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    Woohoo, really loved this mission!

    Got all but 50 of the loot (like Gramma)! 14327, that is...anyone have any ideas of where 50 worth of particularly hard-to-find loot would be? Last resort, I could skim the bottom of the harbor again...those pieces are usually valued 50. Or are there 5 coins worth 10 lying on the ground somewhere? Anyone manage to get on top of the tall wall fronting the harbor running along the pier? I did it a couple of different ways...seems there was a couple of different ways to do all sorts of things in here! I like the versatility! Great mission! --Bob

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    Nightwalker's lootlist is here.

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    Good mission! I've just finished it and it's one of the best fanmissions I recently played. Found 14227 out of 14377 loot and all objectives were quite easy to find (only finding
    the harbor lights
    took a little longer).
    what I really liked about the mission was the good use of Garrett's voice, the interesting objectives, the variation in environments, and the size of the mission (its larger then you expect when starting the mission). It hold my attention for hours, and I cannot say the same about other missions I recently played .
    I can really recommend this one. Nice work bbb

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    sigh, i guess i have to give another 4 finger salute

    Again i got to the very end, last quest objetive, and it would not work. Hint says to get thru unfobbable doors look outside the lighthouse, well there are no switches on the outside of the lighthouse, and the backside of the lighthouse is inaccessible due to the inability to climb up out of the water, so if switch there it is inaccessible, there is a wheel in the water, i never found a purpose to it, You rotate it, and nothing happens, nothing opens, nothing happens, maybe that supposed to open the doors. Am I missing some special scripts or something to make jumping and climbing easier, or to make that wheel work?

    It was a really good mission up to that point, was able to find nearly everything without checking the forums. Would have been nice to have burricks in the tunnels.

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