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Thread: Happy New Year, Mister Lambert! by GaŽtane

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    Stuck? Stumped? Missing switch, key or lever?

    I really got hung up on one switch halfway through this great mission. While searching for the solution, I read a lot of spoilers I didn't need to know. That messed up the mission a bit. I'll attempt a brief walkthru to prevent this happening to the next taffer.

    Half way through the mission and Stuck? Get clues in the proper order without getting too much info. Last half walkthrough. Walkthru.

    If I have a criticism of this fm, it's in this first spoiler. It's a vital part of the mission and it's easy to miss. I think it should have been more obvious.
    Check the stonework floor around the outside of the fireplace in the library upstairs. You're looking for a switch. Green chair. Turn 180 degrees while looking at the base of the marble on the rightside of the fireplace. Find what the switch has revealed. Find all of it.

    The key is used in Lady Mazarin's room. That's the one across from the toilet upstairs. Use it on the painting of the lady with the umbrella. This will give you Mazarin's code.It will also (if this is the third piece of the needed code)...

    Locked door
    ....get Lady Lambert out of her bath. That gets you into one of the locked doors you need.

    Locked door and key
    She has the balcony key. Steal it or follow her into the room that uses it.

    Secret. Loot.
    Back in the room where she was bathing there's a............... secret!
    Look under the pedestal sink on the right side.

    Locked door
    Back to the balcony room. Jump up on the balcony after robbing the room. Jump across to the other balcony and use your lockpicks on the door. There's a haunt inside attacking some noble. Soon as you open the door get out your invisibility potion and take it before the haunt gets distracted. Then run through the door on the left. (first open it) Close it behind you! THere's a haunt out there. Then run through the next door and cower in the bathroom trying to compose yourself for your next move.

    Look around for another frobbable switch in the bathroom. (the coathook) It opens somthing in the group of rooms you're exploring, but don't worry about that right now.

    Listen at the door for the haunt. If he's out there, I hope you have a save because he's going to kill you. If he's not out there, quietly step into the carpeted room and get to the door you should have closed behind you. Or, read about how to use the codes. Damn. You still need the last code! Later.

    Listen at the next wooden door. If you're good at this, maybe you can tell when the haunt is walking away and you can run out there and backstab him with your sword. If not, stand to the right of this door and open it. You might want to douse the fireplace first. Drop your scouting orb in the open doorway and watch for the moment the haunt turns his back. Run out there and backstab him. He won't die!!! Quick, hit him again and again before he can turn around. Stay behind him. It might be easier since you doused the fireplace to just stay back from the doorway and watch the haunt with your regular eyes. You'll be in complete darkness.

    Code. Key.
    Once he's dead rob the room he's in and find the secret you opened with the coathook in the bathroom. (The secret is a cubby hole near the floor to the left of the double doors. Get the scroll which gives you the last code. Get the key on the sideboard to the right of the double doors and go back to the bed near the most recent bathroom where you can read about putting the codes together.

    Pick up the bodies to find out who they are. The haunt is Jack!

    Getting the code put together.
    Add 1620 to 6015 to get A. The answer is A = 7635
    Add 0140 to 0211 to get B. The answer is B = 0351
    A -B = THE code. Subtract 0351 from 7635 and you get 7284 which is the code you put into the number pad in the bedroom to get the statuettes. This will check off one of your objectives.

    If you don't have all the loot you need, check the following...
    Missing loot
    Go to the party room and check the nobles for valuables including a gold bottle in someone's hand.
    In the guard shack outside the manor there's a fireplace. Look at the bunk bed to the left of the fireplace. Look at the floor near the corners to find a switch. Douse the fire with a water arrow and you can walk right into the fireplace.
    Out on the streets look for a two places you can get to with rope arrows.
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    Excellent! That post will be VERY helpful in the future to a lot of people. Thank you.

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    I'm a little confused as to where/which room

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    No, the bath tub secret is in a different bathroom. The hook in Sir Lambert's bath moves the desk out in the other room, just inside the doors to the hallway. His code scroll is hidden there.
    Also because of the other thread that tried to give a little walk-thru in this regard.

    I have gotten into the bedroom and frobbed the hook. On earlier tries when I got inside bedroom, I didn't check bathroom completely first to see there was a health potion there (I just stuck my head inside door and saw tile, decided I'd not go in afraid of making noise)...and my health was about half-full (I had used everything I found after getting into a few fights with guards) and I tried once then to deal with Haunt. Tried backstabbing, etc. and had I been able to replenish my health first, I might have gotten the best of him? However, on another try with full health, I failed. Consequently, I'm trying to now do this without fighting him and wanted to try and sneak around. I still have my Invis and used my last two moss arrows (only had 3 two begin with) on the wood portion of floor (one at the entry inside from balcony, and one on wood leading into bedroom door area).

    My confusion is in the discription of where code is exactly. Nightie, you said the desk moves to reveal a cubby hole...the only desk I know of is the one you see in front of you from the balcony. The other says it's near the double doors (which appear to be in the last room over) and that's not a desk. I'm playing normal, and have run back over to my hiding corner near the door entry from balcony...and with my zoom..I cannot see any cubby hole there. So, in fact, is it in the last room over from here? If that's the case, then I can't see any way to get over there safely and back again...since he patrols into that area (and I cannot see a place to hide..there seems to be a light coming from my right side that I would have to cross over that next room fast enough to get over to the opposite corner to where I would somehow be safe enough to start the journey back. Sure, I could use my Invis going over...but then I would be stuck to get back...that's a long way in the short time I have due to his rather quick patrol. I really think he'd made the Haunt too difficult to fight! Especially if your not a good sword fighter to begin with. However, I did like the architecture, LOD, drunken party members with the baloons...story, clever puzzels (which even I figured out without hints)...but it's just that way too difficult Haunt that has me disappointed in really finishing the game.

    I did get three (I think of the secrets) except I did need help in the bathroom problem seeing where the code for the safe combo was hidden (hah, afterall the picture highlighted)! So I guess bottom line...I'll have to give it up and go for another as I can't deal anymore with this creature...too bad. Just for code in far room? Maybe someday I'll play again but not now as I'm not inclined to keep dying/reloading. I'd rather go onto one with less frustration.

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    2005 FM - Happy New Year Mr. Lambert

    Excellent FM to re-play again so close to New Year's. If anyone remembers where to find Mazarin's code I would certainly appreciate your giving it to me. Can't seem to go much further until I find it.

    ...Ohhh, hits my head. Found it, as usual. If anyone is looking for it. Go to the small bedroom with a woman sleeping, directly across from a small bathroom.
    Frob the painting above the bed...viola!
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    Little dml courtesy Unna to increase frob pick distance of a couple of loot items.

    DML1//Happy New Years Mr. Lambert//miss24.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 749 "PickDist"
       "" 4.50
    +ObjProp 750 "PickDist"
       "" 4.50

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