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Thread: Darkloader compatibility for "Down We Go!" and "Guardhouse 1"

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    Darkloader compatibility for "Down We Go!" and "Guardhouse 1"

    I was just wondering if anybody around here could make those 2 missions Darkloader compatible. They may be really old and slightly crappy, but they're still Thief fan missions! They deserve it!

    Doing the same for "Roller" probably wouldn't hurt either.

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    I hate to do this, but....


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    You'd best ask the authors for permission to alter their missions, first.

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    Well its not altering.
    Its just setting them up so they run.
    Besides, I have no idea where either of them are.

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    Roller? What's Roller?
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    Yeah but there are dozens of non-darkloader old fms, should we convert them ALL? I say no, just load up Dromed and try them out, in most cases there is a reason it was never finished up.

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    They arn't THAT bad.
    I think they deserve some love. Heh.
    What fan missions am I forgetting about?

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    I think those are mostly demo FMs. I haven't played either mission so I wouldn't know how good they are.

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    Yes, most of them are demo missions.
    But "Guardhouse 1" and "Down We Go!" are fan missions....
    2 of the first fan missions every released I believe.

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    Down we go,
    Anyone got this in a Loader compatible version?

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    Loader compatible down we go:

    Requires NewDark.

    Change log:
    I added goal text in intrface\miss15\goals.str
    I added strings\missflags.str

    I had to edit the mission file to add entries for miss path, and mission number.
    I fixed the broken escaperoom objective by creating the escaperoom, and specifying the objective target, so the mission can be completed.

    I also reportalized.

    Nothing else was changed, and you can tell. Just about everything is broken in this mission. Mad props to the original author "Shadow", who built this mission in the dark ages, before anyone knew how to do anything.

    I've also included the original unmodified mission file in the subfolder "Original Unmodified Mission"
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