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Thread: Can't see, too dark...

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    Can't see, too dark...

    I recently installed FUII onto my old computer. Old comp is 333mhz, 128 ram, Riva TNT2 3d card.

    Until then, I had been playing it on a much faster computer. 2.0 Ghz, 256 ram, Intel 3d card (bleargh). Until I played it on the old computer, I didn't realise there was even proper haze/fog in game. Stupid intel card does not render haze/fog! Even on heaviest weather, clear but for rain.

    But anyway, with old computer, things too dark. Daytime no problem, but night flying may as well be blindfolded. Can't see ground, difficulty reading instruments. Even on clear night. No way to, for example, land Beaver at dock of Alcatraz when can't see dock! Understandable in Dr.Yes mission (weather+night), but even sunset is near pitch black.

    It happens too with other games, eg. Quake 1,2 and (maybe) 3. Thief 1/2. Things way too dark. Nvidias/Riva have a reputation for this.

    Any solutions?

    BTW excuse roughness of post. Sleepy.

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    Increase the gamma setting?

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