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Thread: Flight Unlimited 3 'sold-out' re-release now available!

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    Flight Unlimited 3 'sold-out' re-release now available!

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    Location: Indiana
    Nice find!

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    Well not a 'find' as such -- just passing the good news on from the avsim forum :) I'm really happy about it, though... even if LGS are no longer around to benefit, FU3 is a sim that deserved a much bigger audience than it got, so more people will get a chance to experience it now. At 5 quid, it's a steal!

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    Location: Gosford, NSW, Australia
    Neat! I'll have to inform a mob here in Australia that sells some Sold-Out distros of games, including FU II.

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    Good stuff. In case you didn't know, the FU3 installation will ask you if you have the FU2 scenery disc so that you can import the San Francisco terrain into the newer game, so it's nice to have them both even if you don't actually install FU2 (except you should do that at least once to listen to Eric's rocking credits tune :)

    And remember that there's a whole HEAP of new and improved aircraft, scenery, challenges and more at the file library.

    There's even a UK terrain project, so you UK folks should definitely pick this re-release up!

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: Gosford, NSW, Australia
    The FUII credits tune is just begging for someone to whip up a gameplay video demo with it as the backing sound.

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    Anyone else still have this game?

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    We fear no thread necromancy in the Flight Unlimited forum ;)

    Regarding your question, do you only mean here at TTLG? or do you mean in general? Because there's a pretty active community at avsim, still.

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