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Thread: Special Art Delivery from Silmuen

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    Special Art Delivery from Silmuen

    Well, well.. Even while real life began to spit in her face and demand attention, the artwork I commissioned from Silmuen finally arrived in my inbox a few days ago. I decided to go ahead and post a small version of it; I don't think she'll mind seeing this beautiful piece out in public, especially since it's not the super-detailed version I have.

    The original is 2900 x 3000, the perfect size to be stretched and printed onto (hopefuly) canvas using Epson pigment ink, which will soon be filling up this spot in my living room (feel free to at my crappy cell phone camera) after I move some pictures around. And yes, haven't removed my christmas lights.. every day is full of slavery, genocide, and Soviet prisons, I need something to brighten my evenings:

    Anyway, here is the work that Sil did, click the image below for a version that is 25% of the original as far as size goes.


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    That's beautiful.

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