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Thread: Some Fan Mission Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    Of course, an advantage to painted doors is... nobody can use a Firearrow Key to open them then ask what the empty room is for

    (usually beta testers being a bit too effecient for my own good )
    hahaaha that's awesome. i prefer painted doors if only to save myself the two seconds of annoyance when i head up to a real looking door and nothing happpens. ambiance-smambiance, that breaks immersion right there.

    Author : Don
    Date of Release : December 29, 2003

    In this mission you take a peek into a mansion after Karras provides a mechanical servant to its owners.

    There are lots of secrets to find in this mission. Check those corners! I managed to find about half of them. There is a hard to meet loot limit due to too much loot hidden in the secret areas. I managed to get about 2600 out of 3000 gold needed before needing help.

    The mansion is a nice home with details that match the plot and subplots. The separate bedrooms for the lord and wife, the copious vegetation all match up with what you read in the readables. The designer put in some nice little touches I always wanted to see in a fan mission. For example,
    hiding a secret inside a secret room and hiding a key under a flowerpot.

    There is a bit of a crowd in one large room, and no apparent way to shut off the lights in the rooms next to it, so it kind of felt like a cheap victory when I ran behind pillars but was well within view of several people but still did not alert the AIs.

    Worth a download, you get a decent plot and a fun time exploring.
    Author : pseudonymouse
    Date of Release : Aug 30, 2001

    Basso's sister is opening a cake shop and to help her in your own unique way, you set out to steal the recipe book of the city's top baker. This mission was made for the 64x64x64 fan mission contest 1.

    The hardest level has an extra objective or two, but the only really important one is to figure out the mysterious disappearance of several of Oswald's competitors. It starts off interestingly enough as you are on the roof, but the objective requires you not to knockout Oswald himself, which makes little sense other than to make dumping one of the objectives a little harder.

    Once you get deeper into the level some confusing plot developments happen.
    I heard some explosions, arrows flying, and fighting, but not sure what exactly happened. Thieves? Escaping prisoners? Rogue employees? Design flaw in the Mechanist security devices?
    A nice and easy to find secret is there too, but its purpose is confusing unless you read the extra objective on the hardest level.

    The level is also a bit plain with the same light blue wall texture used way too much. Some areas look like you could ledge but you can't: a small tunnel you can't crouch and climb into and a wooden wall that you can't climb even with the help of a crate. The options in the mission would increase a bit if you could climb those areas.

    Worth a download if you want a quick game. It's a fun storyline and some interesting objectives but limited by the small size and prohibition from blackjacking of Oswald.

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    Hey, I figured I'd try my hand at a review or two, if no one minds =). In this case, the well-acclaimed Satrurio Returns Home, by Saturio =)

    The plot is quite good. Nothing earthshattering, but when you find out what happened to Saturio, it makes you want to ignore the "dont kill unarmed humans" restriction.

    The gameplay is wayyy too hard, though. And i mean on normal. The place is full of about two dozen guards, who all manage to converge on your location if you're ever spotted. The sounds of fighting will bring everyone else into the fray, even though you can barely even hear your own footsteps or other sound effects (Might be my machine though, i'm using onboard sound, but no other mission is that quiet) In fact, I died like 3 or 4 times, all within 10 minutes of gameplay. You're simply not given enough resources to deal with various threats.

    For example, one way into the house is through a family crypt. Which is haunted, surprise surprise. Well then for farks sake give me more water arrows to take advantage of the holy water fountain, or more flashbombs. Either that, or give me more shadows to hide in. Which is my main compalint: Not enough places to hide. Most of the map has neutral lighting, which you can hide in if you crouch, unless an Ai is within 10 feet of you. Deep shadows are few and far between, and are usually situated in tile floors.

    The Ai are too plentyful and intelligent on "normal". The mechanist who runs the security bot station ALWAYS saw me through the window, no matter what, and he ALWAYS managed to find like, 3 guards, all of whom had more hit points than they should have had. Trust me, i've fought against trios of guards in the original T2, and they weren't this hard to beat. AI even got alerted when i BLACKJACKED someone! They heard him fall to the ground or something.

    So yes, sneaking is what you have to do, except that you can't: Most of the first floor is either well-lit; or you're hidden, but on a noisy tile floor. And then the guards have the uncanny ability to find you in the shadows when you're hiding from them, making hiding and stealthyness a non-option anyway.

    I eventually resorted to loading the mission up in dromed, and giving myself 99 gas arrows, fire arrows, water arrows, and flashbombs, and slaughtering/KOing anything that wasn't loot. I wound up using 10 fire arrows, 8 flashbombs, and 27 gas arrows. The blackjack isn't an option because Ais seem to be able to see to thier sides, and there's very few stationary AI who you can get behind, and... yeah. HOWEVER, this only means that the AI are programed correctly: They run from threats, and inform their more well-armed companions, which is how the rest of the Thief Series was supposed to work out in theory, though the "run and tell" programing wasn't used to the extent is is here: EVERYONE runs when low on HP, then they come find you with some companions. I once found myself fighting off FIVE AI at one point for crying out loud. I grunted, put away my sword and launched a cheat-given gas arrow. Sorry, saturo; great misison, but i play games for enjoyment, not stress; so if i have to break a mission by cheating, just to play for more than 5 minutes, it's what i'm gonna do.

    Finding Saturio and delivering him where you needed to seems like it would have been impossible had not every other AI in the mission been KOed. I applaud anyone who can ghost this mission in the slightest.

    Far too difficult on normal, and I ruined the gameplay experience for myself by cheating.

    However, let's move on to other things. The archetecture is top notch. I didn't see a single thing that was wierd or looked ugly or unnatural or fake. The AIs were customized (there was a short guard, a fat guard, a tall guard.. very nice!). The only thing that i found wierd was the towers, particularily, why did one have a door that led outiside? Other than that, visiually stunning. I'll play again with "Ai disabled" just so i can marvel at all the details without getting beat on.

    Loot is well-placed, though i wound up having to scrounge up the last bit of the requirement. Again, too hard on normal to do what you need to do. "Normal" loot requirements shouldnt be "every last peice of loot on the map except for the tiny, invisible things in some secret room or corner that are worth a crapload of money". It should be more "Things a player is most likely to find throught the course of accomplishing the other main objectives, and a little more." Like in the OMs. For instance, all the loot in the crypt should be optional, as some people may not even go in through there. As should the loot in the safe. But that's just my opinion. Hard and expert should require loot-scrounging, but not normal.

    The readables were well placed, not excessive in page-length, but give you enough detail to know what's going on. By far, the best and most enjoyable part of the mission for me. Reuniting saturio with his mother put a smile to my face... the thought of how much she'd flip out once she wakes up caused me to have to repress a wicked chuckle.

    Overall: Too quiet, too hard, but great trimmings and details. Take out some AI on "normal" and make the rest easier to fight, as well as lower the loot requirement. The mission played like "hard" or "expert", and I didnt appreciate that too much. Anyways, despite my gripes, i recomend this misison to everyone: It's probably what Thief OMs SHOULD be in terms of difficulty, and is a challenge for anyone, I would wager.

    [edit] some spelling
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorSteele
    Hey, I figured I'd try my hand at a review or two, if no one minds =). In this case, the well-acclaimed Satrurio Returns Home, by Saturio =)

    The plot is quite good. Nothing earthshattering, but when you find out what happened to Saturio, it makes you want to ignore the "dont kill unarmed humans" restriction.
    nice review. when i'm done with the campaign i'm playing now i'll be sure to take it for a spin. i want to see how challenging it is and i like good plots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorSteele
    The gameplay is wayyy too hard, though. And i mean on normal.
    Huh, I thought Saturio was a particularly satisfying mission to complete. It's tricky, yes, but this is a challenge that is possible to overcome with a bit of patience and planning, not one of those really annoying nigh impossible missions. The only thing I missed were a few rope arrows, there were so many tempting wooden surfaces...
    Morrgan's Dark Projects: my FMs and FM reviews - 10.03.2008: All for a Night's Sleep updated to v1.1

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    Ah yeah, that was the other thing i meant to mention, heh.

    But see, it was hard given than in T2, Gaurds die in 2 or 3 overhead swings. The AI in saturio survived FIVE such hits, THEN ran --faster then me -- to get help. Like i said, it's what Thief SHOULD have been more like, but i've been spoiled by way-too-easy gameplay. =)

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    Some fan missions reviews

    Emperor Steel I've read your thread on Saturio and started to play it on expert. I didn't notice that the guards were more difficult to deal with than in other fan missions. There is some "savoir faire" to deal with them which is necessary: for instance, outside, I alerted all the guards and blackjacked them while they were looking for me with their back turned and when they run after me I hid in the sewers (I had previously opened the grate of the sewers hehe ) and also opened the gate of the cemetary - because another way to get rid of them is to draw them there, open the door of the crypt and let them deal with the undead (haha). I also got rid of the archer standing in front of the main entrance outside by jumping on the stairs and quickly throwing a flash bomb while blackjacking him at the same time . There is another good way to get rid of the guards - you may not know it - it"s to blackjack them through closed doors. It works all the time I only used my blackjack because you're not allowed to kill on expert and had no problem. The guard you mentioned who saw you no matter what you did (was he the one you see outside behind the glass door)? . I approached the door without any problem, opened it, lured him outside and hid in the sewers. I only had to blackjack him while he was still looking for me. You said guards run as fast as you . I don't agree they aren't as quick as Garrett. The only AI who are as fast as Garrett in FM are the haunts and the thieves. It's impossible to escape from these AI. So sorry if I've been too long but there are many ways (you have to be cunning) to get rid of guards. Just use your own imagination I'll be back later if I find anything else to add

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    some fan missions reviews

    Hi Emperor Steel I'm back I've nearly completed Saturio and found it very easy. Once you clear the way of all the guards outside it's not difficult to roam around the manor and save Saturio. To kill guards you can use the grey hammer which is in a chest in the shed outside the manor where one guard is standing. I threw this hammer at the guard wearing a metal helmet and (playing on expert) it didn't count as a kill because it's not me who killed the guard but the hammer (hehe ). The funny thing is I have all the objectives completed except I can't for the life of me find the bottle of '34 wine. I went to the wine cellar found a gold bottle there but I suppose it's not the right one so if you could let me know where is the damned thing well thanks a lot hehe . I think this mission is very traditional and easy. No major difficulties for me.

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    In the cellar, there's a bunch of wine bottles, and a bunch of plauqes. Read the placques until you find one that says "wines 33-34". Keep grabbing the bottles on that shelf until one ends up in your inventory and you get the "objective complete" noise =)

    And you guys all found it easy? Well cripes, now I just feel bad.

    Then again, maybe i should be less gun-ho; my ability to take out several TMA guards has gotten the better of my thiefy sensabilities =P

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    Some fan missions reviews

    Thanks for the tip Emperor Steele . I'll drink it to your health !

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    Author: frobber
    Released: Aug 7. 2003 (updated version 2.1a)


    A very intriguing plot integrated with this large map makes this one a winner. Taking place before Garrett receives his mechanical eye from the Hammerites, the plot goes through a few twists and turns as it is revealed to you.

    There are many scrolls that reveal your antagonist's motivations. There are also several subplots with a lot of intrigue and tragedy going on. Interesting characters abound.

    The Garrett voice actor in this mission captures the tone and cadence of the original actor very well. There is a classic distribution of loot, widespread like in the original Thief 2 missions. A nice in-game map shows off the major areas. Some areas needed a bit more differentiation, as I missed some rooms due to the similarity of the rooms full of drafting tables desks. One important office was missed because I made an incomplete tour of one section. Luckily the plot informed me that I had obviously missed it.

    There is a mine that can't be disarmed (at least I couldn't get close to use a lockpick on it without it going off). One area doesn't appear to have a way out, although I didn't search around too long.


    There is an excellent briefing movie with an awesome cathedral. The thing was apparently based on a real building and it is eye-popping. It looks so beautiful on the outside and then you see the inside, and it is just as awe inspiring. You are on a time limit, though you should have plenty of time unless you get stuck and absolutely refuse to get help. For safety's sake, hard save every once in a while, and try to think vertically.

    The voice acting is excellent. The woman who plays Alisha's ghost fits perfectly. The various other characters sound good too. The scripted events really sets a tone of a storm coming: people trying to leave the city, plans being made, violence, etc. And the plot thickens with the death of a few of your antagonists and the mention of new/old ones.

    Again loot is spread out. There is less wandering in this city map than others of the same size. Although large, there are fewer places to rob in the map. The designer does a good job of making each area hold your interest rather than making a lot of little less interesting places.

    There is a surprise that happens and I don't really know why:
    a small force of zombies come out near the end.


    First off, let me warns you: there is a "TO BE CONTINUED" at the end. You are outside that huge cathedral you last saw in Hallucinations. You have to get inside and jump into a portal, a la Gordan Freeman.

    Some ledge action if you want it. It was a bit weird that there was so much equipment lying around the ledges of the cathedral. But roof, ledge, and pipe climbing action was tehre and I loved it. Not only that but I was happily climbing rope arrows for a large part of the game. Save those suckers. My only complaint is that in one place a pipe you could climb partially blocked a ledge.

    Also fun was climbing along the tops of walls like a cat and then slamming an arrow into the enck of some poor unsuspecting sap. Doing that from the ground floor = kinda lame and boring. But doing that from the top of a wall at a target on the ground at night? Fun!

    I avoided the most beautiful parts of the cathedral interior for the simple reason it was the noisiest and most enemy filled. This was one of few missions where I did not knock everyone out and I was glad.

    At one point Garrett says something looks like a portal when I was staring at the roof of a tower, which looked like...the roof of a tower. Actually the designer had to guess when the player would look out the tower window and see the portal device. I did not do that so I was confused for a few minutes. Still, new objective appeared so it is a minor nit, and probably unavoidable.

    The plot continues to keep you interested, you see a tie in with the Thief 2 plot. It leaves you hanging but I am looking forward to playing Episode 4.

    There are a few areas that are laggy on my 600mhz TNT2 card computer, but these passed quickly. I was able to move nimbly enough on the ledges. One of two enemies are blackjack proof, which I dislike, but you are provided with an awesome amount of firepower, at least on the level I was playing.

    Definitely download. Loads of story and excellent setting.

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    Nice Review of KotP 'Book One'. Please note how 'Book One' is no longer available. I had planned on a 'Book Two' but decided instead to release the whole thing as one continuous campaign. 'Book One' should now be seen as the first three missions of the campaign.

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    Author: frobber
    Original release: 12/20/2003
    Release Version 1a

    A non-thiefy mission. I am assuming you played the previous mission and know that you have just jumped through a portal. Now you are here on this asteroid with low gravity, dead bodies of a previous expedition about, and monsters everywhere. Amazingly, the designer wrote on the forum he has never played Half-life, thus nixing my plan to keep referring to the place as Xen.

    The new gravity and jumping required are frustrating at times. Some places are confusing to navigate unil you find out the method to the madness. Apparently if you are falling, facing the wall and hitting the run key (usually shift) sometimes helps you stop. Rope arrows are avaliable which should clue in that there are some things made of wood in this level.

    Your enemies are fast monsters that you can't outrun. Your best bet is to avoid or kill them from a distance. You are given lots of firepower and a plethora of fire arrows are lying around. The notes and

    Some flaws included a monster or two that got past a forcefield as if it wasn't there and difficutlies in climbing some areas that look easily accessible. The worst was I couldn't get over what looked like a six inch tall ledge that focred me to make a huge detour around.

    The written briefing thankfully warns you that this mission ends with "to be continued."

    It is hard for me to recommend this mission since it is basically a non-Thief game mission, although it does have an interesting story of Kevin and his scattered journal and you will probably need to go through it when you play the campaign. However, I am still looking forward to mission number five.
    hey frobber, is it gonna be for thief 2 or 3?

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    KotP 5-9 is already out dude

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    Same for the final campaign with all the missions in one archive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNightTerror
    Same for the final campaign with all the missions in one archive.
    the "time is frozen" mission must still be affecting me!...yeah, that's the ticket...

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    Author : Jabberwocky
    Date of release : Aug 2003
    Version : 1.0

    This mission is set in a keep of the adventurer Sir John. You must find out why bad things started to happen in his feudal area.

    The missions features creepy new AIs and I like the knockout sound for them. There are DEDx arrows included in this mission. You need to use your "change weapon" key, they are not bound to the number keys. Some of the arrows seem useless against some of the larger opponents but they do have some effect according to the mission.

    The building is simple in design: three stories of rooms in a square ring shape. The outside environment is even more simple but you only see it briefly at the beginning as you make your way into the keep.

    The interesting plot keeps you looking to find out what happened. You see nice little details like the torn open room of one man in particular and notes strewn about. Instead of an audio comment, the last page in some readables has a comment Garrett says. This is a good way to have Garrett comment without recycling the original audio cues or using an impersonator. Some humourous bits include the trophy room in which one of many exhibits is somethign that supposedly belongs to you. Well worth checking out. There are other humourous parts which are mixed in with some disturbing stuff, like bodies(non-bloody/gross) strewn about in some areas.

    There are some questions that are left unanswered. The name of the file says this is episode one, I hope there are others coming. Some of the clues are a tiny bit misleading, such as "rocks" being a metaphor for something else (good thing I went to check out the forum before running back to the beginning trying to see if there were any rocks around the keep). The back door exit is a deadend, you are supposed to turn around and go back if you get there before you finish the other objectives. I think it is also possible to get stuck down there, though a note mentions sort of warns you how not to do that.

    Definitely download if you like a good story.

    saturio returns home was a fun mission. you're right emperor, i don't see how you could ghost it, but some of the tips mentioned in the above posts helped.
    the zombies attacking the guards was really satisfying. for once zombies didn't freak me out and i waned them to come after me. the haunt still freaked me out and i left him alone. also fun was when i got a huge bunch of the guards at the beginning to attack me, then i dropped a flashbomb and knocked them all out.
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    Afraid of the haunts eh Russellmz ? Yes I know there're very creepy but you can attack them from behind (it's easier) with your sword and cut them down in a few strokes. That's what I did in the crypt. I can see from your posts that you've haven't played the missions of Ramirez's Olf Fat Burrick yet I would strongly advise you to play one of these : The curse , The focus or so long hammers. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. He's one of my favourites FM authors with Timon and their missions, though not easy, are really excellent from all viewpoints !
    Just a piece of advice ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosley
    Afraid of the haunts eh Russellmz ? Yes I know there're very creepy but you can attack them from behind (it's easier) with your sword and cut them down in a few strokes. That's what I did in the crypt. I can see from your posts that you've haven't played the missions of Ramirez's Olf Fat Burrick yet I would strongly advise you to play one of these : The curse , The focus or so long hammers. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. He's one of my favourites FM authors with Timon and their missions, though not easy, are really excellent from all viewpoints !
    Just a piece of advice ...
    haunts and that chain rattling sound they make creep me out. whenever i get an inkling that a zombie or haunt is in a mission i always buy the holy water or flashbomb. i never use the flashes unless i absolutely have to.

    i'll add those to my list of recommended missions.
    (did some minor editing on this review, added a sentence to the next one)
    Authors : Uncadonego(Don Adam) and Thorin Oakenshield (Mike Eyre)
    Homepage : Drop by Thorin's site for a beer! The Taffer's Tavern-----
    Date of Release : October 30, 2003

    This mission takes place after you frame Lt. Hagen in Thief 2. The map starts off linear for the most part, then the city watch area spreads out and you can explore more. There are some areas where you get to do some acrobatics to break into them. A trip to a non-city area is possible if you search thoroughly.

    There are plenty of pleasant little details in the plot that mesh with the story in Thief 2. There are some new funny conversations that I really enjoyed. Truart and Mosley's maneuvering around each other was very fun to read about.

    Some of the ciphers you may need to do research to do(I choose one of the harder levels). This is somewhat annoying if you are on dialup or don't want to exit out of the game at that point. I have an old set of World Book encylopedias and I still couldn't decode one message because it didn't include numbers in the entry on the subject I had to look up, only letters.

    One entrance I had to get into took me three readings of the walkthrough because you have to do two non-obvious things before you figure it out. I had figured out the visual clue, but then I needed to hit a timer, then I had to look underneath something to find the entrance. Very annoying since I could hear the sliding door sound of an entrance opening but couldn't see it(remember kids, always check under elevators!). At least the first had a clue to it in a readable. Lots of secrets provide ample opportunity to find at least some.

    The same with entering the non-city area. You really need to think through all the clues you see in the movie, the readables, and the visual clues. This can be frustrating as at the end I had to constantly refer to the walkthrough when I couldn't figure something out.

    Worth a download, this is a difficult mission due to stuff you probably wouldn't know offhand and clues that you really need to pay attention to if you choose a harder level, but it has humor and an interesting story.

    Author: SlyFoxx
    Date of Release: 3/10/05
    Version: 1.0

    This mission is a sequel to Fletcher's Final Mistake. I like it better than the original. The map feels more interesting and less closed in than the original. There is some nice uneveness in the roads that make them look more realistic.

    There is some lovely rooftop action as you go on ledges and use rope arrows to go where you need. Most still let you do a ground option, though one building required a rooftop entry. There is an amusing non-cameo from a character who wasn't in the first mission (you'll know what I mean when you play it).

    One or two new conversations in the mission provide some humor. The new AIs and the Professor and student hats were amusing. Several clues in the readables helped me out.

    The cemetary has some weird lighting going on. I thought it was too colorful, but the creepiness came back real fast when I explored it. The presence of a blackjack proof guard is a bit annoying. You are provided a tool to dispose of him non-lethally though. The sky could have been reworked a bit. It looks nice but at certain high points you can look out and see a modern skyline. I never did figure out how to open the armory, the key wasn't where it was said to be. All minor things in a great mission.

    There are bonus objectives like the one in Lady Rowena's Curse. I found one obvious one by myself, the other three are a bit more obscure but careful reading can clue you in.

    Definitely download, this mission is fun and has an interesting story.
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    You don't have to decipher any clues at all on Normal difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncadonego
    You don't have to decipher any clues at all on Normal difficulty.
    i didn't get the blueprints till later.

    i think i am going to take a break from review writing. i'll probably start up again later. it's fun and i like the comments, but it is getting annoying for me to wait to play another fm till i finish a review for the one before it. i hope more people will start sharing reviews on the board.

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    What a pity ! I for one really enjoyed your reviews and I'm sure I'm not the only one . If I were you this is what I would do. Ok take a break but play some fan missions (maybe 5 or 6 at least) and come back here later to give your comments. I think it's better to play them in a row and review several than doing it one after the other. Please don't forget to play the ones I mentioned to you and also one of the latest released the excellent Saints and Thieves by Spitter. Enjoy a very nasty lot a thieves with whom I am having a jolly good time pursuing and being pursued by them all over the place , blackjacking them full face, seeing them flee and coming back with their mates to punish me, a lot of fun in a word. This mission looks very much like Shipping and Receiving and is not be be missed . I thank you for all your reviews that was really great of you and please come back later. I also write a comment for each FM I play with separate marks for story, atmosphere, gameplay, visuals etc but I feel like a novice compared to the pros of the forum so it's not the same thing. Cheers Russellmz and please come back

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