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Thread: DromEd Beauty Contest!

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: Wherever there is loot

    DromEd Beauty Contest!

    For some that lurked the DromEding forums lately, you already know what it is...

    For those that didn't, I was organizing (well, at least trying to) a DromEd beauty contest! The contestants had a month to create a small and beautiful place, with lots of eye-candy and custom stuff...

    You can view the thread here .

    Well, finally after a few problems with contest submissions they are all online! Please check this page to download the misssions! You can vote at your favourite map on this thread.

    The authors are to remain anonymous until the end of the contest, so no partial voting may exist! Please vote for what you think that is the best map!

    (voting will close after a week, so we can announce the winners!)

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Ireland
    Already found them by simply typing the obvious path ( ) into the address bar, and have been downloading them from a few minutes before you made this post. Ahaha!
    (Of course, one entry is missing from that page, but I think I'll wait until I'm somewhere with a faster connection before downloading the four that are over 4MB anyway...)

    PS: You forgot the 'You may not vote for your own mission' rule!

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: Edmonton
    Why can't you vote for your own mission? If you're a politician you can vote for yourself...

    Also, the download page (the geocites one) doesn't work.

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: Wherever there is loot
    Lol I see my site has too many visitants! Can't get in.

    NV one mission is not on that directory.

    I see no problem on voting to your own map. Why not?

    And to make more able to download the files, I'll post the links here.

    A Nice Stroll
    Hazelshade Cemetery
    Requiem for a Thief
    Ride the Butterfly
    St. Lazarius
    Surrounded by the Metal Age
    The Clocktower

    Nothing else on my site other than some comments!

    [Edit by epithumia: update links to point to main thiefmissions archive.]
    Last edited by epithumia; 2nd Oct 2005 at 21:16.

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    Registered: Mar 2003
    Location: Still hoarding rope arrows


    That "this page" link didn't display a page

    I'll try the other one...

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: Wherever there is loot
    Try again Moghedian

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    Registered: Mar 2004
    Location: Newcastle
    St Lazarius and Hazelshade Cemetary were mind numbingly good.

    Requiem for a Thief lost points for me by just being a blank screen.

    Ride the Butterfly took me on that LSD trip I missed out on during my younger days.

    I loved the small garden in Surrounded by the Metal Age. The feeling of seclusion in the middle of these huge factories...

    Great atmosphere in the Clocktower. I liked the mix of steampunk machines with the old rickety building.

    A Nice Stroll was a nice stroll.

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    fix your first post to feature all the missions. that link goes to geocities page and geocities are pure evil.
    Also, epithumia's page missing St. Lazarius.

    nice work everybody!
    Last edited by Alexius; 17th Apr 2005 at 23:28.

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    Registered: Mar 2003
    Location: Still hoarding rope arrows
    Quote Originally Posted by NeKoeNMa
    Try again Moghedian

    *\0/* Got them

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    Requiem for a Thief gives me black screen, even if played through dromed.

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    Moderator and Priest
    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: Dinosaur Ladies of the Night
    Ditto. I've been able to play them all cept that.

    Edit: Hmmm, wait..I missed St. Lazarius. Gonna try it out.
    Last edited by Renzatic; 17th Apr 2005 at 23:50.

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Requiem for a Thief works just fine for me. It's quite beautiful and it would be a shame for anyone to miss seeing it. I'll ask the author (I betatested it so I know who it is) if he/she has any idea why some people are getting a black screen.
    Last edited by Nightwalker; 17th Apr 2005 at 23:39.

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    Vertical Contest Winner 2009
    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: The Great White North
    requiem also worked for me, i can tell who was behind at least three of them right now, and i must say, if the imperium looks as good as st. lazarus, wow, what a treat that will be. but its also slightly unfair, i had to start from scratch, didn't have years worth of cool textures built up, oh well.

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    nah. those were all new ones for this specific level.

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: Edmonton
    I felt that each entry deserved praise and comments, so in return for the authors' work, I wrote a small review for each entry.

    A Nice Stroll

    I love the atmosphere here. I'm very partial to water and wet environments, and this entry reminded me a lot of a very deep and relaxing dream - the kind I'll have on a night when I know I can sleep for as long as want. The mysterious/minimalist nature only added to this feeling, and the sound of falling water was a great touch. I also thought the entrance was very clever; the floating door with electric light embodies the dreamy quality I was talking about... A Nice Stroll is unexpected but most welcome.

    Hazelwood Cemetary

    For a moment, I thought I was playing Painkiller. Gorgeous all around. The mist effect is beautiful, as are the streams of light through the trees and windows. Tombstones were a great idea, and funny too. Textures in particular are great - the marble floor, the grass and the path around the cemetary, the stone wall, it's all very beautiful. I couldn't figure out how to achieve the objective though, so I had to leave prematurely When all's said and done, I predict that Hazelwood Cemetary will win the contest.

    Requiem for a Thief

    Brilliant. Graphically it is very impressive - the dust in the air, the beautiful backdrop, the reflections of the stained glass, the new AI skins... The atmosphere (which I believe is the largest factor in this contest) perfectly conveys the serenity and peacefulness of such an occasion. This entry has an almost Easter-ish feel to it. The eulogies are given exactly as I would expect each of the factions to give them, and the voice acting is excellent as well. Overall the mission is a great idea well-executed; I'd place it as one of the top contenders.

    Ride the Butterfly

    Daylight missions are rare, so extra credit must be given here for creating an environment which poses some problems for an game designed with nightime in mind. Everything here is vibrant and alive - the wildlife is a great idea (though occasionally flew in strange patterns), particularily it's namesake (I did, in fact, ride one, though I was slightly injured ). Graphically, the use of colour really stands out here, as does the beautiful waterfall (the little streams along the edges of the rocks are much-appreciated touches). Sound effects are used successfully to help create the atmosphere... a relaxing summer feeling, makes me wish I had a lawn chair, a Corona and a good book.

    The Clocktower

    The author claims this took four weeks. It would've taken me four years. Attention to detail is impeccable, and object use is at the peak of thief fan missions. It has an atmosphere very similar to Morrowind, except this looks better. Lighting effects and textures are excellent, and I love the gears and pendulum of the clock. The picture of the girl was jarring and out of place, but forgivable for the sense of immersion created by the rest of the level.

    St Lazarius

    Obviously a prelude to the Hammerite Imperium and an excellent entry to the contest. Use of textures is unmatched (surprised?), and the architecture is realistic and very reminiscient of actual cathedrals. Music is also well-chosen, the choir in particular. The atmosphere is excellent, which, in my book, is what counts. I am now really looking forward to the upcoming campaign.

    Surrounded by the Metal Age

    Another instantly beautiful misson. While one of the smaller entries, it is also one of the most realistic. This is surprising considering the heavy use of stock textures - I always figured that fancy imported ones were not always necessary, and this completely proves that notion. The brickwork is wonderful, and I love the little pond and stepping stones. The smokestacks and antenna are great touches, and the localized sound effects add depth and vibrance (plus the desperate desire to know what is behind all of the doors!). The atmosphere is excellent - I do indeed feel surrounded by a city, lush and alive. The atmosphere is built further up by use of music and objects - the draped furniture in particular creates a wonderful "after the party" feeling, exactly the kind of place at exactly the right time where and when Garrett would be. I really hope to see a full FM from this - it gets my vote.

    Well that's everything. Thanks to all the authors for the wonderful missions
    Last edited by Aja; 18th Apr 2005 at 02:02.

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    Registered: Jan 2005
    Location: Kouvola, Finland
    Please please please, whoever made the Clocktower mission, start pouring out missions right now. That was amazing.

    Big pluses to the Cmetary author too. The fog effect in particular was mind-numbing.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Location: black people
    Couldn't get Requiem to work either.

    Toss-up between Hazelshade Cemetary, St. Lazarius, and the The Clocktower.

    Hazelshade had amazing mist and I dug the light beams.

    Lazarius was gorgeous, and I dug the chanting, although the odd anime/rpg music that kicked in with the hammer room was kind of odd.

    The Clocktower rocked. I had a huge sense of foreboding the whole time, like I was going to find the guy hanging from the top of the place. Great sound, agree with Aja on the picture of the girl. Windmill is coo.

    Surrounded had really good sound as well, and I dug the working mechanist smokestacks.

    A Nice Stroll was okay, although it didn't do that much for me. The waterfall was odd looking, especially from behind.

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    Moderator and Priest
    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: Dinosaur Ladies of the Night
    From the sounds of it, Requiem for a Thief probably would've been my favorite. Shame I couldn't get it to work.

    Hazleshade was excellent. The mist looked a bit too thick on my comp, but that didn't distract from the overall feel and quality of the map. Oh yeah, and I really dug the lightbeams (PM ME WITH HOW TO DO PLZ).

    Lazarius. Excellent, EXCELLENT stuff here as well. I guess the only problem with the map was that the style was a dead giveaway....NOT ANONYMOUS AT ALL.

    Ride The Butterfly was okay. Props to the guy from trying something different, but Dark doesn't do bright enviroments too well and the map suffered because of it in my opinion.

    A Nice Stroll. It was pretty, but it needed to do more to stand out against the rest. If the guy had more time he probably would've been able to pull off something really cool.

    Surrounded by the Metal Age. Cool stuff here. It was small, sure...but what it lacked in size it made up for in atmosphere. Had a nice serene park feel going for it, I liked it.

    The Clocktower. OHMG ! This map was an absolute kick in the pants for me. Atmosphere, mood, lighting, everything was beyond quality. It might've been weaker than Hazelshade and Lazarius as far as stunning architecture is concerned, but it more than made up for it with everything else.

    All in all every map was excellent. But I had to give my vote to Clocktower. It did things for me.
    Last edited by Renzatic; 18th Apr 2005 at 03:36. Reason: Grammar

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: Edmonton
    I guess I wasn't as impressed by Clocktower as everyone else. Its main grab was just tons of objects.... maybe it was that picture, I dunno, the atmosphere wasn't there for me.

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    Registered: Apr 2000
    Location: The Docks
    First off, hats off to the authors. I loved how all the missions were unique and different, very interesting to see the path everyone took. Thoughts on the entries:

    My vote will go to either The Clocktower or The Cemetary, both were awesome. The detail in Clocktower is amazing, and the effects in Cemetary are equally cool. I'll have to go thru them again, but to me these stand out as the best 2 entries. It would be a waste if these missions are not converted into playable FMs in the future.

    Requiem was really fun, I loved the 3 versions. Great voice acting, and very creative approach to the contest. Hmm, wonder how Garrett bought the farm...

    Lazarius was very pretty. Some of the artwork was a little strange, and some of the archecture was tedious (long hallways with tons of niches but nothing in them). Still, I felt like a Hammerite was going to come around the corner at any time! I can see some serious potential now for the upcoming Imperium campaign.

    Surrounded was a neat approach too - very realistic, felt like you were right in the middle of Thief2. Unfortunatley it'll suffer a bit because it's the smallest level of the bunch. I liked it though.

    As someone above said, i also liked the water theme of Nice Stroll. Probably needed a little more detail though. Also, I fell off that damn ledge too many times.

    Speaking of water, really liked the waterfall/pool portion of Butterfly. Intriguing choice to do a daytime mission in an outdoor environment too. Not my cup of tea, but interesting all the same.

    Again, congrats to all the authors. This contest really made me wish I had entered. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Münster
    It's hard to decide.

    Everyone wins a prize, for everyone has found his/her own way to reach the aim.

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    Registered: Oct 2004
    Location: Slava Ukraini!
    What do I have to do to force 'Requiem...' to work properly??? Please! I wouldn't like to miss anything!

    And also - what's wrong with 'Surrounded' (or with my Thief?) - I have Casing The Joint instead of this entry...
    Last edited by PinkDot; 18th Apr 2005 at 04:26.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Downstairs
    The grass under the waterfall could've used Tweq motions in Ride the Butterfly. It would've looked much more natural to see them sway under the force of the water masses.

    And A Nice Stroll kinda alienated me in the start once I fell off the catwalk because Garrett wouldn't jump over the missing plank.

    Great stuff anyway. I loved the lightning effects in The Clocktower.

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Italy , Forlì
    Downloading now..

    You should really start a thread in Thief General Discussion too!

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    New Member
    Registered: Sep 2004
    Location: Subtending 51.428571°
    Peeking at Requiem in Dromed, I see the author used TrigSim, one of Gaylesaver's scripts, to teleport the player out of a black room at the beginning. So I imagine those folks without Gaylesaver's scripts are having the problems...

    I still have a few to go so will reserve comment until then.

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