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  • A Nice Stroll

    1 0.64%
  • Hazelshade Cemetery

    40 25.48%
  • Requiem for a Thief

    22 14.01%
  • Ride the Butterfly

    2 1.27%
  • St. Lazarius

    19 12.10%
  • Surrounded by the Metal Age

    10 6.37%
  • The Clocktower

    63 40.13%
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Thread: DromEd Beauty Contest!

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    Registered: Jul 2001
    Location: Netherlands
    First of all, a big thanks to all the authurs who entered this contest and NeKoeNMa who organized it.
    Every sinlge one deserves praise and has their own beauty.

    A Nice Stroll:

    It gives me a feeling of a "guided tour", only without the guide. The sound of the waterfall adds a lot to the atmospere.
    Very nice done.

    Hazelshade Cemetry:

    Simply amazing. I liked everything about it. The whole time i was walking arround like ->
    I have an Ati Radeon card and even the fog looked fantastic. (Please, when the contest is over, could the author make a tuturial of it in the editors guild?? Pretty please???)
    This is one of my top three choises.

    Requiem for a Thief:

    It is to bad my stuppid soundcard sometimes doesn't work. Often when entering a level i have to make a save, quit and load again to have sound. To bad that doesn't work inside a camvator. So i have missed the whole conversation but judging from only visual it looked very very beautifull.
    Just like this contest was all about. A dromed Beauty Contest.
    This one is also in my top three choises.

    Ride the Butterfly:

    My first impression was odd. But when i got used to it it was nice. Walking in a park with a nice waterfall, animals and so on. Different, but very well done.

    St. Lazarius:

    Beautifull but yet too much.
    Every single texture is outstanding but all together i think it is too much. Some of them where out of place. I liked the stained glasses very very much though.
    But putting everything together, in my opinion, it is out of balance.

    Surrounded by the Metal Age:

    I love it.
    It really gives me an authentic feeling.
    liked the detail from the little pool, the surrounded sounds. Gives you a feeling when walking in the last garden in town.

    The Clocktower:

    The detail the author put into this level is amazing. Except for the picture there was not a thing out of place. Great atmosphere, great... well everything!
    This one also made my top three.

    I have three very difficult choises and whishes i could vote three times. I have to go trough them again to come to a decision. What a awefull task

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    Registered: Feb 2005
    Location: South-West Germany
    You can also download the files here:

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada

    I was just contacted by the author of "Requiem for a Thief" and you MUST have Gaylesaver's scripts installed to run the mission. You can download them here .

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    Registered: Feb 2005
    Location: South-West Germany
    Thanks for Info .

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    Requiem for a Thief was an interesting idea and simply beautiful all around, loved the well-thought speeches and the fitting gestures of the speaker, it all gave off a very new feeling. <3 Dark Engine.

    Hazelshade Cemetery.
    I know who made this one, simply because of the fantastic technical ideas (the mist, oh god the mist, my supposedly dromed-savvy brain exploded when I saw the mist; conveyors ey? MWBWAHAHHG MINE ALL MINE er, sorry). Very good architecture/new object&brush textures aswell.

    St. Lazarius: Pretty weak in comparison to the amazing stuff I've seen built (but not currently finished) by the same author; not at all bad though; still, I can't comment properly on this one now just because of that. :L

    The Clocktower: Why, oh why won't people build more missions like this instead of Victorian Mansion #301? The atmosphere choked me, good use of Vigil's textures and objects too. (what's with the photo `:L )

    Ride the butterfly: Extremely difficult to pull off a good outdoors scene in Thief, congrats for pulling it off.

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    New Member
    Registered: Sep 2004
    Location: Subtending 51.428571
    A Nice Stroll:
    This one was ok, but it didn't do that much for me. Not a bad idea, I just thought the textures and architecture were a bit plain and repetitive.

    Hazelshade Cemetery:
    Astounding atmosphere... the mist was simply mind boggling, and the individual tombstones were great fun and added alot to the realism. The only thing that might have improved the atmosphere and immersion is a custom ambient, but that's a minor nitpick. This is one of the best.

    Requiem for a Thief:
    A neat idea, well executed. The voice acting was well done, and the light effects and the stained glass windows reflecting on the floor were a great touch. The best use of sunlight I've seen in a recent mission. I thought this cathedral was much nicer than St. Lazarius, even if the architecture wasn't quite as detailed.

    Ride the Butterfly:
    As Thiefsie Fool said, outdoor scenes are not easy to pull off and this one has a lot of nice things going on. It was very tranquil, but I would have liked to see more details in the terrain (the rock walls around the valley and the ground). The distant art was very nicely done.

    St. Lazarius:
    It's obvious who the self-indulgent author of this one is. While well-executed, the architecture is repetitive and the layout is unimaginative. The same intricate pillars and archway cut-and-pasted twenty times down a corridor doesn't do it for me. The textures are of course impressive but way overdone, and I didn't care for any of the sounds used. I certainly hope the upcoming huge campaign is more interesting than this. There wasn't much to the atmosphere in this one for me at all... the author could learn a thing or two about atmosphere from the authors of Cemetery, Requiem and Clocktower.

    Surrounded by the Metal Age:
    This is a really impressive effort given the lack of custom resources used. Just goes to show how nice a setting a talented Dromeder can create with stock resources, and that you don't need a bizillion hand-painted textures to create atmosphere. Even though it's small, I prefer it to St. Lazarius.

    The Clocktower:
    Wow, what can I say... while I found the number of objects a little excessive, the atmosphere is certainly there, as is attention to detail. Easily the best lightning/thunder effects I've seen in any FM. The only problem with them is their concurrency... the lightning should sometimes be seen a few seconds before thunder (as if some of it is off in the distance).

    I'm currently undecided between Clocktower and Cemetery, and I guess Requiem would be third. Too bad we can't vote for the top three and then have them weighted by points (1st place vote gets 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd place 1 point).

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: 0x0x0
    Clocktower got my vote. Detail and atmosphere were outstanding. This has to be part of a real mission some day. Actually, all the maps would make great platforms for a mission.

    Kudos to Surrounded By The Metal Age for making a traditional OM like map and showing what can be done with that tool set.

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Houston, Tx., USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Alexius
    Also, epithumia's page missing St. Lazarius.
    Nobody ever sent me StLazarius. It's there now:

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: Wherever there is loot
    I couldn't allow multiple choices voting because most people would vote for all the entries!

    Personally the Clocktower got my vote, but the Cemetery is also very astonishing. I couldn't really decide.

    And you have to wait for the authors. St.Lazarius is a... Give away, actually, but everyone knows that.

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    Although, if I had to formulate some guesses (leaving the obvious one out)...

    Clocktower - Ottoj55
    Cemetary - Yandros
    Requiem - Nameless Voice
    Surrounded - Demagogue
    Butterfly - Moghedian?
    Stroll - No idea

    I wanted to say Cemetary was William The Taffer, because I remember him talking about doing that floor reflection effect that's inside the masoleum building, but he hasn't been around in a while.

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    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Belgium
    The cemetary was absolutely beautiful!!! I votes for this one because I feel it's the most innovative one of them all.

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    Registered: Jan 2004
    Location: Back Home
    Now why don't all FMs look like these ones?

    I was torn between Clocktower and Cemetery tbh, but clocktower has an intense amount of detail and realism to it. Cemetery has some gorgeous effects; that swirling fog is magical.

    Dark Engine gets a facelift! I honestly couldn't believe what I saw from some of these entries; absolutely fantastic work, all of them. Some great things to learn from.

    Last edited by Fingernail; 18th Apr 2005 at 13:19.

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    Registered: Oct 2004
    Location: Ireland/Poland
    I love Clocktower and HazelShade Cemetery and haven't decided yet. Both are very impressive. The only thing I would change in Cemetery is the speed of fog movement. It looks a bit like the water. But the textures are very well done.
    I like the amount of details in Clocktower and the architecture and the atmosphere of presence of someone who is not present actually...

    The 'Requiem...' is also very good. Surrounded has the most interesting atmosphere and the message but it's visually too poor. I would use more custom textures and differ those two worlds using the colour contrast. Now we have to guess what author wanted to express.

    Those four are the best of this contest, in my opinion.
    But contrgratulations go to all of the contestants!

    I've played those missions once more and I've changed my mind - I voted on 'Surrounded by the Metal Age' even if it's not the most 'eye-candy' mission. The atmosphere was the most strongest argument... Graphics is only the means to achieve it. SBTMA did it mostly by the sound and the concept.
    And this mission is nearest to be called 'work of art' because it force people to think, not only to say WOW!
    Last edited by PinkDot; 18th Apr 2005 at 13:51.

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    Fingernail, because everyone showed no restraint because they know they wouldn't have to care about brush/object limits, or worry about coplanars/stuff in the long run.

    It forces people to think? How so?

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    Dromed has limit of:
    60'000 cells
    730 lights
    250 textures
    and so on...

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    Registered: Mar 2004
    Location: Newcastle
    I just got Requiem to work. It was great!

    Quote Originally Posted by Heptagon
    It's obvious who the self-indulgent author of this one is.
    I prefer the self-indulgent to the rude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heptagon
    I certainly hope the upcoming huge campaign is more interesting than this.
    It'll have gameplay, to being with.
    Last edited by Macsen; 18th Apr 2005 at 15:05.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    I'm happy that the contest is meeting all my best expectations and more.

    I can't believe how much review-time these entries are getting! FM authors crave feedback, and usually won't get much just randomly releasing an FM. But (ironically) this is small, packaged, and discrete enough to invite commentary after commentary, and serious ones too that don't hold any punches ... What a treat!

    I'm with the opinion that Hazelshade Cemetary and the Clocktower are the leading contenders ... the 2 pinnacles of atmosphere and attention to detail. My preference would be for the Cemetary ... in terms of sheer beauty, this is the one where my *wow* was the most audible and sustained.

    I'll comment without trying to bias my own entry (much). (If you read my posts in the dromed forum thread closely, you can probably guess which is mine)...

    A Nice Stroll definately has its own aesthetic ... minimalist and surreal (perhaps a little *too* minimalist in the exact opposite way that St. Lazarius is perhaps too over the top -- it's like this is a balancing act with these 2 on the 2 ends of the pole). If I were just viewing the area from the starting point, it wouldn't have struck me much at all, but by being led into actually *taking the stroll* and watching the simple forms take shape from different points of view, the thought put into their placement began to draw me in and I saw the power of simplicity ... very zen (and you totally have to be in a zen sort of mood to appreciate it). The author says him/herself that it was unfinished and submitted more as a present than to be a serious contender ... and I think the contest is better for having it than not. I hope s/he can really put some more time in to realize its potential and release a finished version.

    Hazelshade really took my breath away right from the start, with the light rays and particle effects coming off of the tree. I loved just walking around thru the swirling fog ... it made the space so much more alive ... hard to explain, but you really *feel* it wading thru it. The central tomb was very well constructed (I was so happy there was a building to go into), lavish but unsettling, it seemed natural that the fog was still inside the building. The custom textures were quite well placed. (I was going to say that the custom tombstones looked too new for being 100s of years old, but then they are funny, so I thought being a little cartoonish is actually a virtue in this context). It would have been cool to see an appirition walking around the place, and it really could have used some better ambients to really bring out the atmosphere, but these are nitpicks. It was when I went back towards the start and saw that tree with the lightbeams piercing thru and the buildings in the background that sold this entry for me.

    Requium for a Thief had more to offer in its underlying narrative than its setting per se (or you could say the former overshadowed the latter). Its basic cathedral motif is very common in the Thief universe, although this was an exemplative use of it. It's funny how one's perception changes depending on how "common" a feature of motif seems, however. In this case, I had to fight the temptation to think this was just another cathedral ... but there were a few features which distinguished it. The ceiling and multi-leveledness (3-tiers, with chairs actually overlooking the alter like you'd expect in a functioning church) were done much better here than in most Thief churches I've seen. That, plus the action, made it much more realistic and "living" building, one where you actually believe what's going on, and not just gratuitous scenery. A definite plus. I was quite struck by the stain-glass reflections on the floor as it brought back fond memories of walking thru real cathedrals, and I liked how the ambience changed with the different stain-glass motifs and different AI with each difficulty. The scripted part was very well constructed for each scene, the right voice-acting and vocal-script, making me wish that more Thief FMs would play with such scripted-events, which pull you into the story so much better than cutscenes.

    I have to run to class now, will post more commentary later.

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    Registered: Jan 2004
    Location: Back Home
    Quote Originally Posted by Thiefsie Fool
    Fingernail, because everyone showed no restraint because they know they wouldn't have to care about brush/object limits, or worry about coplanars/stuff in the long run.

    It forces people to think? How so?
    Well yeah, but you can still make a lot better looking stuff than the average FM architecture.

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    I think the authors of Clocktower and Cemetary need to get together and build some ultimate uber FM campaign - how sweet would that be?

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Location: Abyssal plains
    Where do I begin?

    All these artworks are fantastic and each has their own merits. I personally picked Requiem (and I know its not the most popular vote). I just felt that it had a sombre but uplifting quality about it. Several points I liked were;

    1. stained glass window reflections on the floor.
    2. The late afternoon sunlight coming through the windows and lighting up the interior.
    3. The use of the camvator was not overdone but was short and timed nicely with the eulogy.
    4. A nice touch with all the keepers keeping to the shady parts (unlike the guards and hammers).
    5. The interesting fact that only a few people turned up! (but I guess that had more to do with the limits on the number of AI).

    second choice for me was Hazelshade. It's a magical place and it was nice to go around and actually read the gravestones without having to frob them first. The ground mist was a stunning addition and really gave it atmosphere. Interestingly, it felt in no way creepy... Is that right for a graveyard that looked like a film set for a Hammer Horror movie?

    The Clocktower had a great lightning effect outside (I dont think thats used enough in Thief). The stone texture on the interior sprial staircases walls was well picked and all the objects inside fitted and felt right (apart from the obvious!). It felt a bit frustrating though as I felt I wanted to frob everything (but obviously couldnt).

    St Lazarius had some stunning textures but on the whole it felt oddly sterile (almost a little too perfect). Perhaps some priests standing or walking around would have added to it. The music used fitted perfectly, though, and did add some atmosphere

    BTW, I have to say that some of the scenes make great wallpapers!
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    Registered: Nov 2002
    Location: Georgia
    gotta reinstall the thief games for this

    so are they all for thief DP or MA?

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Location: Abyssal plains
    Quote Originally Posted by daniel
    so are they all for thief DP or MA?
    All for MA.

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    Registered: Jan 2005
    Location: Brasil

    Wow! This thread is growing too fast!!!
    It took me hours to read!

    About the missions:

    I just have a small question:

    What the mean of this picture in a chatedral?

    After thinking about my vote, I decided to vote in none. This is the way I found to vote in all them.

    Thanks to all the missions!

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: Edmonton
    Quote Originally Posted by casalor

    I personally picked Requiem (and I know its not the most popular vote). I just felt that it had a sombre but uplifting quality about it. Several points I liked were;
    I'm very surprised that Requiem is not getting more votes, it is phenominal. It's almost to the point where it doesn't even look like Thief, everything has this sort of halo'd quality to it... I love the way the sunlight shines on the guards, and the little floating specs of dust. I voted for Surrounded because it was the one that really made me want to see more, but Requiem is still, as I wrote earlier, brilliant. I did indeed have a difficult time voting.

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    It's an angel with...tits. Where do I sign up for the Order of the Hammer again?

    Seriously, I thought that and a few of the other graphics just took away from the realism of that level, things you just wouldn't see in a cathedral. But then again, this was a beauty contest, not a realism contest.

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