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Thread: Sinful Opportunities May 12/05

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    If it can be done, then I would imagine you want to time it so he's at the far end of his patrol (at the bottom of the stairs).

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    He must have, it logical that way, but I wasn't looking where he is.
    I was sure that it doesn't matter, that he would hear the explosion no matter what.

    BTW great mission!!

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    That was a very nice and sweet diversion. I played on expert and "ghosted" it - as far as possible. Thanks, Polygon (and Yandros).

    Any idea where the music in the courtyard is from?

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    I can't wait for more missions from Polygon. This tiny mission was so pretty and well crafted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eshaktaar
    Thanks, Polygon (and Yandros).
    Don't thank me, I had nothing to do with this mission besides being a tester.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casalor
    This is true. I know because
    I used a crate and a little patience to get over the balcony.
    Sorry, Polygon, but it was just toooooo tempting

    Great mission BTW. As well as a great ghosting session (almost) it had all the hallmarks of a small mission that didnt feel small.
    I tried the same thing earlier, but didn't wait long enough to find the hole.

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    Just finished - a brilliant one, Polygon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eshaktaar
    Any idea where the music in the courtyard is from?
    First time I remember hearing that tune was in Mixed Messages (One of my all-time favorites). The readme for this mission mentions a
    Traditional Jig (performed by Ashley McIsaac)

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    Finished, but with two questions.

    First, SlyFox wrote his ghost bust "I tailed it outta the "loot" room very the time the guard got to the basement he only found the other thief and finished him off....meanwhile I backtracked and grabbed the last half of the booty and was gone ASAP. So it was a bust but in a good way!"

    Sly, do you mean you just accidently alerted the guard and he chased you? Or did some scripted event happen that autobusted your ghost? From the way you wrote it up, I wondered whether I just failed to trigger some fun script, since no guard ever went down into the basement when I played.

    Second, Beginner wrote "the idea with the chair was pretty good," but I'm completely in the dark about this. Chair? Would this be the chair in room 1, where the guy-with-no-pants is sitting initially? I ended up 72 loot short, so perhaps this room is where it's to be found.

    Edit: Oh, wait, I think I figured it out: he meant the chair propped against the door, which is why Garrett couldn't pick it open, right?

    All right, so where's all the loot I missed? Ack, there's a hole in my purse!

    By the way, I blew up the wall without alerting the thief; I got a comment, but he never changed his patrol pattern. But it doesn't matter... even if nobody heard, the action itself is a ghost bust by rule 6:

    Sorry, folks! If there were a specific objective that read "blow up the wall," and if the thief did not alert, then maybe; but there isn't.

    Other than that violation, I ghosted it.


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    Sly, do you mean you just accidently alerted the guard and he chased you?
    Got busted while working the lock on the second display case...I just ran as fast as I could outta there and the guard found the other taffer. I just circled around while he was still alerted after killing the other thief.

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    Lots of good stuff packed tightly inside. Very nice little mission. Good luck with Death's Cold Embrace, Polygon.

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    Very nice mission Polygon!

    If I remember well the music was from Mixed Messages by Uncadonego, but I may be wrong.

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    Well, I don't know. I tried to blow the wall about 50 times, and I did not succeed by my standards. The guard always changed the cadence of his patrol. I got him not to make a sound one time, but he was obvously noticing something from the sound of his steps in the back room. I did some extreme things such as fill up the gap entrance to the blast room with crates and use a flower pot to detonate the powder barrel (a flower pot makes much less noise to an AI's ears than a pick, even though it sounds loud to the player). But the explosion itself always did it, no matter how I threw the last one, no matter what the angle. Nothing really worked.

    According to the strict interpretation of the rules, there should not be any changing of cadence, indicating a pause to look around, even if brief, and there should be no remarks other than "Did I hear something? Probably not" (or some such thing). Can either of you two, Daffyd or Stanbeta, repeat that move under these criteria?

    As for the explicit objective, it was present in the starting but not in the in-game objectves, so that is debatable. I would call it a technical bust.

    Apart from the explosion, the one thing that gave me trouble was getting the purse in the room with the half-dressed guy. I tried that about 30 times, too. He always alerted when I put the fire out. He always stood up from his chair. He almost always got up, walked in a little circle, made a remark, and the lady opened the door. A bust. One time, the last time of course, he got up, said the rats thing, and the lady didn't move. I count that as a succes, although a debatable one, because in principle it is just like the guy who stands up in bed and does not really hear you.

    No trouble at all in the display room.

    Anyway, I got all the loot in 90% ghost mode. Tricky items were the purse in the bookcase of the above room (100), and a gold wine bottle (50) right at the feet of a guy in a chair (with other bottles strewn around). Also, there were some coin stacks in an open window on a ledge, in the courtyard before you get into that last building.

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    Thank you for the mission, nice little one thanks!

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    Very nice little mission! Thanks, Polygon.

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    Very nice little mission, but I'm disappointed that you neglected to credit Katherine Dinger, since you used her artwork in the custom title screen.

    You did ask her permission, right?

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    Good stuff, Polygon. A small level with focus is always a treat (check out "The Cell Next Door." by Francine). My only complaint concerns the AI. Since you are not allowed to kill or blackjack, the resulting situations don't make much sense.

    For instance:
    The guard patrolling the jewelry store didn't seem to notice the gradual removal of all the prominent loot in his care! Likewise, the would-be thief in the cellar wasn't too concerned by the crates moving across the room piece by piece. Considering that it was concealing his work, he should have been VERY concerned.

    Nitpicks aside, congratulations on a another great mission. I expect more Dromed-straining architecture in the future!

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    I was enjoying a 10-minute escape from the real world just now by simply standing on the balcony and watching the lantern guard go by every now and then. Man, this mission is beautiful. The brushwork and especially the use of light and shadow is exquisite. It all comes together with texture color schemes and careful object placement to create a cohesive environment. And it plays well, too. Thanks, Polygon.

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    Great job Polygon, I really enjoy the 7th crystal style detail you compress into a Komag sized contest mission!

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    I'm still very new to Thief and honestly, I haven't even gotten the guts to try to beat the actual missions that come with the game. But I must say that I really liked this mission, even if I did play it on "easy" mode. haha I'm gonna keep this one on the computer so that I may try it on a higher level once I get better at the game. Great mission and I loved all the detail!

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    Short and Sweet - I really wish it could have been longer, what a beautifully designed level!

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    I finished Zombie in the Basement and Sinful Opportunities last night (while T2X was downloading :-). This was a great mission, just right for an evening's play without staying up too late. The reason for the no-KO objective actually made logical sense within the story, a rare quality in FMs. Thanks!!!


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    This was an exquisite little mission, in every way I can think of. Great brushwork and an incredible attention to detail, not just with architecture but with gameplay and loot placement also. (I'm still 50 loot behind). I can't recommend this one highly enough!

    I have to agree with Tumbleweed though, that not crediting the original artist for the interface screen is more than a little off - especially since the readme actually credits Polygon for it, thereby making it sound like he/she created it - rather than the considerably more humble effort of adding text to the side of it. Were I the artist, I'd find that a tad galling.
    If people are interested, the original work can be seen at and the artist's main website at

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    Quote Originally Posted by metal dawn
    Very nice little mission.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker
    Very nice little mission!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tumbleweed
    Very nice little mission

    EDIT: This is just as useless as the above "statement," but I realized this is post 1,111 for me.

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    Not bad.

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