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Thread: T2X Downloads and Walk-throughs

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    T2X Downloads and Walk-throughs

    Please note this thread is strictly for the posting of mirrors and all else will be deleted to avoid clutter!

    Thief2X v1.1 - (all T2X downloads) - T2X v1.1 Full - T2X v1.1 Patch

    Thief2X "Making of" and Commentary Videos - (all T2X downloads) - Commentaries (low-res) - "Making of" Package

    Thief2X Walk-throughs
    Official T2X Walk-through
    Keyla The Otter (hosted on the Dark Wiki)
    Youtube Videos by FenPhoenix

    Huge thank you to all those hosting these files
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    Also, for those broadband-deficient members for whom downloading the 655MB file is an exersize in futility... Brother Renault and redface have organized and put together a nifty community CD mailout project.

    Put in your request for T2X (or other FMs and Thiefy files) at and get your free discs in the mail NOW!

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