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Thread: 3D device problem

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    3D device problem

    Good news -- it worked! It took about 11 hours but BitTorrent delivered. And everything works just fine -- well at least so far ! The game looks fabulous. Incredible!!! It's just great! Thank you thank you thank you! My ATI 9600 has never looked better! (Well, the water in HL2 was the best water I've ever seen ).

    But I have the good old 3D Device problem, the one about texture memory blah blah. Since the T2X directory doesn't have a user.cfg file, should I remove the semicolon from the ;safe texture memory line from the user.cfg in Thief 2 main directory? I've been afraid to touch anything after reading about the potential problems...

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    Argh ! One should always read the faq first. The answer is there. Sorry about the post....

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    Yes, that's the right file.

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