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Thread: The Builder family, ingame! (Dark Mod)

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    The Builder family, ingame! (Dark Mod)

    The builder priest, the first model by Oddity you saw in highpoly and untextured ages ago, finally makes it ingame: (link as image slightly too big)

    The whole family together, ingame, from left to right: Builder guard, prelate, priest and forge worker.

    (again, just a bit too big for these here forums). They're all by Oddity, in case you didn't know by now.
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    Awesome! oDDity is a true artist!

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    wow that looks superb

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    They do look fantastic .. well done people !

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    Seriously fantastic.

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    Wow. You've got some serious ability there Oddity.

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    - chrish

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    Wow! That's really astonishing and worthy!

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    Those are all great!! The content (almost self-satisfied) but world-worn face of the priest is incredible, as is the sooted, humble look of the forge worker ... all *very* believable characters.
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    Very nice.

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    Truly excellent work! It's little peeks like this that tell me Dark Mod is going to present the best palette yet for extending the Thief universe!
    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Oddity's ability to capture character with his models will definately be a guiding force in the actors voice work once I start working with them. Giving an actor something like this to latch onto is a reward beyond words.

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    Excellent work! Can't really tell what's polygons and what's normal mapping.
    How do you go about animating these characters? Anyone got some spare motion capturing equipment at home?

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    Oh yes! Those are sweet models. I nearly choked on the chip I was eating when I saw that. Awesome work!

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    @New Horizon. I know I don't have to tell you this, since I have all the faith in the world for you guys (you've by now earned it multiple-times over), but please please please take the voice-acting seriously and be as professional as you can.

    These models have so much character that it would be next to scandelous for them not to have as much character reflected in their voices (or have the recordings be of poor quality, etc.)

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    No worries there, even the voice tests for the actors I've heard so far have been top quality.
    I'm going to be doing several heads for each of these models, so every priest or guard will not look the same, some will be older, some younger, and different body types as well, some short, some fat etc.
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    Very awesome work!

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    Fantasic work!
    I agree with Komag, The Dark Mod will be the best choice in the future for Thief missions - T3ed seems to be a little too crippled. (I know, people are jury-rigging some pretty good stuff out of it, but there are still SO many problems...)
    Go Dark Mod team!

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    If the tech side of the Dark Mod comes out even half as good as the cosmetic side is shaping up to be, then this is going to be one hell of a mod.

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    @SrDog: We're working on it. We could always use more coders tho, since we still have more major projects than we have coders.

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    Do the models move in a realistic way.

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    I've piut some basic animaiton on some of them so far, runs, walks, attacks, idles etc using motion captue files for some,so they do move realistically, yes.
    We need a proper full time animator though, I can't do everything myself

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    Thats just unnaturely cool!!

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