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Thread: T2 FM Turn Of The Tide (1 June 2005)

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    T2 FM Turn Of The Tide (1 June 2005)

    Appearing soon at Jason's site, my new FM- Turn of the Tide, which loosely follows on from Skeletons and Moth.
    Many thanks to my beta testers ffox, Nightwalker and Ponterbee, and everyone whose given me help at TEG.

    Please make sure when playing that fog and weather are turned on, and that T2X isn't still active in your Thief directory. Playing with the T2X healthbar will significantly slow this and other FMs down.
    Have fun

    Also please give Jason time to upload this.......
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    Location: Cambridgeshire UK
    IMHO, this is madwolf's best FM so far - I really enjoyed testing it.

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    No screens available?

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Wonderful news!
    I was just searching for new FM at this moment.

    Thank you, madwolf

    I liked your previous mission "Skeletons in the Closet" very much. It is one of my favourite city missions, has fun storyline and cosy environment.

    Ok, download is over, time to play

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    Take notice all thief fans this is a Beauty!

    Great looking fm, I'm looking forward to playing.


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    there is a guy and he wont die and won't go away.

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    It had to be a sweet day, when Madwolf releases a mission.... I figure Skeletons in the Closet and Having a Ball would be up there in the top 10 ever...

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    Great news! But first I am off to replay skeletons and moth, for it has been a while.

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    I never got tired of playing this mission during testing. It's terrific!

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    Aweswome city map and loads-o-fun to cruise around the city but,
    where's the fricken key to get into the tavern cellar? I've even got Dromed open as we speak after spending muchas time looking for the thing in game...

    Congrats on another great level Madwolf...

    p.s. I noticed you got some of them AI boys 30' or so feet up in air in Dromed....

    Ok, I'm going again...
    I wondered why I got a storage key and there didn't seem to be anything in the room...
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    Location: Northbay, Ont. Canada
    Garrettwannabe, to find the cellar key, you must go
    into the catacombs

    this a sweet mission, very nice, enjoy tremendously
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    Befuddled. As usual.

    I found the locked door in the priory with the skeleton who has the Storage Room Key. I went into that room (above the dormatories), but it appears to be empty.

    I used the two boxes to climb out the window onto the roof, flipping the switch in the windowjamb as I went... but after crawling all the way around the roofs surrounding the courtyard, I found absolutely nothing. What the heck is going on? What is the purpose of that key? Why can't I find anything?

    And I second the motion: where is the key to the cellar of the Mermaid Tavern? Is that the one you meant was in the catacombs?


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    Registered: Oct 2001
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    This is one very high quality work of art with an atmosphere to drewl over.
    Seagulls and Mermaids! -ahoy!
    I was sneaking around town and started to pound on a wooden door with my sword to see if it would give..nope, but all the while a patrolling female guard with a bow was on my path and started towards me, I dashed off to a stairwell, next thing I knew she turned and saw me creeping back towards her position (light gem was a little bright now) and started to run towards me! with that unexpected HERE I COME NOW sprinter effect!
    Again, I dashed off ,waiting....slowly snuck back in position for the retaliation...Look the other way now.. please.
    Of course, my next move was to wack her with the blackjack and move the body across the alley. It was at this charished moment, guards and others were combing the place as I held a body over my back looking for cover and could not Move, missing a nudge distance from detection. whew...
    I just love that part! pitter.. patter...

    THe colored lighting is a great mix with the fog, gives the whole experience an immersed mood rendered feeling. THe AI doesnt like to see a sword drawn in presence. uh.. uh.. unless you want to dance!
    The turbin AI outfits are cool to check out as with the faces of others.

    Very.. Very.. cool.. MAdwolf

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    Location: Cambridgeshire UK

    Flipping the switch changes something in the graveyard.

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    Fantastic news Wolfie. Will download tonight. After Having a Ball I am hooked on your work.

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    Location: Kempsey NSW Australia

    How do you get into priory locked room?

    This one great map and everyone should play it. I've been playing thief since it's first version years ago and I always come back to it.

    I have the scheptre, and 5000 odd in loot and have knocked everyone out, found the hidden trapdoor in the mermaid inn (but can't open it!), but I just can't figure out how to open the locked door above the dorms. If someone could help me out here I think the rest will fall into place. I usually don't need help, but this has me stumped.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Location: Franconia, Germany
    @teemac :
    Look in the area you can reach by a gangway from the upper floor in the church. There is a switch in a small gangway which opens a secret door

    Very nice mission. Thank you Madwolf.

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    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: the beach/ontario

    Super FM

    I just finished this one and had a ball. I missed one secret so i'll have to go back and look around some more.

    Great Job

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    Registered: Jan 2000
    Location: Jyvaskyla, Finland
    What a wonderfully dank and smelly ambience! I loved the textures, I swear I could almost smell them. I hate seafood. I hate it. But I loved the mission.

    I had some real trouble finding the entrance to the catacombs, though, a very nasty trick,
    making us look for signs that are not there

    But as usual, I'm missing a truly humongous amount of loot. On expert, I only got 6500+ so missed something like 700+ !!!!! and I've played this twice now. I'd really like a hint: Should I look for more (serious loot and secrets spoilers follow):
    1. in the catacombs?
    I found only various LC jars and a couple of gold nuggets there.

    2. the church itself?
    I found the goldnugget in the belltower plus the storage room stuff and the statue behind the desk but nothing down there at the altar

    except the secrets

    1. behind the banner
    2. secret room in the library and the other one behind it

    3. or maybe something accessible from the rooftops?
    I was only able to get to the Du-Bois house, the rooms above the Spyglass Inn and a nameless apartment with the house key on the mantelpiece. Is there something else?

    4. in the basement of the Mermaid?
    I found the extras.

    Argh. I've left just about everybody dead or unconscious
    (and oh boy do I regret knocking out that archer)
    so I've got time to explore but I can't think of any place any more....

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I'm still early on in this one, so I'm not reading the posts here to avoid spoilage, but I just had to pop in and say WOW! What a great atmosphere in this one. I'm having alot of fun...

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Roz - Check the catacombs for more loot. There's quite a bit scattered down there, on coffins, ledges, etc. There's also an apartment you can get too off a rooftop below the belltower. You can also get there from a spot near one of the gates into the Priory. Did you see a skeleton hanging in a cage? The post it hangs from is wood and the apartment opens off of the roof above it.

    Ffox has a loot list already made for the mission so if you're still short after you've checked around a bit more, I'm sure he could be persuaded to send you a copy.

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    Registered: Sep 2003
    Location: Cambridgeshire UK


    I'll publish it early next week, but if you can't wait till then, PM me with your @ and I'll email it to you.

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    Location: the beach/ontario


    Which banner?

    nevermind I found it.
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    I've just realized that I've left the old date on the readme! I just adapted the Skeletons readme instead of starting over. Trust me, this mission is not three years old!
    Thanks for the comments people, I'm pleased you're enjoying it! I particularly like this...
    Quoted by Roz <>
    That's the atmosphere I was aiming for
    Though I'm rather partial to seafood myself.

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