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Thread: CD links from archetypes

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    CD links from archetypes

    I want to have an AI get created by an EmitterTrap, and when it dies it triggers something else. I though if I set up a CD link from the archetype, and add the TrigSlain script I would be sorted, but it seems the CD link does not work for archetypes (whether to another archetype I created specially or to an ordinary relay trap, say). Is this well known? What is the best way around it?

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    Same problem.
    I have TrigSlain script on the Bystander (-1325) archetype. And made a CD link between -1325 and a lever. Nothing happens when killing a -FemServ1 (-556).
    But if i link the concrete ai (same as i mentioned above) to lever and killing it, the lever is pushed down.

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    That's standard behaviour. No matter where the script is (concrete or archetype), it's the concrete object that sends and receives script messages, so that's where the links have to come from.

    You could have an invisible 'kill' objective whose target is bystander, then then link a single QuestVarTrigger to the lever. Another option is to use NVRelayTrap and use the design note, on the archetype, to target a named object, then assign that name to the lever.

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    Ok thanks. I'll read it again tomorrow, when i can think

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