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Thread: T2X In the Press

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    Ah, that is helpful. Good to know.

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    Yeah. I wish we had explained it better ages ago, but to be honest it's all a new area of weirdness that Dave and I have to deal with. I'm sure we're probably being overcautious in a lot of ways, but we have in the past received pleasant emails from legal departments requesting that we kindly make scans of current issues disappear. And I can totally understand that. The Internet is a huge threat to print media in so many ways, and we respect the fact that having free online versions of something currently available for sale is tantamount to piracy... and I empathise with the poor buggers trying to protect their turf in the face of unregulated dissemination.

    It's not because Dave and I are assheads. That's ancillary.

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    Yeah, I remember scans being removed, and seeing some members crying foul that their's were removed but not another's. Looking at the Forum Guidelines, I can see how it's necessary to make them strict, but what you've said here helps me see why there have been exceptions. It's an insight into where the Admins. are coming from.

    I think it's pretty generous that, even though it's still copyrighted material, and still "breaks" the rules, posting of scans is allowed to slide if the source material's off the shelf.

    It's not because Dave and I are assheads. That's ancillary.
    Heh heh heh....

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    Wow, I finally found it in PC Gamer (it is indeed on page 98). It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but we made Mod of the Month! DeC... somebody... update our site!

    The PC Gamer U.S. version is about 2 years behind the curve, but better late than never!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raen View Post
    The PC Gamer U.S. version is about 2 years behind the curve, but better late than never!
    Ha ha. If that's the case, then our Dark Mod article from PC Gamer UK should be making an appearing in PC Gamer US pretty soon too.

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    Ha ha. I wondered if it anything had ever been printed in other mags.

    Hey you T2X people - you'd better be having TDM in mind for some more of the same when it comes out. The FM fans need guys like you!

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    Since I got my new issue, here is the T2X scan from last issue.

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    I asked Fett to send me some boobs to put on the front of my mansion for the screenshot, but he refused. See Fett! Now they went and gave the big screenshot to that Vampire game.

    (thanks for the scan, Lake!)

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    You meant virtual boobs? You need to work on you communication skills. Sorry 'bout that!

    Hope the stripper didn't bother your girlfriend too much. Also you owe me $125.

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    Thanks clearing:

    Fun Facts
    Looking for another entry in the Thief franchise? Sadly, you won't find it. Because Looking Glass Studios is gone, it's far from happening again. At least fans have "The Dark Engineering Guild," a collection of freeware add-ons from diehard devotees that was released over the 'net. Studious players should also keep their eyes peeled for Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age, which is another fan-driven expansion project released in 2005.

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    Not quite the press, but proof that Lord Pratchett has played and enjoyed T2X:

    That's his email, and he's known to post on the Thief Usenet.

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    Knowing that Pratchett played T2X is probably one of the most humbling things I've experienced. I'm almost speechless.

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    Very cool.

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    Although... I seem to recall Pratchett saying something to the effect that people who use four or more exclamation marks also tend to wear their underwear on their head. Or something...

    Did I go \0/ yet?

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    Major Mod

    This great mod is generally being reported as a professional quality mod albeit from amateurs. I think the suggestion here is that maybe the amateurs are in the wrong job!

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    But it might be the amateur aspect that makes things like this, and FMs in general, work so well.

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    Amateur: n. cf. L. amator lover. A person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.

    I believe you're possibly right there.

    OT: clearing posted this recent Russian PCGamer article (scroll down) - but I can't really see anything about T2X.

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    Hey, I just saw a banner add for T2X atop my screen. Cool!

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    Since we're bumping old threads....

    Wow Lake, that's really awesome! That's so cool PC Gamer would talk about thief like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Magpie View Post
    OT: clearing posted this recent Russian PCGamer article (scroll down) - but I can't really see anything about T2X.
    Oh, missed this post.
    Yes, in Russian PCGamer no news about T2X just about Thief.

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    I just saw this:

    Is this right? the T2X commentary videos are being released on the pc gamer coverdisk?

    If so that's awesome news, another round of patting each other on the back I think

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    Hey nice!

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    More awesomeness! \o/


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    Just picked up a copy of the PCGamer UK (nr 193).

    Apart from the Mission 1 commentary, it also features the and T2X gets another half a page devoted to it in the actual magazine (page 100).

    Sadly the commentary is on side A of the disk while the is on side B. This while the menu on side A doesn't mention the commentary at all, the menu on side B does, yet only links to the makingof..

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    I updated the first post in this thread a couple of weeks ago with the new info. Did anyone happen to find the Computer Bild Spiele article?

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