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Thread: T2X In the Press

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    T2X In the Press

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a seperate thread for links to T2X in print. Hopefully we'll be able to update this thread as news spreads. For now, you can find T2X in:

    PC Gamer (U.S.):
    Has give us a belated Mod of the Month in the October 2007 issue.

    PC Gamer (U.K.):
    The August 2005 issue has T2X on disc and selected T2X as the best Thief 2 fan mission!

    Computer Games Magazine (U.S.A.):
    The June 2005 issue has a bit on T2X.

    Manual Magazine (Philippines):
    The June 2005 issue should have a small interview and preview of T2X.

    PC Zone Magazine (U.K.):
    The July 2005 issue has T2X on disc and a small interview inside.

    Game Informer:
    Gives T2X a brief mention in... the December 2008 issue?

    Some online reviews - these are great! Thanks to the folks who found them:

    From Video Game Review online

    and Four Fat Chicks

    and in the Mod Spotlight at Jolt

    Another from "cdromoff"

    A review from "Gamez", a Latvian site, apparently

    Might as well add GBM's great TTLG Review to keep everything in one place!

    The T2X Making Of and Commentaries are also getting some press attention:

    PC Gamer UK:
    Has the Making Of and the commentaries on the covermount DVD in issue #193, September 2008.

    Computer Bild Spiele:
    Should have the Making of and commentaries on a cover mount DVD. Issue number is as of yet unknown.
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    You all should be proud. I think it's great that the game is getting coverage in the magazines.

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    The largest Polish games magazine CD-Action ( has a short comment on T2X in the latest issue (and suggests that perhaps it will be included on the cover DVD one day).

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    Updated with PC Gamer info.

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    Well, if you needed any further proof that you guys absolutely ROCK, you just got it! Congratulations!

    Is that considered flirting?
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    *BUMP* Hey mods, could we sticky this?

    The UK PC Zone should be out now. I'll try and get hold of it at the weekend. Anyone seen it yet?

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    I have, I din't notice it on there though, but I only had a few mins to have a look...I'll buy it tommorrow.

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    Why is the UK PC Gamer so much better then the American one

    Admittedly I haven't read it in a while but it got so bad that I just didn't read the last 8 issues I got.

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    The UK version of PC Gamer has an excellent Extra Life section, useually about 20+ pages of mods, FM's and How to make levels for different games....thats useually the main reason I buy it as I don't tend to read the reviews much as they are about games I have no interest in...anyway the new one should be out in a week or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by potterr
    The UK version of PC Gamer..........should be out in a week or so.
    Certainly is! Mine arrived by post today (DVD cover disc), and as well as heaping praise on T2X, they also include four other missions......and Darkloader too! Well done PC Gamer.

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    I had a look at PC Zone in the shop, but didn't see any mention of T2X. Anyone buy it?

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    Didn't buy it, however I did see a small ...very small section about T2X near the front (right hand side of the page near the top (round about page 20..I think)), saying T2x was well worth the download and giving the site link to download from.

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    Yep its there. Details on Page 106.

    T2X and four other missions plus Dark Loader just as kenshabby said. Might get some new forum members and authors from folks who do not know about TTLG forums yet

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    Cool, thanks for that.

    That's PC Gamer, but did anyone find anything in PC Zone?

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    Perhaps more importantly, does it mention the actual release date of any of these issues? Sometimes, the stated monthly editions can be out by a month or two either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCGamer
    for the advice, we get a 10% cut.

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    For all the Aussie taffers Thief 2x: Shadows of the Metal Age Mod can be found on the PC User CD/DVD with the magazine. Its on the August edition.

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    Same for all us British taffers. It's on the CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raen
    The August issue will have T2X on disc, and has selected T2X as the best Thief 2 fan mission!
    I don't know about it being the best (of course, I haven't finished it yet), but congrats anyway . Interesting that Benny's Dead is on there as well. CL, IM, and T7C obviously deserve it, but I was surprised about GBM's FM (it rocks, of course).
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    Don't think it doesn't surprise me, as well. This is the second time it's happened. Mind you, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the mission is only 6M or so... easier to squash in there as filler or something, probably.

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    Modesty shmodesty. 'Benny's Dead' deserves its place among those others. For one thing, a 'best' FM is a subjective matter anyway, and second, 'Benny's Dead' unequivocally has a place in the FM history. It's a great mission, and considering when it was made, all the more impressive.

    I could suck up some more, but I'm done for today. And since (unfortunately) I don't think I can't make it to the TTLG meet, I can't hope to get GBM to buy me a pint for that, either. There's gotta be an incentive, see?

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    Benny's Dead is Ass. You all know it. Quit brown nosing.

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    what issue of these mags will have the t2x on the cd ????.

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