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Thread: Essential Reading from Thief General Discussion

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    Essential Reading from Thief General Discussion

    This is a work in progress. What I have so far is the result of about an hour's worth of searching the forums. Please suggest other threads (particularily it needs Thief 1/2 discussion). I'm looking for those that are especially entertaining/informative, not necessarily those with the most replies. The list also needs more threads on the Thief universe (under 'Background Info').

    Oh yeah, and I didn't read all of these, so if you spot a few that you think are unimportant, let me know.

    General Thief Topics:

    Thief: The Dark Project / Thief 2: The Metal Age

    Deadly Shadows:


    Background Information

    Nobody better be taffin' around down here...

    Stephen Russell

    The Campaign for T3ED

    The Dark Mod

    Emil's Journal Contest:

    Bow Upgrade and Alarus Extension!
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    Now that's some serious thread diggin' you've done there, taffer.

    Good work!

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    Thanks - now I'm counting on the community to add to and correct it. Eventually it should be good enough to be stickied, and will serve as a good starting point for new members and a great place to point them (other than the search engine) when they ask 'what's all this about a bow upgrade??'

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    New people might be too impatient to scroll through all that. So if there's a way, perhaps you could try to keep the list shorter? Or have them in two lists, first one which has the more frequently asked.

    But then again, this isn't as much of a FAQ than it could be an index for older readers, no?

    This should be stickied already.

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    It definately needs trimming and sorting, but you're right, it's meant more as an index of info than an FAQ. It's just supposed to be easier than having to wade though an ocean of search results if you're looking for something that's already been discussed here (plus some other threads that are just fun to read that new members might've missed).

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    Here is some of the threads saved on my HD, as they were very interesting to me:

    mapping out the City
    Bonehoard Felix and his companions
    Bonus Objectives
    Has the THC cathedral been visited
    Atop the Lighthouse
    is the smith-in-exile Karras
    Pictures from the roof of Angelwatch
    Proof Garrett finally became a Keeper
    The floating staircase of crates how-to
    Thieves, and boxmen, and...
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    I haven't gone through that list enough to trim and sort, but I would suggest taking out VampThief's ridiculous thread on how to play Thief. We shouldn't be encouraging new members to behave that way.

    And, as I've just completed the Cradle once again, maybe you should include a few threads about the most fantastic mission ever created.

    Robbing the Cradle
    If you liked The Cradle - check this out
    Cradle. Dear God...
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    I'll keep this thread stickeyed for a few weeks.

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    The VampThief thread was entertaining. It's not my job to censor the forum; besides, the topic is locked anyways.

    I found an old thread called The Best of Thief Gen, which was pretty much the same thing I have here. I dug through the archive a bit and added a few new threads from it - as well as those suggested by 242 and Deiyen.

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    your "Friends who have never managed to get into Thief" link needs fixing...

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    It is ego, I admit, but you said you were lacking background information for Thief: TDP and Thief: TMA. I have started numerous threads on all kinds of background related issues/questions. Some of them generated some very impressive responses and might be useful, if you look at the list of threads I've started, you might find something useful.

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    z-vap: fixed.

    Jonas: you're right, a few of your threads did contain useful info, and I've added them to the list. I'm a little worried that it might be getting a bit too large though. Opinions would be welcome. I've also recieved a private message with a few suggestions, but no actual links, so when I have a couple hours I'll have to sit down and do some searching.

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    How 'bout some fanfiction threads?

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    How about starting a few threads that collect and combine threads on the same topic into one? Well, not that we need MORE threads on some subjects, but combining is the way to drop quantities. Perhaps another Keeper site? Though that has nothing to do with threads anymore.

    And dropping the 'TTLG-culture' -threads (wif VampThief) to the bottom, and informational to the top (I can see 'Nobody better be taffin' around down here...' is in the bottom, though threads on that are quite frequent/asked after).

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    Hey Aja, thanks for adding my uber-classic Bow Upgrade Thread to the list! That was actually one of my initial posts here under a temporary nickname (and with few replies of my subsequent former nickname). Geee, I was so green - jumping on the ultimate newbie teasing myth. Still it was quite modern back then. Also, where are many of those good people gone? Gold times, *sniff*.

    Again, great summary of classic threads.

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    This post is off topic and may be deleted once this detail has been taken care of , in the Frequently asked question sticky

    please replace the two : (La France - Recherche De Français)

    by (France - Recherche Française)

    in the "Where can I get Thief 1/Gold/2?" section.
    Mainly because you may be looking for the french version of Thief here , not looking for frenchmen
    (recherche de Francais = looking for French)

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    Hey, how about adding Tos' new T2 multiplayer beta thread, and my matching info list?

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    I once started a poll/thread asking which of the thief games people owned - this is informative i suppose.

    It's here if you want to add it:

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    I found this page when looking up shadow warrior music.

    Has a quite a bit of information on TDP/TG and T2 - there are a bunch of links that are bundled together on one handy webpage. Might be useful around here.

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    A massive list of thief videos online.

    Yay? Nay?

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    If the mods would care to transfer ownership of this thread to someone else, I'd be grateful. People are still sending me requests to change it, so I guess that means they find it useful still, but I'm not especially interested in maintaining it anymore.

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    Have you PM'ed one of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mol View Post
    Now that's some serious thread diggin' you've done there, taffer.

    Good work!
    Oot näköjään suomesta

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