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Thread: Need Arx Fatalis PC Manual

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    Need Arx Fatalis PC Manual

    Apparently I lost my copy of the manual thanks to my irresponsible friend whom I loaned it too. I've been trying to search for an electronic version of the manual elsewhere in which I can download. Would anyone happen to have or know where to get the Arx Fatalis PC game manual perhaps in a PDF File? Thanks.


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    Well, is a good place to get such things, though it doesn't appear that they have a manual for Arx.

    The Arx Guide put out by is pretty complete, might cover whatever you're needing from the manual.

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    JoWood will probably send you a new manual for a nominal fee, if you have proof of purchase.

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    Actually does have it. Look in the PC section and its there (I DLed it myself and its complete).

    - Cryo

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    I found the link on, but the link doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have the manual or a link to it?

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    I know this is an old thread and Im sorry for bumping it. no longer exists. But for those still after the guide, I found it here.

    And if that vanishes I am willing to host it.

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    Thanks, however it is still available on Replacement Docs:

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    Yeah, that's the manual. The RPGDot Arx Guide is harder to find, and way more useful.

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    This came up in another thread not too long ago. I put a mirror up for the guide at:

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    A PDF of the actual manual, hosted by diplodocs, can be gotten for free at:

    To download the manual all you need to do is click where it says 'Download the complete user guide' then rate the Arx Fatalis game on 4 areas. The rating scale is 1 to 10 stars and the criteria are: ease of use, reliabiity, performance, and value. No sign-up is necessary and this site is not one of those annoying pay-for-access or take a survey sites. The manual is identical to the one that came with retail Arx.


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    RPG guide

    I would be glad to e-mail the RPG guide to anyone who wants it. it's about 3.9 megs and it's stored in PDF format here is a bit of the forword.

    RPGDot’s Guide to Arx Fatalis
    by Sia ‘Garrett’ Manzari, 2002, 2003
    All graphics, logos and game content are copyright by JoWood & Arkane Studios, 2001, 2002 - This guide copyright by RPGDot, 2002
    Neither RPGDot nor the author of these pages take any responsibility for errors or mistakes in this document and their eventual results!
    Very special thanks to Arkane Studios, especially Raphael Colantonio & Julien Roby, to JoWood’s Tami Otto & Stefan Berger, to Fishtank’s Ulla Wenderoth and to the people from the official German Arx Fatalis boards in june/july 2002! Without these people this guide would not have been possible!
    For Gabi & Janina
    May the sun always shine on you and fill your hearts with joy!

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