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Thread: Ruined T2 FM July 5/05

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    Registered: Apr 2020
    Location: Germany
    After just finishing this FM I have to rewind my opinion about it. Act 2 & 3 were alot better than act 1. But I have to admit that I did not understand the story

    So Rupert was killed by someone (he was the guy pierced up on the rooftop if I remember correctly. But who was the one killing him? And why? Who were the guys that attacked in Act 3? I didnīt get the whole thing

    This is a pretty cool FM and I might replay it some day, but thereīs just one thing thatīs worse than any bug out there:

    Itīs Garrett!!!! Not Garret! Dont write this awesome name wrong, damn it! dunno if itīs incorrect in the english readings aswell, but itīs incorrect in the german ones.

    Other than that, awesome mission!

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    at the beginning of mission two i can't open one of the two doors,

    where can i find the key?

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    Playing this for the first time. Was only able to get through Part 1 with walkthrough because of near impossible loot objective on expert. Besides that encountered 2 other bugs which would not allow me to end the mission other than Alt+Ctrl+Shift+End at the finish:

    1) After the guard closes the Monastery Gate, I had saved my game and had to reload, however, this causes the same guard to run back and REOPEN the Monastery Gate when reloading that save every time, which removes the new objective to "find another way in" and removes the x from the uncompleteable objective. Only later did I realize this would be a problem for finishing the mission, and it was too late as I saved over previous saves before that point. I could not find a way to get the guard to close the gate again for a redo when reloading that save. (Never saw anyone mention this bug in this thread so odd if it was just me.)

    2) The firelock objective unchecks itself before the end of the mission even though it clearly checked when I completed it. Did not find a way around this.

    So even following a walkthrough to get all the loot and complete the objective I was unable to complete the first part - Alt+Ctrl+Shift+End it is then.

    Oh well...

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    Registered: May 2021
    Wow, part 2 was much better than part 1. Didn't experience any game breaking bugs and the level was quite interesting and imaginative. I particularly loved the atmosphere in the hedge bush area and the one un-KO'able guard with the lantern. Was like Thief's version of the Shining or something haha. Still I find things unreasonably hard to figure out in these missions so once again I had to resort to a walkthrough, but I guess these old missions didn't really have the Beta testing in place to tell FM authors keys are too hard to find, loot too hidden, etc. Anyway, I really enjoyed Part 2 so it was a bit of redemption for this short campaign. I really enjoy the old school charm and atmosphere of these missions, it's just a shame they are so unfriendly to the player otherwise they have potential to be top tier for the time they were released.

    EDIT: Finished part 3, short but cool way to end it!

    Overall pretty good, despite the flaws/bugs/frustratingly hard to find loot and switches, this was memorable and fun, I was always wanting to return and play more. So I'll give it a solid 7/10 overall, mostly because of the 2nd mission which was the real highlight here.
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