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Thread: The Dark Mod key remapping

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    The Dark Mod key remapping

    I just downloaded the Dark Mod for the first time, and almost immediately ran into a significant problem.

    The key for putting away the weapons, which is either the ` or ' on the keyboard did not work, so I tried to remap the key to V. Unfortunately, when I tried to do this, instead of just remapping the one key, I also managed to remap it as, "v or left mouse". And now, though I managed to rest the mouse key to its correct setting, a bunch of other keys have become unmapped. I cannot use my inventory now because no key is mapped now and I don't know what the correct key binding is.

    How do I get out of this jam? There is no "reset" option.

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    Look into the folder where the Dark Mod is located. Search for a file called Darkmod.cfg. Rename it (e.g., as _Darkmod.cfg). Now, look for another file called Darkmod.cfg.OLD, and rename that to Darkmod.cfg. You now have a former configuration for TDM 2 back.

    If that does not help, for example because the old configuration is unusable as well, rename or delete the Darkmod.cfg file, then restart TDM 2. It should re-write that file, and you should have the default key configuration once again. However, other settings may also be reset to the defaults, so a quick check in the settings menu might be a good idea, then.

    If all of this fails, you can at least get your old Darkmod.cfg, saved as _Darkmod.cfg, back. You might then succeed by opening that Darkmod.cfg file with a text editor and changing the key bindings in there, but I did not check that out.

    Good luck, and may the Dark Mod be with you!

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    Thank you, thank you.

    Been absent from Thief missions for a few years. Really looking forward to getting back to some serious taffing.

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