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Thread: A Love Story II - Fixed slow down 12/24/05

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    A Love Story II - Fixed slow down 12/24/05

    Love Story II

    There are two parts to this FM. The first part is very simple. All you have to do is follow the objectives, and you don't have to run all over the entire map. I added this part to make a seamless connection between ALS I and ALS II.

    Note: In part 2 of ALS II there are a few red crates in a certain place. They will cause damage to AI's when thrown at them. Please be careful, because if you leave one in an AI's path, they will get hurt by simply walking into the crate. If they hit it enough times then they will die, and you will fail the FM. The red crates will also hurt Garrett if he runs into or jumps on one.

    Difficulty settings: When you start part 1 you can choose from KO and Ghost. This pertains to how you ended ALS I. If you Black Jacked all of the AI while playing ALS I, then pick KO if you wish. If you Ghosted ALS I then pick Ghost. This was the best way I could think of to maintain consistency between ALS I and ALS II Part 1. ALS II Part 2 difficulty will not have the same effect, and will simply be Normal, Hard, and Expert even though they are labeled KO, KO, and Ghost.

    Edit: I forgot to add this to the txt file: Thanks to Rob Hicks for making DedX available.

    Warning: There is one or two places that have flashing lights. They are not very severe, but I felt the need to warn anyway.

    A Loot List/Walk Through has been provided by LarryG. Thank you LarryG. You can get it here.

    There are more Loot List/Walk Throughs at Thief-TheCircle
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    Great news. I've been waiting for a new fan mission. First reply too! cool. Thanks

    I can't get anything?? Any ideas?

    Nevermind, It's going now.

    What the hell is patience?

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    Great a new fm to play

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    I've been away from Thief for the past few weeks tbh, but timing is almost perfect with this one since i was planning to make a "return" with...."A Love Story Pt I" so... Great

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    Why do they all sleep!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flying_hope
    Why do they all sleep!?
    If you chose "KO" at the beginning then they will all be that way.

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    just like Undead Gamer said "Great a new fm to play" and what will be in The 49MB version ?? that isnt in the 13 lol ??

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    Thank you Jason.

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    Location: Cal-i-for-NI-a
    oh boy!!! oh boy!!!! pant pant oh boy!!! oh boy!!!
    love your fm's and now, i have to choose...continue working on my house so i can move in (high priority that) or PLAY A NEW FM...(way higher priority) oh noooooo...can't decide, will, have, to, play, just, a, little

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    I'm downloading and can't await to play it....

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    Hi, anyone know how to

    Get up to the Chandelier in the hotel?

    Thanks, BSS

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    Location: Texas

    Did you try jumping to it from the third floor?

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    Thanks john9818a -
    I had given up jumping, after falling to my doom too many times ;-)

    Thanks again, bss

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    Location: Texas
    It's not that hard to do.
    Climb up onto the railing and then slowly step back until you feel yourself just about to drop a little. Then do a run & jump to the chandelier.

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    Scrumptious, John.

    Just downloaded and installed Love Story II.

    Opened the windows of the opening scene. Oh good. Snow. This going to be great. Thankyou John. A veritable feast.


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    A Love Story II

    Fantastic - great new mission!
    Stuck already - I hate asking for clues this early - but I seem to have been everywhere and

    can't find the ring. Is it actually in Jeni's old house or somewhere else?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Registered: Jul 2003

    It's on the floor of 'Jeni's' bedroom

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    Registered: Apr 2005
    Location: UK
    I would love to play this, but ThiefMissions wont let me

    Any other places I can download from. this FM looks so good.

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    Location: Houston, Tx., USA
    You can always PM me with details, specifically what "won't let me" means, and I will try to help you.

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    Hi John,

    Part 2 has some great design & detail and is a major improvement over your earlier missions!

    But I have heavy problems with the stability with the second part. The start is fine and dandy but starting with the area of the jail (around & inside) the framerate goes into the cellar. In the deepest cellar - meaning it becomes unplayable. Regardless of the screen resolution and without any power-hungry settings like antialias or anisotropic filtering, I might add.

    I also have a savegame that crashes the game back to the desktop...

    As I have a sufficent system (Athlon XP 3000+, 1 GB, Geforce FX5900XT, WinXP) and working drivers (no problems with other missions) I'm fairly sure that these are not the problem. But I'm open to suggestions, of course.

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    Registered: Sep 2003
    Location: Switzerland, maybe
    John, great mission - well done.

    By the way, I returned to Johns house with everything else accomplished,
    and the final objective didn't tick off... Oh well.

    Yet again, well done. Keep it up, waiting for the next mission!


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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Copenhagen.

    Use the box next to the bed and out the window. Voila.

    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    Registered: Apr 2001

    Frame rate and save game problems

    I'm having the same problems as Calibrator. Near the jail in Part 2 (it started when I roped up to the roof and then roped down to the jail area) the frame rate became dog slow. I changed the resolution from 1024x768 to 800x600, and that helped somewhat, but it's still very noticable.

    I also have had problems with save games that die ("Windows has encountered a problem - do you want to send an error report?") in this same area. One occurred when I blackjacked the lady in the upstairs cell of the jail, another occurred after I blackjacked the dude sleeping on the street outside the jail but who wakes up if you walk by him, another occurred in the food shop outside the walkway where the un-blackjackable guard is patrolling. I am playing at the second "KO" difficulty (medium). The save games issue is making this much more unplayable than the framerate issue.

    My machine can also definitely handle Thief 2 (AMD Athlon 2500, although Windows XP thinks its only running 1.83 GHz, 512 Meg RAM, a BFGTech 5500 (a NVidia GEForce FX 5500)) so I don't think it's my machine.

    - prjames

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    prjames - I can't understand why you get the save and framerate problems. My PC is 1700 and Windows ME. I am also playing it on medium difficulty and have haven't had any problems.

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