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Thread: The Greyfeather Gems - Part II: Rodamill (Aug. 21st, 2005)

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    Wow!!! Keep on creating FM's, Morrgan.

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    I have interrupted myself after a few minutes with Greyfeather 2, so that I may crown Morrgan as TTLG's new Queen of Horror! Download immediately, even if you suffer from a slow dialup connection. I've already stumbled across several things spookier than a hundred haunts:

    1) The baby skeleton hidden under the crib blanket (it was a bit of a shock).

    2) The dead giant spider floating on its back (ugh!).

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    Totem, again

    I am playing on hard and cannot find the totem. A previous thread mentioned a Hexam area, but I do not have a map that shows it. Would someone please tell me exactly where the totem is on hard?

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    In this room there's a mask behind one of the large crates.
    Huh! It's not there, so I must already have gotten this one. I cannot for the life of me figure out which secret I'm missing! I hate to end without seeing all the secrets, but I don't know what else to do.



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    I finished it 3 times and finally found all the secrets What a followup!

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    Yeesh... and of course, the mask was there, after all! I clearly remember finding it before... it must have been on a "knockout" pass, which I do when I'm ghosting just to scout a little ahead. Then I go back and reload the ghosting savegame and continue.

    This time, I must've found that secret during the KO pass, then forgot to go back and get it during the real run. Anyway, I finished out with all the secrets (three of them I had to check here to find) and except for one of the secrets that (I think) requires bashing some wood, an otherwise clean ghost.

    (Is there any way to open the cover on the well without smashing it?)

    In any event, the only objective that I didn't get -- I think -- was the hidden one to find all the loot. Which I never get, so I'm not too heartbroken !

    Thanks, all.


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    The curtain falls an the lights brighten...

    That was a superb FM, Morrgan. Bravo! Please do not leave us hanging for long. I eagerly await the encore.

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    an excellent mission Morrgan. Creepy and Scary with no Haunt or Zombie in sight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigil
    Apparently nobody thought to just frob the candle once it's on the candleholder!
    That was the first thing I tried, though I didn't expect it to work. When I saw you could frob the candle all I thought for that brief second before I pressed the "use" key was "Oh yeah...this is gonna work. Watch- now I'm gonna have to go on a quest to find a pack of matches or a piece of flint or something...". Thankyou, Morrgan, for making it easy. Luckily, Garrett either brought some matches with him or....I don't know...can breathe fire or something. Hey, I'm not complaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeBaron
    I am playing on hard and cannot find the totem. A previous thread mentioned a Hexam area, but I do not have a map that shows it. Would someone please tell me exactly where the totem is on hard?
    I guess my request got lost in the crowd, so I'll ask again for some help.
    Thank you.

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    Damn fine job, I must say!

    Atmosphere, textures, lighting etc outstanding. Well done. I especially liked the little "surprises".
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    I played part 1 and it was very good. Part 2 goes way beyond that producing many delightful surprises and chills. Excellent use of ghosts and sound and visual effects. Beautiful scrolls and plenty of great gameplay and well hidden secrets. The new music fits perfectly.

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    Where's the third bonus objective?

    I got seven out of nine secrets.
    I'm missing only those that are supposed to be near the area of the dead pagan. I got the one reached by walking along a ledge to a window around the corner. The other two (one, according to another post, somewhere around there and another having something to do with a closed window above), I can't find. I got the candle on the tomb and the dead pagan on the bed but can't find the third bonus mission.
    Anyone know?

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    The bonus objectives do not count as secrets themselves, but the objective you're missing is available in the ruined Starling Power Station in the east valley. Just south of the entrance to the Storage building in the north valley there is a busted wall you can mantle over - this will get you onto the top floor of the power-station.

    As for the two actual secrets: one of them is on the way to the ledge secret you found. Just look up after some balcony-mantling and you'll see. The second one is very near to where you found the pagan - you'll need to do some bashing.

    The map of the east valley is on the first floor of the "Civilian Quarters" in the north valley, which faces the police station/main mechanist barracks. To get in there, you can either 1) pick the door, which is directly opposite the entrance to the police station and is well-guarded, or 2) sneak in through the basement, which is accessible via a tunnel from a ruined powerstation nearby to the east.

    The map will show you where Hexham court is, but if you'd rather just go directly to get the totem: head east past the two mechanists having the conversation about burricks. Turn left the first chance you get and head north. You'll come out into a courtyard - this is Hexham Court. On the north side of this courtyard there's a building with some windows you can rope-arrow up to. The totem has been hidden on a turret next to those windows.

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    Holy Jesus,
    best FM I played for a long long time!
    I liked the candle-walking ghost!


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    Thank you!!!

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    Hola , tengo un comentario para el Autor de esta mission ,
    primero que nada gracias mil por compartir , un exelente trabajo
    me gusto y la disfrute mucho , una bella mission con efectos bien logrados
    tengo un GeForce 7800 GTX y se ve muy chevere cada parte del nivel , tambien -
    toda la idea muy interesante , en la historia , en el rol de exploracion , el sonido esta de alta calidad bien efectuado , todo un complemento bien logrado -
    buen trabajo sigue adelante tienes mucho talento
    y gracias mil por compartir
    disculpa que escriba esto en espanol , pero el ingles no se me da mucho jeje

    saludos afectuosos

    feliz dia

    Garret- son

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    Just finished and what a great mission it was. Took me just over two hours and I got exactly half of the loot {on normal}. Not terribly good perhaps, but pretty good for me.
    I'll have another go on expert after ALS2 and Spitter's new mission.
    What a great week!
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    The architecture, atmosphere, music, lighting--all phenomenal. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into making this. This mission was extraordinarily polished too. The "little things" were all done perfectly. I notice the little things, well I notice when authors DON'T do the little things and annoy me. In this mission, NO annoyances:

    - Most of the time automaps aren't really necessary, but in a mission like this it's quite helpful. And it was a beautiful map too. I've never seen one so professional looking.

    - The readables had no spelling errors, and they were so damn well written too. Again, quite professional.

    - No excessive lockpicking. Most locks could be picked with a single tool, and those locks that couldn't were that way for a reason I thought.

    - Most readables could not be picked up, you read them by frobbing them where they were. I'm really annoyed by missions where you end up with 20 scrolls and books in your inventory making it hard to locate and read the important ones. Some very careful thought went into deciding which readables could be added to your inventory.

    - One key (at least) disappeared after you used it to unlock a door. You have to be careful about that because sometimes you can reuse keys to lock enemies in, but in this case it was perfect that the key disappeared so it wouldn't clutter up your inventory.

    - The music was varied, interesting, and really shaped the mood. Sometimes authors tend to skimp on the music. Not so this time.

    - "Cookies" were well devised and placed, giving you small and not so small rewards for exploring buildings, rooms, and other interesting areas.

    There were a lot of other little things I appreciated, and yes, be very sure we DO notice these things and appreciate them. Thank you not only for expending the effort to create this masterpiece, but taking the time to polish it to such perfection!

    Hey! Speaking of cookies, I have one question about a secret:
    Exploring underwater I surfaced in a small room and it said I'd found a secret. As far as I could tell there wasn't anything notable in the room nor did the room lead anywhere interesting. So what was the secret?

    P.S. I am just sick to death I'm stuck with a crappy ATI video card and can't see the fog in this mission. I can only imagine how that would enhance the mood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RarRar
    P.S. I am just sick to death I'm stuck with a crappy ATI video card and can't see the fog in this mission. I can only imagine how that would enhance the mood.
    Ah, but you can still get fog with an ATI card, and in this mission it looks just as good.

    I recommend using RadLinker. Set it up according to this post.

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    There's a guard with a crossbow up on a roof somewhere. Is there any way to get up to him?

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    Also, I found the pagan.

    and the note in blood on the wall, but I didn't bring him to his house. I didn't find any other note or can't remember it. I need... a, to find where he was laying again. b, find the note telling me where to bring him. C, or if someone will just tell me where to find him and bring him that'd be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The inscrutable po
    There's a guard with a crossbow up on a roof somewhere. Is there any way to get up to him?
    I think you're talking about the mechanist on a building near the warehouse. I never found out how to get to him myself.

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    You can't, as far as I know.

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