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Thread: Cosas Update

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    she/her ⚧
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    Cosas Update

    So, you want some real information on what's up with CoSaS: Mission X.


    Conversations are being put in. Automap is being put in (all five maps (six actually...)). Two of the side quests, both of which are fleshed out enough to be plots for independent missions themselves, have gone from the drawing board to near completion. (and more will follow) All of the readables have been created (something like two dozen, but none are more than a page long). Most of the voice work is finished (about 40 megs of compressed audio). All briefing media has been created, just awaiting animation. Work continues on making the setting feel as 'alive' or 'lived in' as possible, which includes alot of work that is irrelevant to the missions at hand, but the setting wouldn't feel right without.

    GatI featured a collection of unrelated objectives, some of which had multiple solutions or varying degrees of success. Mission X is similar, but takes this much farther. The quests are more tightly related, there's greater variation in the degrees of possible success, and widely different paths that can be taken. But most of all, we're trying to create a setting that lives independently of the mission; a place that feels like it really exists, and maybe even makes the Thief world feel more real as well.

    I'm starting school now, so I won't be able to work on it like I did this summer (a blitz). So, treat my team well. I'm making them work harder than they're probably used to.

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    Thanks for the update, Digi. You (the whole CoSaS Team) know that we're dying to taff this one.

    Big cheers for you, and we promise to patient!


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    So, umm... what took you so long?

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    she/her ⚧
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    This had something to do with it:

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    Let me take this opportunity to say \/ ... every step closer to a Mission X release is a happy step!

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    To avoid any possibility of being misunderstood, I was being very sarcastic indeed.

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    Thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to this.

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    Good to hear Cosas is still being worked on
    I cant wait to play the next part of the series. Thx for keeping us informed Nightfall

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