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11th Feb 2003
CoSaS Mission 1 Released - Dan - 00:19
This is a very important time for me. After years of work, this team's first mission is finally finished. A friend of mine who helped us out in a time of great need has written a few words to mark the occasion:
This is Anarchic Fox, speaking to you as one who has, until recently, held a distant and aloof position - a judge of thieves, not a thief himself. All of that changed last night, for I found myself put to the test by one Master Nightfall of the Circle of Stone and Shadow.

As I swam through the sewers under his target's foundations, I knew that the stain and shame of thievery had now marked me permanently, and as I slid, shivering, across the inn's roof, I foresaw years of hardship and bloodshed to come. But the skill with which I slipped the riches of unsuspecting guests past their unseeing eyes spoke louder than my coward's conscience. The Circle of Stone and Shadow is here; its dark story has begun...

...And I am caught fast in its grip.

The Circle is kind to its new agents; the initial assignment, this test of skill, will be joyful and easy compared to what is yet to come. Some of you, the more experienced taffers, will find a small smile adorning your face as a familiar locale glides into view, as talented fingers dip into familiar pockets. The rest of you will delight in the smooth performance of a mission, and the novelty of a new life.

Countless taffers will stalk the wooden hallways of the Grieving Burrick, and countless gloved hands will draw the priceless artifacts from their owners' chests; I hope many will haunt the inn's interior with the silent serenity that only a master thief knows, just as I have done. After you have proven your worth, you will be a member of the Circle, its machinations your own, its tale set into motion by your actions.

Master Nightfall will be pleased.

Without skipping another beat, I'd like to present to you this link:

I really hope everyone likes this mission. :) So does Mokkis, Totality, and the rest of the team. I'm very proud of the work they've done. Thanks for playing.

If TTLG goes down, Jason has a forum up that you all can use to talk about this mission if you'd like. It's at

24th Dec 2002
Gamespot Awards 2002! - james - 19:23
It's that time of year again - unrelenting holiday jingles, high-pressure sales hype for the latest great thing nobody has in stock, and... game of the year awards.

GameSpot has posted up its voluminous awards, and some of our favorite games have made an appearance:

Freedom Force uses its super powers to garner the Best Story award, along with honorable mentions for best music and best artistic graphics, and a rather backhanded honorable mention as one of the year's best surprises.

Arx Fatalis grabbed an honorable mention for Best Sound and found itself in the list of nominees for Best RPG alongside Morrowind.

14th Dec 2002
Thief III Producer Leaves Ion Storm! - Dave - 04:43
Lula Lamer who worked on all three Thief games has decided to depart Ion Storm for a career focusing on Health Care. Here is what she had to say on our forums:
Hi TTLG peeps, best fans ever:
I'm writing to say bye, because today's my last day at Ion Storm. I've got a great replacement, Denise Fulton, who has been working with me, getting up to speed for several weeks. She's a big fan of Thief and of immersive sims in general, and I know she'll do a great job leading/supporting our kick-ass team.
I'm not leaving for another game company (not sure there's a better one...), I'm making a big life/career change toward health care. Anyway, I just wanted to say an official goodbye, and to mention that the dedication of our fan base has always been touching (as well as helpful!). I'm sorry that the last 2 communiques y'all have had from the Thief team have been departures. Good new will come soon - all I can tell you now is that the game is looking unbelievably good.

I can't wait to play Thief 3, can you!?!

--Lulu LaMer
ex-Producer, Thief 3
Ion Storm Austin

You can post your messages on a Thread in our forums

Thanks for all your hard work Lulu and welcome to the Thief World, Denise!

6th Dec 2002
EA No Longer Own System Shock? - Dave - 15:33
I've just been reading major gaming news sites and have found an article here on that has the following sentence in it:
...according to EA UK, System Shock is no longer one of its licences...

Don't read too much into it folks! It may not be true, but if it is its a start toward Shock 3!

3rd Dec 2002
Warren on the Future of Gaming - Dan - 08:42
Gamespy has been doing a series of interviews with various developers about what they think about the Future of Gaming. This time they walk with Warren Spector. He says just about what we hope and expect he'll say. ;)

Read up here.

27th Nov 2002
Floodgate teams with Bioware - Dan - 08:19
The topic says it. But this is not the place to discuss such things. Head over to for the news. :)
13th Nov 2002
Digital Nightfall's review of Arx Fatalis - Dan - 06:46
Click here to read the review. I really liked the game, but was also tough on it. Click the link to see for yourself.
5th Nov 2002
Thief III Designer Leaves Ion Storm - Dave - 16:46
Emil Pagliarulo, a designer on Thief I & II at Looking Glass and had started work on the third installment at Ion Storm has resigned.
Emil, responsible for some of the best gaming maps ever has left to work for Bethesda Softworks on Elder Scrolls "stuff".
Here's what the man had to say here on our forums.
Hey all,

Well, this isn't REALLY a farewell, since I'll still be floating around the Thief forums. But I just wanted to let you guys know that my time with the Thief series has officially ended. It was a great run, and I had a blast, but in the end I decided it was time for a change.

I'm now at Bethesda, working as a designer on the Elder Scrolls series (you know, Morrowind-type goodness). I've always loved Bethesda's games, and have always wanted to help make them. Now's my chance.

Rest assured, Thief 3 is in great hands! I like to think I did some good work on the project before I left, and you can be sure that everyone else is producing great stuff as well.

Well, anyway, stay Thiefy, and I'll see you in the Bethesda forums!

Well, there you have it. Good luck to Emil in his new job and thanks for some great gaming moments!

9th Oct 2002
TTLGear is here!! - MsLedd - 00:12
Yes, that's right... The very first edition of the much-anticipated Official TTLGear is now available for purchase at the TTLG Online Store.

People have been screaming about it for months, and it's finally here! The first TTLGear design item is a high-quality T-shirt. Depending upon interest and positive feedback, we will add other items to the list of available "Stuff".

You wanted it, now GO GET IT! Be the first on your block to sport the latest in L33T-ware, let the world know that "Everything Else Is Ass".
(oh and support TTLG)

Kudos to Gingerbread Man for the AWESOME flagship design!!
30th Sep 2002
Updated Arx Fatalis Demo (English) - Dan - 18:56
Remember that buggy old demo we loved anyway because it was as cool? Yeah, the old Arx Fatalis demo (the english version, natch.) :)

Well Arkane has released an updated version of that very demo, but with bug fixes to bring it up to date with the version that just went gold.

Thank you, 3DGamers for telling me about the demo (hint: Download it from their site - they're cool).