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Originally created to follow Looking Glass Studios and their games, these days we are many things to different people. Whether you wish to discuss the games themselves and fan content, enjoy games inspired by the legacy of the game studio or just enjoy chatting about games or life in general - Welcome!

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16th Sep 2002
Looking Glass Studios... The Book? - Dan - 14:05
I have a message to relay to you all:
To all Looking Glass fans everywhere:

Hi folks. I'm a gaming journalist who's written several articles about Looking Glass Studios, Thief, and related subjects in recent years, for both gamer and mainstream publications. I'm now working on an opportunity that should be of great interest to a lot of you, and my friends at TTLG have generously agreed to help out with that:

I am talking with a major tech publisher about writing a book on the history of Looking Glass Studios: its rise, its fall, and the developers who now carry on in the Looking Glass spirit. It'll be in-depth and personality-intensive, but also include a lot of technical and creative nitty gritty for industry members and gamers, especially regarding LGS's major games like Thief, System Shock, and Ultima Underworld. Because Looking Glass' fans are such an integral part of their success-- and because the Fan Mission developers are doing such amazing things-- I also plan to devote a chapter to TTLG, its spinoffs, and the FM community.

The trouble is, while the publisher really likes the book proposal, they're not sure there's a large enough audience to justify an entire book devoted to Looking Glass Studios. (The book would be for an imprint primarily catering to the game industry, which somewhat narrows its potential audience.)

That's where you come in: I'm convinced that there must be thousands of hardcore LGS fans who aren't necessarily in the game industry, but would love to buy and read such a book. And I would love your help, to prove that to the publisher. If we can, it'll boost our chances of committing the Looking Glass story to posterity-- a rare thing, in the notoriously short-attention span of the gaming medium. But if computer games ever stand a chance of truly becoming the new medium of the 21st century, the story of Looking Glass is something that needs to be told.

So check out the poll to the right, register your vote, and make yourself heard! (And send your fellow gamer friends this way, too.)

Many thanks,

Anonymous Journalist and Dedicated Thief Lover

There you have it. We need over a thousand votes. If you are registered in the forum, Go here and vote, rather than using the website poll. If you are not registered on the forums, and don't want to be, then please use the poll on the site.

Please do not vote more than once, either by using multiple forum identities, voting on the site and the forum, voting on multiple sites (i.e. TTLG & The Circle) or other various and easy-to-do ways of voting more than once. We need a thousand real votes... not a bunch of fake votes.

Please do tell all your friends, and as many other gaming sites as you can. Spread the word out. Let people know we need votes.

Thank you.

10th Sep 2002
Latest Thievery patch nearly ready... - Hanse - 19:04

Dalai informs us that the latest Thievery patch is very close to being ready. 1.2 includes some new maps, as well as the expected tweaking and bug crushing.  Go take a closer look at the Thievery site for a sneak preview of some of the new features!

Thanks Dalai!

8th Sep 2002
ION Storm needs a few <strike>good</strike> awesome men/women. - Dan - 22:36
Hey kids. ION Storm is hiring again! If you know you have what it takes, go for it! Make our Thief 3 & Deux Ex 2 dreams come true! :)

19th Aug 2002
The Russians are Coming! - james - 18:06
Somehow it slipped under our radar - but that's thieves for you, and Dmitri Lazarev just popped up and informed us that there's a Russian Thief site, Thief: The Dark Fate. The site has a fair amount of stuff, though, of course, it's almost all in Russian. Zdrastvui, Rossiia!
29th Jul 2002
Freedom Force Patch Bounces Into View - james - 11:04
Irrational Games has released a version 1.1 patch for Freedom Force here. The patch contains three modes of skirmish play, tweaks, fixes, and scripting corrections. Once more into the breach!
6th Jul 2002
Thievery Patch ready for download - Hanse - 17:45
This just in from Dalai from the Thievery team:

"The first patch for Thievery is ready! This fixes some of the more critical issues that came to light after playing with so many people."

The patch is currently available at FilePlanet, but should be available on other mirrors soon. Check the Thievery site for an updated list of mirrors, or to check out the list of changes.

Thanks Dalai!

28th Jun 2002
Thievery UT Released!!! - Hanse - 00:13
And now, taffers, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Thievery UT has been released!!!

The Thievery Beta 1 file is currently available for download from FilePlanet and TTLG's gracious mirror host, Jason Tibbitts, III (Thanks Jason!), as well as a few others. The Thievery UT site has full details on how to install the mod, along with all the download links.

Go there now! Grab your friends and your UT and get thieving!

23rd Jun 2002
Thievery UT Release Date! - Dave - 10:46
Friday 28 June 2002.

The Official Thievery Site has announced the following:

Thievery Beta 1.0 weighs in at 125 megs and is playable offline against the AI, or (much more recommended) online, taking on the role of either a thief or a guard. If you're using dial-up, don't be put off, due to clientside code and the nature of the gameplay, Thievery is still playable with high ping. We'll be holding something of a release party in our irc channel and a bunch of online games, so be sure to drop by (more details will be announced nearer the time).

Wow! I can't wait! :)

21st Jun 2002
German Arx Fatalis Demo! - Dave - 16:21
That's right!
Following the recent news that the german version of Arx Fatalis had gone gold it was announced today that the german version of the demo has been released!.
Apparently this version is not bugged to hell, like the english version in March.
You can grab the demo (160mb) here!
15th Jun 2002
Stunning Arx Screenshots - Dan - 23:09
The official Arx Fatalis website has just released a collection of new screenshots. These new shots really are quite stunning, in fact, and it would be well worth it for you to look at every single one. I think some of these are the best I've seen yet - and better, they are of areas we have not yet seen before. All of those settings are so rich in detail it simply astounds. Ahem, off with you... look at them now, and become a believer.