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9th Jun 2002
SHODAN Analyzed - james - 12:19
Irony has analyzed SHODAN as a role model for women... makes interesting reading.

"Some gamers claim that there are no good female role models in video games, but I think SHODAN is a shining example of what a woman can accomplish when she puts her mind to it."

29th May 2002
Ultima Underworld Pocket PC - Update! - Saam - 21:24
Apparently, E3 also let gamers see other platforms other than consoles and PCs: The Pocket PC! Chris Harris was kind enough to let us know that PocketGamer has an informative report on the pocket games being displayed at E3, most notably, Ultima Underworld. Here's a snip:

But I can tell you what I saw: Ultima Underworld is an exact port. The game runs flawlessly and the controls are actually pretty intuitive for the game, very reminiscent of playing it on my old 486. If you’re a fan of the series and/or this game, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for some major amazing 3D graphical feat to blow you away, this game is not it. As I said, it looks exactly like the 3D graphics did on my 486. Which would make my real complaint about the 3D playing field part of the screen is a bit too small, of which I complained about in the original too. According to ZIO, this game is scheduled for a release sometime in June. Whether they meant June of this year, last year or next year couldn’t be confirmed ;)
Be sure to check out the rest. Ultima Underworld lives!

Update: It seems that PocketGamer has received word (check out their main page) that Ultima Underworld has in fact been released and can be purchased for a measly $29.95! Here's some more:

Features include:

• Exact conversion to give you the true original feeling.
• Travel through 8 levels of fraught with peril, where the only way is down...
• Based on the PC game awarded GAME OF THE YEAR by Chicago Tribune.
Wow, this sounds real exciting. Those of you with Pocket PCs better get a head-start!
29th May 2002
A Tiny (but Tasty) Morsel of Thief 3 Info - Gingerbread Man - 02:49
This from Grey Mouser (in many ways my opposite number over at Eidos).

He went to E3, talked to the team, and came back with this small (but welcome) bit of information:

'GeForce 3 or Radeon 7500 (or equivalent) will be required to run it.

GeForce 4 or Radeon 8500 (or equivalent) -- or whatever top end vid card is out by then....VideoSmoker 3000 anyone? -- for full lighting support.
They are planning on GeForce 4 (NOT the MX versions) as the standard.

It will of course share much of the Deus Ex 2 engine but will have some Thief-centric code, esp. Sound related. The teams are sharing stuff up to a point, but Deus Ex 2 is looking more Thief-like with the addition of shadowing and a "light gem" than the other way around.'

Pitch in your two cents in the forums...
22nd May 2002 goes live! - Dave - 15:20
You actually need more info than the headline?! ;-)

Ok then! The Official Deus Ex 2 website, has gone live with information on the game, some features, some screenshots and some concept art! It's pretty cool!
I suggest you check it out now!

22nd May 2002
Deus Ex The Movie - No Longer Just a Rumor - Dan - 14:21
Yahoo spills the beans here: Press Release From Columbia Pictures.

This movie will be produced by Laura Ziskin, who produced Spider Man (maybe a good thing?) and written by Greg Pruss whose only credit I can find is visual direction for Aliens 3 (you know, everyone's least favorite Aliens movie...). I don't know what to think about that.

Oh, and this is not meant to be just a movie... rather, a movie saga. Egads... they had best get some good people on board!

21st May 2002
0th Annual Independent Game Jam - james - 12:25
You can see this over here. Why bother, you ask? Because quite a number of luminaries, including Doug Church, gathered around to see what kind of game they could make in a few hours - with an engine that could display 100,000 actors. The results are pretty interesting!
21st May 2002
Deus Ex: The Movie...? - james - 12:20
Johan Albrechtsen inserted a message into our system memory to let us know of a report that a Deus Ex movie may be in the works. The link only works intermittently, here it is, but given the troubles the news is also reproduced below. There's many a slip between "we may write a script" and "we have a movie in the theaters", though.

"Variety reports that the "Spider-Man" team of Columbia Pictures and producer Laura Ziskin will try to spin the hit computer/vidgame "Deus Ex" into the studio's next feature franchise. The game is from Eidos Interactive who are also known from the "Tomb Raider" series. Greg Pruss is set to write the script.

The trade says that like the Warren Spector-created game, the film will be set in 2052, with the world reeling from the effects of disease, economic collapse and global terrorism. The protagonist is J.C. Denton, a nano-tech enhanced counter-terrorist who's the government's most potent weapon.

Eidos is producing a sequel to the PC and PS2 game, and Columbia brass see the same potential for the big screen.


20th May 2002
Guards vs Thieves: More Music! - james - 22:06
In recent news, Guards vs Thieves posted up another piece of their theme music:

"This time, your ears will be assaulted by the haunting melodies of early renditions of the Snow Theme, which will play a part in later Episodes of GvT. GvT music samples hide themselves in the Gallery Section."

20th May 2002
Deus Ex 2: First Look - james - 22:01
In an article that also contains Thief III news, PC.IGN brings a first look at Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War. It's a lengthy article that discusses numerous aspects, from interface to who the player is.

Harvey Smith tells us that: "A huge point is that we have decided that JC Denton, Paul Denton and Tracer Tong and all of those guys are characters in the game and that you'll meet with them, you'll hunt for them, you'll talk to them, you'll work for them. They'll aid you and they'll be against you, all of that standard stuff, but we don't want you playing JC Denton again."

18th May 2002
Thievery UT is getting closer... - Hanse - 21:20
Those guys over at Thievery UT sure have been hard at work. The website has been updated again, this time with a bit of a guide to Thievery, as well as the latest map list, complete with screen shots of the maps that will be available when Thievery is released. And they look fantastic, I don't mind saying... there are some talented mappers working hard on that project.

Head on over to the Thievery website to take a look at everything new and exciting, and be sure to stop by and offer your opinions at the forums.

Smells like Thievery is getting closer by the minute... thanks for the update, Dalai!