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Originally created to follow Looking Glass Studios and their games, these days we are many things to different people. Whether you wish to discuss the games themselves and fan content, enjoy games inspired by the legacy of the game studio or just enjoy chatting about games or life in general - Welcome!

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23rd Feb 2005
Deadly Shadows Editor News - Gingerbread Man - 20:52

Seems the wait is over, and the editing tools for Thief 3 are finally available (320M download, give or take). Check out our newly-added Thief III Editors' Guild forum for information, download links, and some basic tutorial stuff to get you started.

I'm guessing that probably piqued your interest...

18th Feb 2005
Emil Pagliarulo speaks on Stealth in Oblivion - Dan - 21:33
Emil Pagliarulo of Looking Glass fame has done a dev diary where he speaks about the stealth aspects of TES4: Oblivion. I believe that his excitement could be infectious. :)
10th Feb 2005
Ion Storm Shuts Down - Dave - 14:08

It has been rumoured for a while now, but today it was confirmed that Ion Storm have been shut down by Eidos.

In a statement Eidos said

This is part of the company's move to consolidate and strengthen its technical and management capabilities into a smaller number of studios which are capable of scaling up in order to meet the competitive challenges that lie ahead, particularly in anticipation of next generation technologies and platforms."

It's a shame, Thief: Deadly Shadows was a great game and rumours about their next game sounded really cool.

3rd Dec 2004
Witchboy Joins Midway - Dan - 19:10
Harvey Smith just let me know that an interview with him (i.e. Witchboy) has been posted up at gamespy, talking about his new role at Midway!
GameSpy: What is the next game you want to design and does Midway know what you want to do? Do you think you'll get to do it soon, or are there other projects that have to happen first?

Harvey Smith: We will be starting almost immediately on two games that I believe will be really meaningful to me and the teams, in terms of creative satisfaction.

Much congratulations, Harvey, and good luck at your new gig!

Further details will be released by Midway shortly.

8th Nov 2004
Spector Leaves Ion Storm - Dave - 16:40

Gamespot is reporting that Ion Storm's Warren Spector has quit the company to "to pursue personal interests". It is rumoured that he is in negotiations with Midway to head up an Austin based studio or work with Eidos as an IP consultant.

Good luck to Mr. Spector with whatever he chooses!

27th Oct 2004
Underworld Creation Kit - Dan - 15:19
Fascinatingly, UltimaDot (of RPGDot) has unleashed an Underworld Game Creation Kit. This program is not only meant to let you play Ultima Underworld on modern PCs, but is a modding utility for creating similarly styled games.
UGCK is an attempt of creating an old-school RPG engine capable of running games similar to the classic Ultima Underworld games. This release ships with a game module that tries to re-implement the original UW1 game, using as much original data as possible. The module is not complete at this time and it is not possible to play the game as such.
Underworld 1 is playable, but not yet winnable, with the system. What they're offering at the moment is a demo of the software. A complete version should be available eventually. :)
12th Oct 2004
BioShock Team Information - Gingerbread Man - 00:45
IGN has a short interview with Ken Levine regarding BioShock. Of particular interest is what he says about the team:

Ken Levine: BioShock is also being created by the majority of the team who created System Shock 2 and many of the games which helped inspire it. This group includes me, Jon Chey (project lead), Steve Kimura (Art), Mauricio Tejerina (art), Nate Wells (art), Ian Vogel (design), and Alexx Kay (design). When Looking Glass went out of business (RIP, man, that place rocked the world and never got the credit they deserved), we were able to hire Eric Brosius (sound guru who created the sound for both Shock 2 and the entire Thief series), Dorian Hart (design on Shock 2, Thief and Terra Nova), Shawn Robertson (art), Darren Lafreniere (programming) and Sara Verrilli (design on Thief).
We're also incredibly lucky to have Robb Waters at Irrational, who not only created the look of Freedom Force, but was also the man who did the concept art for System Shock 1 and Terra Nova.

Add to this impressive list the idea that BioShock has been in conceptual development for quite a time while the team solidified and refined the game's identity and design, and I think it's safe to say Irrational is fully geared up to blow our minds wide open.

The only question I still have is "Will there be bugmonkeys?"

Because I'm all about the bugmonkeys.
9th Oct 2004
TTLG's BioShock Site Launched - Dave - 12:38

I'm pleased to announce that our very own BioShock site has been launched, and can be found here.

We'll have all the latest news on Irrational's BioShock, as well as screenshots, videos, exclusive interviews (hopefully), and much more, so visit back often!

8th Oct 2004
Irrational announces new title: Bioshock - Gingerbread Man - 21:11
Irrational Games reveals their newest title in production in this article over at Gamespot.

Bioshock -- though not a prequel, sequel, or officially related to System Shock in any way -- certainly seems a strong spiritual cousin to SS2.

This is definitely going to be one to watch. You know I'm already excited, and so are plenty of people in our Shock forums
8th Jun 2004
Tribes: Vengance Beta Test - Dan - 21:01
Tribes: Vengeance, in development by Irrational Games, is accepting applications for a closed beta test. As a closed beta test, this will be a very selective process, thus you're likely to only get hired unless you're a proven software tester with QA experience. One can only hope, anyway. Linkage.