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Originally created to follow Looking Glass Studios and their games, these days we are many things to different people. Whether you wish to discuss the games themselves and fan content, enjoy games inspired by the legacy of the game studio or just enjoy chatting about games or life in general - Welcome!

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9th Oct 2004
TTLG's BioShock Site Launched - Dave - 12:38

I'm pleased to announce that our very own BioShock site has been launched, and can be found here.

We'll have all the latest news on Irrational's BioShock, as well as screenshots, videos, exclusive interviews (hopefully), and much more, so visit back often!

8th Oct 2004
Irrational announces new title: Bioshock - Gingerbread Man - 21:11
Irrational Games reveals their newest title in production in this article over at Gamespot.

Bioshock -- though not a prequel, sequel, or officially related to System Shock in any way -- certainly seems a strong spiritual cousin to SS2.

This is definitely going to be one to watch. You know I'm already excited, and so are plenty of people in our Shock forums
8th Jun 2004
Tribes: Vengance Beta Test - Dan - 21:01
Tribes: Vengeance, in development by Irrational Games, is accepting applications for a closed beta test. As a closed beta test, this will be a very selective process, thus you're likely to only get hired unless you're a proven software tester with QA experience. One can only hope, anyway. Linkage.
30th May 2004
Alien Swarm Reviewed - Dan - 13:49
Black Cat Game's recently released UT2k4 mod, Alien Swarm, has been reviewed at Mod'n'mod and has been given a very favorable score of 9.4.
Alien Swarm has an excellent presentation. It has the best GUI I have seen (talking about professional quality design here), it provides players with lots of info and a tutorial, and it gets the atmosphere of the theme right, while its overhead view sets it appart from the rest of the modding world (especially when using a FPS engine). And it is co-op. So there is no excuse for you not to download Alien Swarm, unless you don't like good, fun games. That's all for now I guess, and as always...we uploaded some 38 screenshots for you!
I imagine the creators of Alien Swarm are feeling pretty proud right now. :)
29th May 2004
Alien Swarm Release! - Dan - 16:27
Congratulations to Black Cat Games! Their UT2k4 mod Alien Swarm has been released today, and high praise abounds. Their website is offline at the moment, no doubt to being hammered with traffic, but the official forums have a thread with download mirrors.

Alien Swarm is a top-down squad-based multiplayer sci-fi shooter, developed by the taffers who brought us Thievery and are bringing is Nightblade.

28th May 2004
Thief III Demo Posted! - Dave - 15:07
As of this posting, the official demo for Thief: Deadly Shadows is available online.

Beware: It is very large (450M) and the Eidos-hosted file can be difficult to connect to... and it's a fairly slow transfer, from what I've noticed. Ideally, people will start BitTorrents and mirrors and such to increase availability.

For now, the official download can be had from Eidos, and we are collecting and updating alternate download locations as we become aware of them in our Discussion Forums
28th May 2004
Changes at ION - Dave - 13:47

Developer Ion Storm seems to be "in transition"

According to TTLG sources the Austin-based studio has just seen the layoff of 20-25 people. Warren Spector has also left the company, and the rumour is that the studio's name will change.

[Edit by Dan] - I would not consider this news 'confirmed' by Shacknews or anywhere else you see it - it is simply different appearances of the same rumor as it spreads through the web. Also, 25 people leaving a company after a game is complete, especially a company of 80 employees, is not alarming news; in fact it is perfectly normal. Warren's leaving of ISA and the possible name change, however, will be two things we shall be keeping a close eye on.
28th May 2004
Thief: Deadly Shadows -- Demo News - Gingerbread Man - 01:35
Well, looks like non-NorthAmericans aren't SOL until June after all.
The demo for Thief: Deadly Shadows is -- barring horrific disaster -- going to be made available sometime on the 28th of May. Depending on what time I post this -- ah, okay... That would be today, then. Technically.

RedLegg over at Eidos says it will likely be up sometime before lunchtime in California (PST), will consist of the training level and the first mission, and will weigh approximately 450M.

When it is available, we will provide linkage info. Hopefully mirrors will abound... otherwise we'll just have to kill time at Planet WaitingLine or something.

If anyone is able or willing, start thinking about BitTorrent and other sharing solutions now.

Official Demo. 450M. Training Level & First Mission. May 28th.
21st May 2004
TTLG's Thief: Deadly Shadows Xbox Impressions - Saam - 20:59
I have finally finished my Xbox impressions of Thief: Deadly Shadows, which I got a chance to thoroughly play during my visit to Ion Storm a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of notes -- I did not cover all aspects of the game, as Dan had already wonderfully covered in his preview, so I mainly talk about Xbox-only topics and I lightly dive into the gameplay impressions and my overall thoughts of the game.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the article!
13th May 2004
Dan's Hands On Thief 3 Preview - Dan - 18:10
I've finished my complete hands on preview of Thief: Deadly Shadows. Even if you've been keeping up with all of my forum posts, there will still be things inside you have not yet read anywhere. Now, to quote myself...
Be clear about this from the start; unless you’re playing in expert, you’re not seeing the full extent of the new AI. Guards notice and will investigate many things; opened doors, doused lights, missing loot, pushed around furniture, and missing comrades. The sensitivity and reactions of the guards seemed to vary from area to area. For instance, the guards didn’t care when I threw around a half dozen crates in the cellar. However, when one of them found a chair in a formal dining hall pushed over, they began to search for trouble. There were many tense moments when I thought I was safe, only to have a guard grow angry when they noticed that a bit of loot I had just stolen was now gone, and they began to search for a thief. Also, a particularly delicious and satisfying moment occurred the first time a guard noticed that his comrade was absent from his post, due to my intervention.
Again, I'd like to thank everyone at ION Storm for their hospitality. And I hope everyone finds the article informative and interesting!