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System Shock Series

News and commentary about the critically acclaimed System Shock series by Irrational Studios. System Shock and System Shock 2 have been cited countless times as influential to the current generation of horror/exploration FPS's, as well as the phenomenally popular Bioshock Series.

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9th Mar 2016
System Shock 3 - Renault - 21:05
Maybe you've heard that Otherside Entertainment is making System Shock 3?

And FYI, Warren Spector is back to lead the team.

We probably won't hear much more news until after the release of Underworld Ascendant, but this is all still quite awesome.
18th Oct 2013
Interview with Josh Randall (LGS alumni) - fett - 23:49
Looks like TTLGer Valet2 caught up with Thief/SS2 Producer Josh Randall

...and the Russian version:

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