Welcome to TTLG's System Shock 1 Fansite Hub.
Here you will find links to all the major System Shock 1 sites on the web. It is our hope that your browse here is as pleasant as possible. Thank you, and goodnight.

TriOptimum Corp Net: Back in the days of its prime, this site was the center of all System Shock activity on the web. When it expanded, and spawned TTLG, the site became a monument. It's still the best place to get System Shock 1 info, links, and more!
SS 1 & 2 Discussion: The most active place online concerning System Shock 1 is not a site at all, but a forum! Yes, people are still talking about this game! Join in!
Shock 1 Music: A collection of Shock 1 music, featuring tweaked midis, midi remixes, the Mac CD soundtrack, and original derivative by Chicajo.
Guide to Citadel Station: This site was Digital Nightfall's first contribution to the System Shock online community. It's a level by level tour of the station, not a walkthrough, written for purely nostalgic purposes. It also hosts the largest collection of System Shock 1 screenshots anywhere on the web.
Voice of the Resistance: Who is better suited to tell the story of System Shock then the characters in the game? This is a complete archive of all logs, both in text & audio, in the game, and even a few that were cut.
A Hacker's Guide to Sin: A complete mental breakdown of System Shock, this guide takes a very tongue in cheek approach to giving players hints & tips on how to do some really cool stuff in SS1. Expect many laughs from this one! It was made by J P Morris.
Arsenal - The Tools of War: This as of yet unfinished site was designed to be a guide to all weapons & tools in System Shock. Hopefully someday someone will finish it!
TriOptimum Archives: A part of ShockData, this site offers a very complete collection of System Shock 1 downloads, media, and just about anything else you could hope for!
System Shock 1 Walkthrough: This is a complete walkthrough of System Shock 1. It's easy to use, and error free. If you haven't played the game for years becasue you got stuck, by all means, help yourself!

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