Chapter 01- Medical Level

Figure 1.0

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

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Figure 1.6

Figure 1.7

Figure 1.8

Level 1, the Medical Level This is where you found yourself upon awakening. The level's general look can be best summed up by Figure 1.0. It has a rather distinct and tasteful look to it. The level is laid out into four quadrants.

Delta Quadrant: This quadrant contains numerous sickbays, medical labs, The medical computer cyberjack, And your healing suite. The haling suite is an isolated chamber where rehabilitating patients can be safely kept, and monitored. Figure 1.1 is an image of the inside of your healing suite, immediately to the right of your chamber. As you can see, a surgery bed is positioned here for easy access. In Figure 1.2 is a typical sickbay. Medi-patches are commonly located here, as well as other medical equipment that you could possibly use. Serv-bots were commonly used as nurses aids, so expect to find them milling about such facilities. Medical Labs, seen inFigure 1.3, are also good places to find hardware or patches that may come in handy. Logs of the doctors' research may prove invaluable in your quest, so seek out these small facilities, vital clues may abound.

Gamma Quadrant: Location of lounges, recreation areas, and other miscellaneous rooms of medical usage. This Quadrant is especially important to you because it is where the armory is. We expect that S.H.O.D.A.N. is still using the designated armors to store weaponry, so it would be wise to seek these rooms out. Also of importance in this quadrant is the access to a small maintenance branch, seen in Figure 1.4, which possibly contains vital equipment. Then again, maybe not.

Beta Quadrant: A very small quadrant, it contains only the offices of the senior Medics. D'Arcy's Office is located here, which we expect holds the clue to his research. Reaching this quadrant is a primary objective, expect its entrance to be heavily guarded.

Alpha Quadrant: This used to be the center of hospital activity. Emergency rooms, med-labs, infirmaries, all were once located here. Not anymore, S.H.O.D.A.N has been busy. Heavy construction has taken place in Alpha, as seen in Figure 1.5. What is being constructed? Cyborg regeneration booths. As you can see in Figure 1.6 S.H.O.D.A.N. has been hard at work building an army of cyborg drones, and they need a place to recharge. The Medical levels facilities were perfect for such reconstruction. A new, much larger reconstruction is now taking place, and we can only begin to image what S.H.O.D.A.N.'s horrible new creation will be. The Cyborg conversion chamber, as seen in Figure 1.7 once a healing unit, is also located in this quadrant. Reaching this room, and activating its healing features is another vital objective.

The Medical Level is the site of a terrible war between the TriOptimum survivors, and the humanoid mutants. Expect to see many bloody battlefields, such as the one in Figure 1.8. Do not hesitate to loot these battlefields of any weapons or equipment that you can use. I'm sure that these honored dead would have wanted you to do so, allowing you may continue to fight for their cause.

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