Chapter 02- Research Level

Figure 2.0

Figure 2.1

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Figure 2.8

Level 2: The Research Level The central hub of all Science/Engeneering Research. Now it is an abandoned shell, filled with dangerous hazards, derelict labs, and the hideous results of S.H.O.D.A.N.'s cruel experiments. Once again, the level is divided into Four Quadrants.

Delta Quadrant: This quadrant is housing to the personal offices of the numerous scientists who live and work on Citadel Station. There is also one major laboratory, as seen in Figure 2.0. Major storage chambers can also be found here, including an armory. Another major feature of this quadrant is the large lounge aria. As seen in Figure 2.1, this room seems ot be the site of a horrible massacre.

Gamma Quadrant: This is the location of all major TriOptimum research activity. The stations main robot laboratory is situated here. As you can see in Figure 2.2, this lab has been left in ruin, and all remaining equipment of value rendered useless. However, there may be objects of value in TriOptimums main research lab, shown in Figure 2.3. Several storage areas are also located here, as well as a small meeting room.

Beta Quadrant : The primary feature of Beta is the station library. Before the disaster, this was the center of all data storage on Citadel, as well as holding full access to TriOptimum's main archives. S.H.O.D.A.N. knows that information is power, and it wants all power for itself. So it has removed all data from the library banks, and rendered this facility primarily useless, as you can see from Figure 2.4 However, it may be possible that the human resistance could have hidden some valuable data in cyberspace, so the library cyberjack is an object of high value to you. This quadrant also houses the main biolab, shown in Figure 2.5, several private labs and offices, and the research viewing room, shown in Figure 2.6.

Alpha Quadrant: Before the disaster, this quadrant held the majority of science offices and labs, but is now the site of another reconstruction. As you can see in Figure 2.7, heavy construction is underway, perhaps to make way form more biolabs, or cyborg conversion factories. In spite of the reconstruction, this quadrant still houses the levels main power circuit breaker, controlling the lighting for all four quadrants.

Another major features of this level is the experimental Jump Disk station. S.H.O.D.A.N. undoubtedly used this existing facility to perfect the transportation prototype, and has implemented it on other parts of the station. Inside the main hub of the research level, is the control room for Citadel's massive tachion mining laser. Figure 2.8 shows the transformation that has taken place here. What was once a complex control room, has been transformed into a chamber filled with hidden traps and pitfalls. S.H.O.D.A.N. obviously doesn't want us tampering with the laser.

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