Chapter 06- Flight Deck

Figure 6.0

Figure 6.1

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Figure 6.8

Level 5, the Flight Deck This is one of the main centers of activity aboard Citadel Station. Before the disaster, transports and shuttles landed and took off hourly. The layout is simple, with a large central corridor forming a half loop around the level, granting access to the three main flight decks. Figure 6.0 displays the entrance to Flight Bay 4, the largest and most heavily used Bay.

Figure 6.1 shows an image of Flight Bay 3, which is similar in most respects to Flight Bay 2. This is how the bay would appear on a non busy day before the disaster. According to our data retrieval, the flight bays you will find are littered with debris, and the dead. Possibly these were the locations of many sieges, and battles between S.H.O.D.A.N.'s forces, and the human resistance, or possibly they were holding chambers for prisoners, awaiting cyborg conversion, or worse. In any case, these rooms are filled with valuable items, but are not without their deadly aspects.

If you want to get things done, then you will have to spend at least some time crawling through air ducts and such. As see in Figure 6.2, these ducts are larger than average, allowing a full grown man, such as yourself, to stand and walk. This also means that S.H.O.D.A.N.S. cyborgs and robots can do the same, so expect to find guards watching for intruders.

Currently the main elevator to the Flight deck is off-line, so access is restricted to the Cargo Elevator, and a small executive elevator. The cargo elevator opens into a holding chamber, which is connected to Flight bay 4 via a large cargo chute, shown in Figure 6.3. The conveyors are currently off-line.

The Flight Deck also houses an executive wing. Shown in Figure 6.4, this wing is the location of the before mentioned executive elevator, several offices, and the executive flight bay. The executive flight offices, shown in Figure 6.5 are well furnished and comfortable, a departure from what you have experienced so far on Citadel. Don't get comfortable though, the executive wing is undoubtedly a place where S.H.O.D.A.N. is watching closely. The executive flight bay itself, shown in Figure 6.6, is of a different design than the other bays. It is wider, and not as deep, which is appropriate to house several TriOptimum executive shuttles, including Diego's Shuttle.

The level's CPU node is located in a small, highly guarded maintenance area. Observing Figure 6.7, one also notes that S.H.O.D.A.N. has placed biohazardous waste in these corridors, to discourage human intruders. Expect to run into much more animate adversaries as well.

The Flight Deck also gives access to the majority of Citadel's life pods. The life pods, shown in Figure 6.8, seem to be still operation, biased on the fact that most have been jettisoned. Why then have we not picked up any survivors? Because the station defense grid destroys any vessels within range, including life pods. One thing that has probably crossed your mind, is escape. Even if this were possible, remember that Earth is depending on you. If you flee, you will not be remembered as a coward, you will not be remembered at all. There will be no human left alive to remember you.

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